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KWA M1911 reliability?

well i am going to soon pick my sidearm for the ole P90. well i have decided between the WE tech M1911, and the KWA M1911. i was thinking and i know (as any airsofter should) that KWA is a leading airsoft manufacturer, and their GAS guns, and AEG's are top of the line. Now the point of this thread is to get your war stories, thoughts, or proffesional ideas on this particular GBB (KWA M1911). As i might be using the Pistol as a primary weapon, it is KEY that the weapon is of high quality, and will not let me down (i will be using propane). Accuracy is of importance as well as is Durablity and reliability.

Thank you
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both are excellent brands but if it were me id prefer WE over KWA because ive had expierences with WE and it was top notch im not saying KWA is bad its excellent but i prefer WE

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Personally, I ran with a KWA 1911 for several games. My biggest gripe was gas consumption. I got about 1 mag from one charge. Otherwise, it is an excellent choice.

Second gripe is mostly against KWA/KSC guns in general. Magazine run $30-$50 each, which makes it an expensive gun to stock up on mags.

Long term, I replaced valves on both guns I ran with. But, it was not that expensive after the fact.

Between a WE and a KWA, I would take the WE simply because it takes Marui compatible parts that are readily available. And that's exactly what I did do, eventually. Currently own three WE and they are hopping along quite nicely on propane.
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My WE 1911 is great. I can get about 1 1/2 mags out of one charge and it is built like a tank.

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I have just made a order at redwolf for the socom gear/WE Wilson Combat CQB Elite.
have heard a lot good things about WE-tech and shoot some of there guns.
like Texx said, they are marui compatible, but pick the one you like

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I currently own the WE Tech MEU and it is an amazing pistol and shoots way more accurate than any KWA Ive seen. KWA's hop up design is just crap, but their NS2 systems are amazing. It all depends on what you want. I have my MEU for my summer gun and Im looking into a winter gun now. Good luck.
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1911, gbb, kwa, reliability, review

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