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I'll never understand

I'm sure plenty of us are in the know, but if you aren't, there was another Virginia Tech shooting. a police officer and bystander were killed by a gunman who is still at large.

As a gun owner, ive never understood what would drive a person to use their weapon offensively unprovoked to kill a person. I have never thought of using my gun for more than hunting or personal defense if the unimaginable happened. Why would it seem like the best option to kill a cop and bystander?

Regardless it is another sad day for Virginia Tech and my prayers go out to all those involved directly or indirectly...
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Terrible news.

I don't know. I think some people get hurt or depressed, and after a while they just can't take it anymore and snap. They want to inflict the maximum amount of pain onto others. But that's just a guess. I don't know why people do the batsh*t insane things they do. Maybe it's for political or religious reasons too, but who knows. I guess time will tell.
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Another one!? This is terrible news!!! I'll never understand why people do this either.
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