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Originally Posted by Joker_IMPACT View Post
Not going to lie I did not read everyone's posts, but I have a pretty good idea whats happening here. See here in Indiana we had similar issues over the past 2 or so years. So many issues in fact that we ended up creating a completely new site and community over it.

Things started out small, but over time they snowballed. First we had a major increase in noobs, and not just noobs but very young noobs. Not that there is anything wrong with young players, but lets face facts to few of them are mature enough to handle airsoft and forum activity responsibly. That drove some of the "vets" away. So we decided to try and change things up a little as far as how things should be done forums wise. But you know how that goes everyone thinks that they have the ultimate solution and with every new player that comes along they have all the answers. Some of these changes were for the better, others were not. Some players wanted change in order to get that "power" that other members had in the community, they wanted the respect but wanted it handed to them instead of earning it. These power struggles and differences in opinions soon led to more personal attacks amongst members. These personal attacks got very out of control and soon an inevitable split happened. Those that wanted more strict rules and control and that so called "power" went one way and the rest of us who just wanted to have fun playing airsoft went the other. Needless to say that 97% of our drama happened online and not on the battlefield. Actually since the new community was created things were never better and some of us have played with and against the "other" guys a few times at various events. And this was the very brief and non specific story of events, keep in mind these things happened over a several year time period.

To tell you guys the absolute truth when I started playing airsoft back in 1998 airsoft was not very popular and I dreamed of a large community of players with large fun events. When I was a little older and had more experience playing I found Airsoft Ohio in 2001 in its inception. I along with the rest of the members of IMPACT attended quite a few AO games back in those days, because airsoft was just not as popular here in Indiana. I was impressed and inspired to say the least. When I got together with a few other IN airsoft players to start an airsoft community in Indiana I took what I knew about the community of AO and tried as best as I could to model Airsoft in Indiana after that. I also wanted IMPACT to be the STRIKERS of Indiana, I really looked up to players and teams like that. To this day I still use AO as a reference when problems arise within the community, its almost a "what would AO do" kind of thing for me. True story fellas.

Now how do you fix your "problems" again complete honesty here, there is no end all be all fix. Times have changed. Young players and new players are being brought up differently then when some of us were younger (keep in mind im only 24 lol). Respect for veterans and players and teams before them is not in their priorities anymore. So those players and teams that have been around and loyal to the AO community need to put that thick skin to the test and stick around through the BS, DO NOT GIVE UP and just walk away! Many of our vets made those mistakes and greatly regret it. What you need to do is keep doing your thing, online and on the battle field. BE THE EXAMPLE! Ignore those in the wrong if you need to, most of it is attention seeking anyways. Show others by example how to behave online and on the field, step up and help those you see doing something wrong. No need to be an *** about it, be respectful just as you expect them to act with you. A lot of younger kids now a days are going to be shy about things and afraid to ask things, ESPECIALLY in person. So dont be afraid to approach them and help out. Mentor new players and teams, share your veteran secrets, have fun with it and help the community as a whole grow.

I have a lot of faith in you guys and I believe that AO will survive this. Its just going to take some adjustment on everyones behalf to make things work. I got your back AO.



Very nice post, well written thanks for sharing. I think a lot of people are failing to see that this situation happens nearly every summer.

AirsoftOhio gets a large influx of new players and a lot of inactive people tend to be more active on the boards during the peak airsoft season. So there is a lot more "clash" among people during this time of the year. Everyone yells "change" but fails to realize that people being pissed off on AirsoftOhio is a natural occurrence.
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All the above happens to Airsoft Louisville just about every year as well.

So its not just Ohio, Indiana, or Louisville. Its the players themselves. If they want starts in the mirror.
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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
What needs to be improved?
Giant pools closed sign on the front door.

Also some other things.
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WOW!!! The last 5 pages have been EXHAUSTING to say the least... There are a few good examples as to why I think this site portrays itself the way it does, and the majority of the rest is just jibber jabber to me.

Originally Posted by jonahm740 View Post
I think that there are many reasons why this community is the way it is, not the least of all is Ego. I haven't seen this much big roostering in one place since high school and that is saying something considering where I went to High School.
Couldn't say it any better, you hit the nail on the head with this one!

Originally Posted by Quebely View Post
And I've always considered AO one of the more heavily moderated forums....
+1000, To many chiefs and not enough indians IMO(to many make believe chiefs that is; not the real mods)

Originally Posted by Zero View Post
Honestly, I just stay away from the forums completely unless I hear about a specific thread to check out from friends and teammates. I go to AO, I look at the events, and I navigate to another website.
I am starting to feel the EXACT same way about this forum aswell... kinda sad

Originally Posted by Torque View Post
Initially I'm going to keep this short and sweet, with a longer reply to follow:

1. Jonah, your initial response was amazing. Ego is the killer of us all. Vets especially, before you guys jump on the bandwagon of "I'm doing it all correctly now, so I'm not changing my attitude", you better check the mirror. A few of you I know I could pull your last 10 posts and see a pattern of douchbaggery.

2. We need forum restructuring like EH and Italian mentioned. We need one area where n00bs can ask any question they want without being jumped on.

3. Established teams, you need to police you fellow team members more. Why do some members (and Vets) on AO get a pass for their bad attitudes and snarky comments?? Just because they are so-called AO vets? Just because they're on your team? That's no excuse. Call your own team members to the carpet, even publically, if they are being elitist douchbags. Or dismiss them from your team if you have to maintain your team's rep.

4. Let's offer up more constructive criticism, leave the negativity off AO.

5. Read my signature.

Originally Posted by Torque View Post
@Mods: I want to know one thing. Why are members that are not Mods still being allowed to moderate new members? Why am I am I seeing non-mods reminding new members of the forum rules? It's happening even right now.

The protocol should be:

1) Only Mods should be allowed to reprimand members of a forum rule violation, or to remind someone of one they weren't aware of

2) Everyone else who is not a Mod should refrain from responding ( i.e., STFU) and wait for a Mod to handle it

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+100000000000000000! both of these quotes sum 90% of the problem up in such a simple easy to read format.

I am new to this forum, and recently started playing again after 6yrs of not... and though there have been some great responses on this forum and good knowledgable people, I think this is a major reason why you are turning away people like me...

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Some people will be turned away, and that is OK. This is site isn't for everyone, The site gets over 100k visitors per month, and you are not going to make everyone happy. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it, or post, or whatever. If you like the site just for event postings, great, I am glad it can be of some use to you. Our admin and mod staff are all on the same page, and we always appreciate feedback, and ideas or suggestions on how things can be done differently. Please feel free to PM any of us with those suggestions. You can see the admin/mod staff here:

Thread closed.

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