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Para Rescue (PJ): Is this you?

NOTE: This is not for recruiting.

This post is an announcement to those who are interested in Para Rescue and Combat Control enlisted positions in the USAF. If you are interested in these positions or if it is your life dream for it, the USAF needs personnel bad!

For those of you who do not know about the USAF active duty, when you enlist you have to fill out a dream sheet of what jobs you want, then the USAF will give you a job that you are qualified for on the basis of what they need. Basically, you are not guaranteed a job like other branches. There is something that people do not know about, called a pipeline.

A pipeline means the USAF needs people really bad in those areas and needs to fill them quick. As long as someone qualifies medically, physically, and mentally they are guaranteed that job. It just so happens that para Rescue and Combat Control are pipelines right now, a first in years. Before it was highly selective field.

Also, because of the economy, recruiters across the nation are backed up with recruits, so you may not leave for a few months. This is also surprising because the recruiters have a surplus of people, but the USAF still needs people for the pipelines. this is pretty rare.

I am not an expert on this nor a recruiter, but my best estimate is that these pipelines will be closed before the fiscal year is done.

If you are someone who is really interested in and who wants to join the USAF in these positions, I recommend looking into it before this opportunity passes.

Lastly, if you have any questions about enlisting or about the USAF, please ask. Based upon the nature of the question, it may be better to ask me through PM. Of we can communicate by email, just send me a PM with your email. Also talk with your friends and parents before enlisting. Make sure it is what YOU want to do!

Hope this is good news to someone and hopefully this helps someone out! Let us know if you do enlist!
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Iskra, if I was you (or the MODs), I would rename the topic. Some might say it is airsoft related and will not take the time to read it.
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During BMT, after the swim and run fitness test, a select few are asked to try out for the PJs. It is an honor to be asked and more so to continue through to the end.

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Good points UM and MechEng, the constraints for personnel wanting to join this field are physically demanding. Those who are interested in this field should be aware of the demands.

Here is a link to AFI 36-2626 which contains the physical retention standards for PJ and CC. Go to Attachment 11:

To clarify the intention of this post, it is aimed at those who are interested in this field. They have a better chance of getting in now then they will in the future, as long as they meet the standards. An opportunity like this to have a pipeline for these jobs is extremely rare so I wanted to let the community know.

If any mod wishes to rename this post, you can change it to Para Rescue (PJ) USAF Openings.
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If I thought I was in a physically better position, I would go for it. I've been looking into the PJs for almost a year now.
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