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Exclamation Operation: Tribulation (Moved to 11/9-11/10)

Be sure to go to our website to pay for prepay admission!!!

Come out Friday November 9th for camping, live music, and a bon fire! This will be an event you really dont want to miss!!!

Live music on Friday night starting at 7pm. Two local bands will be playing.

The year is 2021...
Seven years ago, a biological disaster occured rendering our society as we knew it over. In the year 2014 a new strain of small pox had spread throughout the world's fresh water supply killing seventy percent of the world's population. However, a few small communities were able to survive by usuing self contained water systems. Lake Dennison was one of these places...Given that there was a safe supply of water, survivors formed small tribes and gathered around that lake. At first, all was peaceful while the tribes lived harmoniously, but as consumable resources became scarce, unrest between the tribes occurred. Now all tribes are at war with each other, as well as small groups of marauders, who have started to appear in areas around the lake itself. With the lack of any federal governments, all paper money has been rendered worthless. Everything will now just be bartered for. Can one tribe secure enough food and ammo to eliminate all others or will marauders wreak havoc on the tribes making the area uninhabitable...

To accumulate the most points.

Canned goods, pieces of gold, gold bars, etc., will be used, they can be accumulated through random drops or taken from a dead or captured player. Each tribe will start with a stockpile of goods to create action early in the game.

5 teams
Tribal leaders will select teams by drafting players, all players will be assigned a point value and will require that many points for your team upkeep.

Camo discouraged, hunting and woodland are acceptable. Dressing the part is recommended. Anyone dressing the part will receive a discount on admission. A backpack is recommended because you will be transporting goods.

Respawn at Alpha or with a Ref, but must have a health pack. If you do not have a health pack you must wait 10 minutes or until a teammate arrives at Alpha with one for you to use. Health packs can be accumulated through random drops or bartered from a mobile trader. After being killed you are subject to be searched by opponents for food, ammo or health packs. If asked you must surrender all goods. However you may keep one health pack.

Can be found in random drops or bartered from a mobile trader. IN addition each tribal leader will be provided with an equal amount of ammo to get the game started.

Each team will be provided with items to set up a camp.

Perks and Points System:

5 Gallons gas + battery + Duct tape= Tank for 20 minutes (must assemble at jeep)

Battery + radio = Jumper cables =Early Intelligence (at one of the radiio towers)

Cooler + Battery + Jumper cables + compresser = refrigeration (reduces use of food by 50 percent)

Chain + Lock + tote = storage for goods (Goods placed in tote cannot be taken by any other team)

3 batteries + Fencing + jumper cables = Security from Raiders

Severed hand = Infected players can't harm you

Get the hand + eye + ear + jumper cables + clothes + battery = Frankenstein (juggernaut)

If you can remove Guido from rebel base and transport him to the mobile trader you get 200 points worth of goods or your team uses 50% less consumables, while he is in your possesion.

Gold is currency

Canned Good = 1 POINT
Gold piece = 2 points
Battery = 30 points
Jumper cables = 10 points
Gas = 15 points per gallon
Gold Bar = 30 points
BB's = 2 point = 100 bb's
Radio = 15 points
Compresser = 40 points
Gold brick = 50 points
Health pack = 10 points for a new one, or 5 points to refill one.

Must surrender points every hour based on the amount of upkeep your team requires. Will be collected at your camp by the mobile trader.
6798 Little Buckhorn Rd SW
Stone Creek, Ohio 43840

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Anyone who is attending, we are asking you to please bring some canned goods for the local food bank. Also there will be a melee/springer battle and we would like to be in the field by 09:30 0n Nov 3. Gorilla Squad
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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Hurricane Sandy has taken another victim in that we are moving Operation: Tribulation back a week. So it will now be November 9th-10th 2012. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause, but the field is a total mud hole and would make for a no good time. Please stay tuned for any updates we may put out again but it is official that the event is moved. Thanks!
6798 Little Buckhorn Rd SW
Stone Creek, Ohio 43840
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