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Austin's Guide To Recon And Scouting

Welcome to the Recon and Scouting section! Here you will learn the basics of RECON and SCOUTING.
In the world of Airsoft, you will need intelligence on enemy movements and positions, strengths and weaknesses. Just as in the real world, Reconnisance is a key role in victory over the enemy without sustaining much loss.

Reconisance is vital in a big game situation. If it's a back yard battle, dont bother. Just walk around and shoot people. If you are playing a big game, and need to report enemy movements use this. In the Military it is called a SALUTE report.
S-Size-How many combatants, number of individuals
A-Activity-What are they doing, resting, patrolling, assaulting a bunker/
L-Location-Where THEY are not you, what is THEIR current position, its best to use map coordinates, and not "Under the big tree in the field"
U-Uniform-What are they wearing, this is indicate who they are, knowing what your enemy is wearing, MARPAT, 6 color desert, etc
T-Time-When did you see them, right now, 10 min ago.
E-Equipment-What are they carrying, weapon, radios, mortars, anti tank, wheeled vehicles

Example-Echo base this Charlie Lima over.
Charlie Lima this is Echo base, go ahead over.
Echo base, SALUTE report as follows. 16 troops, patrolling the north west border or grid coordinate _________, dressed in OD green, carrying small arms rocket launchers, grenades, and heavy machine gun mounted on 8 wheel ATV. Over
Charlie Lima, good copy, out
It shouldnt take more then a few seconds to get it all out. If you can write it down before you make the report so you dont get lost in your head and sound dumb on the radio.

When reconning an area its best to use minimal personel, because there will be less risk of being spotted. If you in an over watching position, (this goes with out saying but Ill say it any way) DO NOT ATTACK. even if you have the sweetest shot in the word on their team leader. The head honcho is in range, and just begging to be shot. Do not take the shot. It will alert them that are being watched, and will come after you, and then change their paln. Dont do anything with out radioing first.
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What if caught?

What happens if your discoverd? Do you make a break for it, or do you fire on them?
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