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VFC M4 dry firing....

My nephew and I both purchased VFC M4 E series defenders several months ago(i just sold mine to a friend, Talus) Both are plagued with dry firing from poor fitting mags. Most MAG brand midcaps work if I add tape to the back of the mag. I often still need to push the mag forward to fire correctly. Still some MAG brand mags wont fire consistently. King Arms mags fit tighter but still dry fire.

I have changed the plastic hop up to a mad bull 3 in 1 and systema 6.04 without any changes in feeding. Adjusting the hop up doesn't help.

My questions are:

Does anyone know of midcap mags that fit better and fire for the VFC M4?

If not, do you recommend a "permanent" shim in back of the magwell? (I hate the tape on back of mags, which always peel off)

I cant find a definitive answers out there, I believe because the VFC M4 is pretty new. Also, no email response from VFC so far.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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Doc I had a similar problem with my KA M4 a while back. It got to a point where feeding with my usual G&P's no longer worked at all. The issue? Weak spring in the magazines. This is an issue because often on straight Tokyo Marui compatible guns a portion of the airnozzle extends a tad too far into the hop up. The magazine needs to force the BB into the chamber with a little more assertiveness then usual. The way I fixed mine was by adding a space at the bottom of my G&P magazines that raised the spring's tension when compressed. The mags feed fewer rounds, but now they mostly feed every shot. (Keep in mind, the mags are a good 5 years old. Some are even much older, so they don't feed flawlessly on their own anymore.) I know I let Talus try a few of mine last shoot and it didn't seem to help very much.

Now, this could be your issue with the VFC, however another way of fixing it is simply messing around with various Tappet and airnozzle configurations to see which works best. Play with the mags a little, and see if that does anything for you.
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When I have those problems, I have found that the mag catch was the problem. Although this might not work with every situation, I found it to work for me. Just mess around with different mad caches. Worst comes to worst, you could put tape on the inside of your mag well instead of your mags.
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