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Which AEG is best?

Fun Answer

Come Grasshopper. Walk with me through the garden. Listen to the birds chirp, the gravel crunch beneath your feet, and reflect on what you have just asked me.

'What is the best AEG?' Why not ask 'What is the best stone?'; or 'What is the best color?' It is meaningless Grasshopper, without knowing how it is meant to be applied. So only the mason who needs the rock knows which is best. Only the painter who knows what must be painted knows the appropriate color.

So instead of asking me 'What is the best AEG?' ask yourself 'What do I want to do?'

Then, and only then Grasshopper, will you have taken the first steps to enlightenment.

Rectal Orifice Answer

Oh for Pete's sake. Read the FAQ you noob!!!

Reasonable, but not particularly helpful Answer

As a newbie to airsoft, you're gonna want to stick to stock Tokyo Marui guns. Why? Because they are pretty reliable and not as expensive as some other maufacturer's AEGs. No sense on spending all your cash on your first gun. If you enjoy airsoft as much as we do, you'll be selling kidneys soon enough. No point in rushing it.

With that said ALL TOKYO MARUI GUNS PERFORM ABOUT THE SAME!! There will be slight differences in range and accuracy, but not enough to really make one "better" than the other.

So, pick the gun you like the best. The one that you think looks cool, or appeals to you for whatever reason. Pick the one that fits the role you see yourself as. SWAT officer? Grab an MP5. Ranger Rick? Get an M4. Palestinian gunman? AKs are great.

So get off this forum, go look as some military pictures, surf the net, watch "The Rock" a few times, whatever it takes till you have that one "special" gun in your mind's eye...then buy it.
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Lets Begin....

Some of the general "concerns" for players looking to find the "BEST" AEG are:

Inner barrel length
Cosmetic upgrades
Mag capacities
Battery size allowed
Amount of metal vs. plastic
Role use
Play area

It is a common fact that different manufacturers produce various "levels" of AEG's. ALL AEG's have the same internal design with the exception of the type and amount of after-market upgrades. The TRUE definition of the "BEST" AEG is CLEARLY up to the player looking. Airsoft equipment is based on personal preference and opinion for the most part. What is the perfect AEG to one may not be to another because of design, feel, and over-all look. These categories are where "THE BEST AEG" most commonly fit with MOST Airsofters.
Granted all of these are by visual inspection and self inspection and will help to determine, for the most part, what the "BEST" or "BEST SUITED" AEG would be......but....where can we define, factually, what is the "BEST"?

This would be in the realm of INTERNAL design and upgradability. We all know that basically AEG's are designed the same way in function with a gear box, gears, and spring all driven by a battery and motor with a difference in the outside shell in their design from real steel rifle counterparts. HOWEVER, the design of the internals and their upgradability are quite the unknown yet have a LARGE affect (overall) as to what COULD help a player decide what is the "BEST" AEG.

Most of the AEG lines are ran off of a V2 gear box (ARMALITES, H&K). This is the standard mech shell which is not reinforced (meaning that through testing it is recommended that the mech shell be replaced with a stronger version of itsself when upgrading above certain levels) and is seperate from the motor (does not attach to the gear box itsself). A few AEG's were designed with V3 gear box (AK, AUG, G36, SIG). This is comes reinforced (after the problems with V2's cracking and the seating issues with free seated motors) and the motor is in a seperate case which mounts by screws into the V3 mech shell to prvide perfect motor seating. Other gear box types, which are models of the V2 and V3, are the V1, V4, and V6 boxes (FAMAS, UZI, THOMPSON, P90).

Aside from the cosmetic look, internal set-up will prove to be a large part of the decision process ESPECIALLY when the time comes that the owner wants to upgrade!!!

There is no clear-cut way to determine the "BEST" AEG....again...its up to the player to decide what is BEST for him/her. To make this assumption, each individual needs to recollect on THE ABOVE METIONED and the following:

where they will primarily play (indoor/out)
what roles they will asume with said AEG
whether they want or need an upgrade AND to what level
ability of the AEG to hold/house all the required components of upgrade

The "BEST" ask??? I dont know...pick one you like!
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"The BEST AEG," is a subjective and highly personal concept. It is subjective because "what is best," as so elequently quoted by AllenTC and Deviant, is based solely on one's point of view. This point of view is based on one's perception of the aesthetics of the weapon balancing out its performance, while ergonomically fitting the person.

Aesthetics are important because each player will wish to have a "certain look" or style for which to base his appearnace. As airsoft is "Military and Tactical Simulation" players choose roles based on their perception of militaqry and tactical teams. Certain realworld unit use specific gear, weapons, and tactics. When emulating these groups, it is often important to the player to remain consistent with his/her idea of an "authentic" look.

Performance is important because players will wish to remain competitive. Some may choose to do this by developing their tactics, others by upgrading their gun, and still others by doing both. Any upgrades done will need to be done with a gun that can handle the upgrades or that has the ability to be upgraded to the desired levels. If the user can't modify the gun to their specific needs or taste, they will feel it is inadequate. From their pespective, this will be true.

Ergonomics is the final determining factor in one's quest to find the "BEST AEG." The gun must satisfy the individuals physical requirements of portability, size, and weight. If the rifle is too large or too small, too heavy or too light, the user may feel the gun is not adequate. Individuals with long arms or big hands may not feel comfortable toting a small AEG simply because it requires them to scrunch their body up to simply aim the weapon whereas smaller individual may find lugging a full sized battle rifle to be tiring.

As was said in the beginning, the "BEST AEG" is highly subjective to these three requirements. As individuals have individual ideas about what is best for them, the answer to this question will forever be biased.

Every gun presents the potential to be the best gun or the worst gun.

It is important that a user determines which is best for himself as only only he can subjectively answer these questions. And that's part of our world tonight....
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