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AEG Buyers Guide

This guide is not mine. A friend wrote it and if anyone wants to know who he is visit

This guide has been devised for all of those about to buy a new electric gun. Please refer to this as a base of choices as to what the best guns are for the money you have to spend.

By all means, you do not need to follow my suggestions; they are simply being made to stop so many needless, repetitive posts. If you see a gun not on the list, it is either not on because;
A) It is garbage
B) It is new
C) It has not been discussed frequently on the forums

Gun choices are based on the amount of money you have to spend. Prices are Stateside prices, as overseas can have 30 dollar price differences sometimes. Guns covered are guns in production only.

Now, on with the choices (Intro borrowed from Rustpots spring guide)

$100 - $200 range
- All you got here is the Y&P fa-mas. Big no-no! All I hear is that it barely lasts a few days, and to top it off, it uses .12 gram BBs at only 250 FPS. It has a very crude gearbox and motor.

$200 - $250 range
-ICS MP5s. Some people haven’t had problems with them, but some have had many. The part that makes this gun not so good is the weak tappet plate. Some good points are the upgraded internals, pumping out an impressive 400 FPS! Also comes with full metal. Recommended? Well, if you’r on a tight budget, sure, but be aware of that pesky tappet plate.

- Another choice (and in my opinion, a better choice than the ICS MP5) is the Tokyo Marui Fa-mas AEGs. That is the Famas F1 and Famas SV. They sport a eg560 motor, which gives it an awesome rate of fire, but unfortunately, this gun is barely upgrade-able due to lack of motor power and gearbox design. They’re also quite reliable and durable. Recommended? Yeah, if you don’t plan on upgrading, this is the best stock gun made by Tokyo Marui.

Tokyo Marui UZI -
Not very popular, due to its extreme lack of upgrades. It uses a V5 gearbox (no aftermarket parts available for it) and an EG1000”R” motor. Fairly low velocity and limited magazine capacity, this gun is not very desirable. Only good thing is its compact size and fairly low price. Recommended? Not really, no upgrades, low ammo capacity…

DPMS A-15 -
The gun itself works quite well, but the hi-cap magazine they give you really-really sucks. You cannot use other magazines on this gun. The hop-up is fixed and can't be adjusted. The rod holding the stock is all metal, making it quite back-heavy, but also a very stable firing platform. The FPS on the gun is a little below a TM. There are no upgrades available. If you absolutely can't afford a TM, this is a handy alternative. It comes packaged with an 8.4v 600mAh battery and some cheap shooting goggles.

$250 - $300 range
(Most Tokyo Marui AEGs)

Let me just start off this with a little background on Tokyo Marui guns. They all fire at an average velocity of 280 FPS, All have similar range and accuracy, and all share pretty much the same durability and reliability. The biggest differences from gun to gun are the looks.

- Tokyo Marui Armalite series - M16VN, M16A1, M16A2, M4a1, M4 RIS, SR-16, M733, XM177.
Most common problem with the Armalite series is something called Barrel wobble. The barrel eventually will come loose and slightly wobble causing minor accuracy loss. Metal part content is average.

- Tokyo Marui AK series – AK-47, AK-47s, AK Beta Spetsnaz.
The AK series pretty much takes the claim for the most solid and internally upgradeable AEGs. They have a version 3 gearbox, a very strong design indeed. Also, the dummy wood on the AK-47 and AK-47s is very hard to tell from real wood until you touch it. Think the AK-47 is too big for you? Well, the Beta Spetsnaz is a good alternative. Although not a gun in real life, it’s basically a AK 47 carbine with that special forces look. Recommended? Yeah!

- Tokyo Marui G3 series – G3/SG1, G3SAS (New), MC-51, G3A3, G3A4.
The G3 series is a very disputed series. Some people will comment on how creaky the G3/SG1 and g3a3 is, others will comment on how versatile the G3/SG1 is, and yet others will argue how the G3SAS is “Like a turd with glitter on it”. Yes, indeed the SG1 and G3A3 is creaky, but a metal body can fix that. (Although, they’re about 200 bucks for full metal, Yikes!) But, both are very adaptable. Both work good as support weapons, but also work as great sniper set ups, when upgraded and fitted with a scope. The new G3SAS indeed wouldn’t be a workable weapon in real life, which makes in un-appealing to many (including me) but it sure is a nice CQB weapon. It comes with a 500 round hi cap, very compact size, and comes with rails for mounting accessories to.
The MC-51 is basically a mix between the G3A3 and the G3SAS. It basically looks like an MP5A5 with a G3 magazine. The folding stock and fairly compact size makes it good for CQB, and, woodlands. The G3A4 is basically a G3A3 with folding stock. Recommended? Well, if you don’t mind some creaking, sure! The G3s are very versatile platforms!

- Tokyo Marui MP5 series – MP5A4, MP5A5, MP5k, MP5RAS, MP5SD5, MP5SD6, MP5PDW.
The MP5 series guns are a fairly old design, yet are still a very popular (And effective!) airsoft weapon.
The only major flaw with the mp5 is its cocking handle, which, if you attempt to perform the HK slap with, it will snap off. Ouch! Thankfully you can buy re-enforced cocking handles and cocking tubes fairly cheaply.
The MP5s offer a fairly compact size, and gives you that SWAT and special ops look. Recommended? Of course! Great platform for upgrades, and gives you that SWAT and special ops look.

- Tokyo Marui P90 series – P90, P90TR
Great little guns. But, the compact bullpup configuration means that this little gun packs a big punch! The barrel is about the size of an M4’s barrel. The p90 also comes wth a working red dot. The TR is more of a “tactical” version with a silenecer and rails (But no red dot, like on the p90). An interesting feature is the standard mag. It features dummy 5.7mm ammunition, unfortunately the hi-caps are just black, but the hi caps are unique. They only require one full winding to expel all of its BBs. Also, since its so compact (one of the most compact guns, too) its also great for CQC (or CQB for some of you). Recommended? YES! Good for woodlands and GREAT for CQC.

- Tokyo Marui AUG series – Steyr AUG military, Steyr AUG “civilian”
Quite a big gun, but sports a barrel longer than expected, due to its bullpup configuration. Also contains a version 3 gearbox, a very sturdy and highly upgradeable gearbox. The military version comes with a scope permanently attached, while the “civilian” comes with a rail, for attaching your own scope. The civilian version is also more of a black color, while the military is more of a beige color. Both guns also have more of a futuristic look than most guns. Recommended? Well, with the long barrel, scope (Military version), and version 3 gearbox, yeah! Defiantly.

Tokyo Marui G36c -
One of the newer guns from Tokyo Marui, this gun has many nice features. One big plus is the version 3 gearbox, making the guns internals very upgradeable. Another advantage for those picky people, is that its made out of the same materials as the real G36c; Mainly composites, so there’s no need to purchase expensive metal bodies to make the gun look/feel like the real thing. Another good advantage is that nearly the entire top of the gun is a rail, along with a short section of rail underneath the foregrip. Like the P90, the standard magazines have dummy rounds in them. Very convincing, too. Also the folding stock is very sturdey. Recommended? Yup, Version 3 gearbox, plenty of rails, nice and sturdey folding stock, what else could you ask for? The only thing I dislike about it is its small battery capacity.

Tokyo Marui SIG 552 “seals” -
Just about the newest gun released from Tokyo Mauri, the SIG 552 “seals” is indeed good. It includes a side folding stock, a rail underneath the forearm, and dummy bullets in the magazine. While nearly the size of an MP5, the SIG 552 can operate in just about any environment. Although it has a small battery capacity, there’s a modification that you can do to enlarge your capacity. Supposedly, its as easy as taking out a plate in the forearm and grinding down a few pieces. Recommended? Duh! This gun has all the latest features, like an eg1000 motor, V3 gearbox, dummy ammunition in the magazine…

Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson -
Just about my favorite airsoft (and real steal) weapon, the M1A1 is really a Sub Machine Gun, but don’t let this fool you! This gun is a real beast! Weighing in at around 11 pounds, it outweighs all other Sub Machine Guns, and many more rifles (if not all). Thankfully Marui didn’t just put in lead weights, they made most of the gun out of metal! Everything is metal except for the lower receiver, the rear sight (Don’t worry, the sigh shields are metal) and the “wood” (Which really looks like wood, until you actually feel the gun). Even with all this metal though, the m1a1 has a nasty habit of having a crack form in front of the receiver and causing the gun to basically break in half, I simply fixed mine with JB weld and its as good as new. There are also two types of hi-caps available, 190 rounders, (20 rounds in real life) and 420 rounders (30 rounds in real life). Recommended? Of course! It has an EG1000 motor, large battery capacity, and made mostly out of metal. What else could you possibly ask for?

Airsoft Elite MP5 series – MP5A2, MP5A3, MP5A4, MP5SD2, MP5SD3, MP5SD5, MP5SD6
The Airsoft Elite, some people swear by them (me!) and some people bash them. These guns are re-made ICS guns, basically made for more reliably and power. The V3 Airsoft Elite guns come 400 FPS stock, and the V3.5 has been lowered down to 320 FPS (stock). Earlier versions are junk so we wont discuss them. Both the V3.0 and V3.5 have all upgraded internals (metal spring guide, metal bushings, aluminum piston, reinforced gears, reinforced gearbox) full metal, and come with a 200 round ICS hi-cap magazine. Recommended? Defiantly! More bang for your buck than TM MP5s, while still being quite reliable (yet powerful!).

$300 - $450 range
(Custom guns, Pre-upgraded guns, and high end Tokyo Marui guns)

- Tokyo Marui PSG-1
The only semi auto only sniper rifle from Tokyo Marui, the PSG-1 comes with a version 4 gearbox, and a Tasco 4X40 scope as standard. The version 4 gearbox is different than all other gearboxes. Unlike other gearboxes, the version 4 is already wound up for when you pull the trigger, then it winds after the shot. Standard gearboxes wind then shoot when you pull the trigger, but the version 4 shoots then winds. The long barrel enables the PSG-1 to be an awesome sniper weapon when upgraded (stock velocity is only about 300 FPS). Recommended? If your sure you want to snipe, and if your willing to upgrade the gun, yes!

- Classic Army M15 series – M15 SPC, M15 tactical carbine, M15 carbine
A now famous gun, the M15 series by classic army are held in high regard. They come with full metal bodys, and upgraded internals (320 FPS). Only a little less reliable than TM AEGs, the classic army M15 sure is a very sturdy and reliable skirmish weapon, although, you will have to pay a pretty penny to get your paws on these.

- Custom guns by places like UN Company…
Each custom gun vary’s from gun to gun, so there’s not much to say here. Some custom guns are junk, while some are great. Just be aware of what you’re buying. Anyways, if you’re willing to spend money on a custom gun, you obviously must have some AEG experience.
Hope this helps, and good luck buying! Adrenaline Airsoft
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I think most ICS MP5s would not fall under the $200-$250 as they are usually $300 stateside at the good retailers such as airsoftarms or combatdepot.

Why single out the IMI UZI? "Fairly low velocity" is absolutely not true, having owned the gun and chrono'd it, it fires at about the same velocity as any other AEG.

The Armalite series barrel wobble is a very fixable problem and while I don't artiularly like them, they remian the top TM AEGs along with the MP5 series (don't quote me on that, I'm just going on what I've seen at the playig fields.) Also, your friend should mention the high external upgradeability of the M4 line.

I am assuming this guide is made for beginners, that being the case, internal upgrades are NOT something you want to focus on for your first AEG.

What happened to all the other CA guns, like the MP5s?

There should probably be a note in there that all Marui guns are about on the same scale performance wise and there is no right or wrong when choosing among the TM selection. Go with what YOU like, not what others belive is the "best" gun.

Also, this is kind of misleading, as you will need more than that becuase of BB costs, batteries, charger (if you don't already have one,) etc...

EDIT: You got a dead link at the top of the page.
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thanks airsfot master...i was just about to ICS would be 250-300 or even 350...
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I too see the "buyer's guide" as lacking important details on key areas. It seems to be more of a "what I have read" as opposed to firsthand knowledge. And while it might be a step in the right direction, there are enough holes to prevent it from being an accurate depiction of each item.

Information on the G3 series, for example. The metal body itself is priced around $100, while the cocking tube can be bought for $30-$50. It does not prevent creeky body as creeky body sets in from two points in the cocking tube. If the screws are not properly seated in or if stress forces the cocking tube assembly to unseat itself from the receiver. Its also important to note that the body creek sometimes found in the Sg1 is not always present in the A4. The Metal fork from the collapsible stock actually aid in reinforcing the reciever.

Price ranges, too are misleading. Prices shift enough that this is an unreliable depiction of what to expect.

The MP5 mentions nothing about internals or other important features such as the battery storage options, nor the fact that the K/PDW series is a completely different design from the A/SD series, relying on a Version III mechbox. And, opposed tot he A/SD, the cocking handle acts to help remove the battery from the K series.

I would also point to a major flaw in the entire system of why not all items are not listed. A buyer's guide should be an objective and fact-based presentation, not a personal preference. The lack of experience with the different series of AEGs points specifically to the AEGs the author favors. This does a tremendous disservice to a potential buyer as it only presents that which the author felt was worth noting.

Unless the author is willing to do more research to povide a more detailed and accurate depiction of each item being reviewed, this buyer's guide is worthless. I find the article to be more of a "Guns I have that I like versurs what I have read about" than an actual Buyer's Guide.

I'm sorry if my statements offend, but objectivity in a buyer's guide is important. This is not objective. And the author has not bothered to research enough details to make it an effective article. The first step would be a detailed analysis of each review item followed by a thorough comparison of key features. Finally, backing up the noted item with more than secondhand "facts" would be in order.
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IDK, my friend has no life, he spends his day writing crap like this...I am sure if i had the time and motive i could make a better one...
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Or he could just write some nice reviews and post them in the reviews section where people can read about the guns they want to look into.... as long as we dont start putting up reviews of friggin springers and **** like that from CyberGun or whatever their called
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