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Wounded Warrior Charity event. Operation Black Cloud!

The CIA has information that "CWD" Chemical Weapons Development company has been working on a Small Arms Program for SARIN GAS.These weapons are varied from RPG rounds to 40mm Grenade shells code-named "Black Cloud". A small group of agents and a top official have left the country with these plans and a small shipment. The CIA believe they are heading to East Africa, the country of Somalia. The CWD are selling weapons to Somalia Militia Forces.

CWD is planning a demonstration on a small town just over the border in Ethiopia. Somalia Militia having strong possible ties to Al-Qaida Networks. The Militia have plans for attacking "Djibouti"; Where 2,000 US Troops are stationed and on guard for Terror Attacks. If They receive these weapons, they may have the potential to over run Djibouti. The CIA reports that the Militia Forces are heavily armed and have soldiers up in the thousands. The CIA have sent in a small team of US Army Special Forces.

Somalia Militia Forces: (player cap: 125+)
- Must make contact with CWD Agents to view demonstration and purchase "Black Cloud".
- Must clear the area for CWD Agents. Then radio for location area.

CWD Agents: (player cap: 75 )
- Must Contact the Somalia Militia Forces.
- Negotiate Black Cloud arrangements.
- Protect "Black Cloud".
- CWD Agents will demonstrate the weapons on a small town over the border in Ethiopia. Regardless if Populated.

US Army Special Forces: (player cap: 25 )
- Recon the Town in Ethiopia before demonstration.
- IF populated MUST evacuate the area to a safe zone.
- Special Forces will NOT engage CWD Agents or the Somalia Militia, UNLESS AUTHORIZED.
- Once the towns-people are evacuated or if the town is not populated, US Army Special Forces will contact Command for further instructions.

Due to its high density, SARIN GAS tends to drift above the ground for weeks if not months, depending on how much is used. Just for the record, SARIN is known to vaporise 36 times more rapidly than Tabun; is 26 times more deadly than Cyanide, 21 times more lethal than Potassium Cyanide and all it takes is 0.01mg for every 1kg of body mass for it to be fatal for a human.

Somalia Militia Force: Civilian Attire, 3 Color Deserts;
CWD Agents: Woodland BDU's, Black, Business Casual Attire. ACU's
US Army Special Forces: Multicam, Mar-pat
**NO MIX MATCHING UNIFORMS** ( No Grey T-Shirt with BDU's, No Black T-Shirt with Mar-pats. etc.)

*All information subject to change*
-This will be our 2 day over night event
-Field Fee: $20.00 ($10.00 per day )
-Camping on field is acceptable. In or out of play area is players choice.
-Food will be available At the end of first day and morning of second day.
- Ages: 14 - 17 Parents Signature on waiver.
- Ages: 18+ Just waiver signed by player(s)

Radio: 2-way radio
Goggles - must be ANSI Z87.1 rated against impact, or metal mesh tighter than 20 square. All goggles must have a FULL SEAL for your safety! If you are not sure about them, bring a spare set. We can test them at point blank range for you. If you are not sure of your mesh or regular sealed goggles, PM an admin and we will arrange to view the goggles in question.
Water - during the summer months, you will definitely require it for play. We require a minimum of 2 liters of water on your person. Obtain a hydration pack or carry in military style canteens. No water bottles will be allowed on the field as we have obligations to keep the field clean. If this is a last resort - contact an Admin before a game to discuss.
Red Handkerchief or rag - we use these to identify the "dead".

FPS :400 to 450 30foot engagement distance
450 to 550 is semi only (snipers/DMR) 50-100ft
Minimum Engagement Distance is 20FT. ( everyone)
Grenades : All grenades with a pineapple shape with or with out bb’s : 5 to 10 meters kill zone
All other grenades will be flash bangs.
Medic Rules will Apply Medics will be give a role of clear tapes as bandages. Once 1 bandage is applied you are dead and wait in place for 5 minutes then return to respawn point.
Weapons hits : they count but you are not dead that weapon is down until AUTHORIZED personal clears that weapon. Person(s) must call WEAPON DOWN just like HIT!!!
BLINDMAN: Blind man is the safety word for personal WITHOUT goggles once it is said everyone relays it and the game MUST stop.
DOCTOR : Doctor is the safety word if anyone is Really hurt. If you are hurt do not call medic yell DOCTOR, and the game will stop.

MUST HAVE A WAIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Medic Rules:

If a Medic hears the call, “MEDIC!” they go to the wounded player to revive them. If possible, they can move the "wounded" player to cover. If game/OP rules allow, the "wounded" player can be moved to the Medic.
A Medic CANNOT engage the enemy while he/she is reviving the player, but can use the wounded player for cover if needed. The revived player is still out until they put away their dead rag, and cannot engage, or be engaged by anyone until that is done. If the revived player is hit again after they have gone back into play, they are considered dead and return to their respawn. Depending on the Medic Level for the game/OP, a wounded player has 5 minutes before he/she bleeds out and returns to respawn.
-Level C: 2-3 player(s), designated as a Medic(s), will ask player where they were hit. By using masking tape, the Medic tapes that part that what hit. An example would be; all arm shots you tape the fore arm, or all leg shots you tape below the knee. ANY HEAD SHOT IS INSTANT KILL, there is no revive.

Address to event:
520 hwy UU
Columbia MO. 65203

Players that want to be a sniper!?

US forces Sniper Green

Militia forces Tan

CWD SWAT look All black

April 14th & 15th 2012

0900: Waiver turn in,Feild fee (if not pre-registered),
Will be conducted as you arrive. However will end at 1100

1130: Safety Brief,In-Game Rules,Medic Rules,ETC...Briefing.

1200: Factions will go to their staging areas. Each faction will be given a mission brief.

1230: Game will begin. **Bring Lunch With you**

Promo Video


Instruction to register:
Subject title ( Operation Black Cloud)
Information Needed: Your name(s)
What Faction: Us forces,Malitia,CWD

Field fee will be expected to pay at the gate, Morning of the first day of the event.
Thank you for your participation.

CWD & US Forces are Full
There is plenty of room for the Malitia Forces.

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I realize that this event is really far for most of you in Ohio. However it is for a good cause.The wounded Warrior Project.
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I would agree that MO is a bit of a trek but here's hoping you guys have a great turnout!
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I agree Jonah, its about 8 hours depending on where you live. Good luck Renegade, I know that the Wounded Warrior program is a great charity. Go make the USJTF proud.
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