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Gear for cheap. How too

I have seen this alot on here... people new too airsoft who are wanting too get gear but either don't want too drop a grand or just can't drop a grand on condora and multicam and still want good gear.

so I'm going too give my personal advice on such matters. its called USGI,

when I first got into airsoft (2009) it was a time when I had been outta of the tactical world for a few years (2004) and hadn't seen all the new insanely awesome gear that had come out for operators.

when I was a junior in high school (2002) my ROTC group went on a field training exercise (ftx) with a Army NG unit. needless too say they was blown away with the equipment my friend and I had. we was wearing Med Alice Rucks, LBV tactical vest, camelbacks, full Bdus and had just about everything a infantry soldier would need going into battle for a weekend camping trip. they even offered us money for our gear because it was better then their issued stuff.

I first picked up a copy of Airsoft International at a book store at the end of 2008 and was stoked too see a tactical wargame that was so real it looked like pictures from an issue of Soldier of Fortune. I had too get involed!! I started reserching but was sad to find nothing in my area, but I kept serching.

When I met my now wife and was spending weekends with her in dayton I somehow ran across Airsoftohio and then found out about operation blind fury. it was game on!! i rushed too Columbus one day and bought an AEG signed up for blind fury and was set too play. I went too my parents house and shook off the cobwebs of my USGI gear from yestertear and went too to springfield.

now, it was scary too see some of the guys rocking M249s and the latest tactical gear money can buy. but I remembered Opsgear's slogan (gear don't make the operator, It makes him better) so I shook off the butterflys and went too charno.

I had more fun that day then a virgin in a strip club. now it was time too invest in the guci gear! so when I got home I started factoring up my list of all the new stuff it would take too look delta cool. and needless too say I was about too cry when I hit the final total and knew it would take either a maxed credit card, lottery winning ticket or a visit too my local recruiting station and a 90day stay at ft bening.

so what did I do? you guessed it. I stuck with the oldschool USGU gear. why?
because it worked, I had it, and because I knew how too use it very well.

airsoft is as much style as tactical and thats cool with me. but if your like me and can't afford hundreds of dollars in gear. go too a local army navy store and buy these items and I promise you this. you'll be just as good as anyone wearing condora or blackhawk if they have the same tactical ability and know how.

Standard Operation gear.
Woodland BDUs
boone hat or patrol cap
load bearing vest for M16 platform (if your using an m16 style Aeg)
two extra mag pouches (thats 6 more mags of ammo)
two canteens/ or camelback (or have both)
canteen cup (their handy)
angle head USGI style flashlight (i prefer the mini style)
pistol belt
butt bag
face paint
combat boots (jungle are cheapest)
MRE (1 pure day of event for lunch in the field)

this is more then enough too get you through any airsoft event and best part is you'll still look super bad *** at a fraction of the cost. this will get you in the fight and you can slowly upgrade later.
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