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I see how that could be a problem. That's what this discussion is for. We just need to talk about it and figure out what route to go.
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Originally Posted by Hoss View Post
Not to be a wrench in the gears here but who would be in charge of doing all of this? I'm talking about, who will be talking and contacting the reporter/news to see if they wanted to do a story. Also, couldn't this backfire if they do end up coming to an event and something bad happens to a player? I understand that we would all be mature but it might get a dangerous or immature "tag" if they come out and a player overheats or gets seriously hurt. I'm just looking at this from a different angle.
you put out a good point. an injury could be potentially dangerous. that's why you have people that are familiar with and understand these types of emergency. (boy scouts and former, EMTs, off duty police officers/firemen, ect.) in scouting you learn a lot of first aid, so if someone were to sprain a foot/arm, get dehydrated, get cut really bad, ect. then you have someone there get them patched up in ten seconds. that's how it works in scouting. hell, i try to carry a bottle of water just for first 24/7 because so many injures can be fixed by it. (concussions, dehydration of course, flush out/clean out a wound, chill pains, flush out sand/dirt/irritant from eyes, chill someone with heatstroke, cure a stomachache, cure a headache, clean out a severe burn, ect.)
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I understand that, to be honest though, most people I talk to about airsoft think of it as dangerous from the get go. So even a sprained ankle, bad cut or dehydration can add fuel to an already burning fire. I'm just trying to look at this from a non-airsoft point of view. Heck, most of the people who know I play think it's immature and weird. It sucks that people feel that way but whatever, I try to tell them more about it but it usually doesn't work. People minds are hard to change now a days.

I do think having someone do a story on airsoft is a good idea but just be ready for the chance that it does more harm than good. As we all know, it only takes one bad egg to ruin a dozen. Especially if certain people are looking for those so called "bad eggs".

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Pretty sure this exact idea was done a few years ago and it didn't have any impact whatsoever as far as I can tell.

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Go write to your local congressman. Do anything that may have a positive affect against this bill!

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