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Had a great time. Sucks that some insurgent forces camped on the US respawn point causing more than half of the force to quit (so I was told). Once again it was a pleasure playing with the Strikers. They are really good and most importantly really helpful.
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Oh man, I had so much fun. It was sweet to get to try out all my new gear, which performed pretty darn well IMO. Laying prone with my M4 trying to hold off TanFor's attack on the ridge line and the steamrolling of TanFor's forces up to their spawn. Though I didn't realize it was their spawn at the time, and that we left our own defenses pretty weak by doing so. Springfield certainly beats the crap out of Fran Bar.

Except I need jungle boots so next time I take a walk in the shin-high creek I don't have water stuck sloshing around my waterproof boot. :P

Was pretty darn cool running with Thiel and crew finally. We were doing pretty good right before I left, except that we kept getting ambushed. A lot.

Also, it annoyed the crap out of me near the end when I shot someone out and he screamed back and called me a jackass. I think that happened on two separate occasions actually.

Anyways, I thought it was seriously fun (SERIOUSLY) and I can't wait for the pics and video to get uploaded.

Great moments from the AO Chat room:
[Disposable Soldier] 12:14 am: "i seriously am serious about not being sure about the seriousness of
the gravity of your seriousness of the situation of you thinking about being serious about my severity
of the opinion of seriousness of the topic of seriousness. I'm so serious...."
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My observations

The US side was already outnumbered from the start in addition to the fact that they had a less than ideal spawn point. I do have sympathy for them with that respect but the name calling and acquisitions that I observed were quite unprofessional and childish. By abandoning their side they only made the rest of the game for the US side even more difficult. Kudos to those who stayed and played despite the challenges.
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This was the most fun that I've had in a LONG time. You really can't describe the stuff that goes on unless you're there. Being capable of running with different units at a time, while still with my squad, was just a blast because you got to learn from different people and see what good/bad stuff they do. Bad thing such as walking right into an ambush (sucked!) good thing as watching the strikers and being able to actually run with them and being commanded by them. Once you get the chance to run with the people that are highly skilled your whole world changes. Just like watching the NFL you say "I wanna be like them". haha. Overall great, I learned a lot from very experienced players and stuff from inexperienced players which I will put to use in our future practices so that we, as a team can get better. Thanks for hosting spades.
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I had a great time! Thanks to the 91st for setting up a great event. It was a pleasure working with Evil Head, the rest of S.P.E.A.R, Mobius and the rast of my squad. Thanks again 91st. Can't wait to see the pictures!
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To my fire team, great work, it was a pleasure commanding you. for the rest of you guys, great playing with you (especially SPEAR). Thank you 91st for setting this up and working very hard to make things right, I am looking forward to the next event.
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I had a lot of fun, running with Thiel's crew at the beginning- Whoever was medic knows sure seems like he's done it before. And the other guy (In the Marpat pants and tan vest-I had never thought to ask your name)--who helped lay some good cover fire on top of the ridge-- you are a good team player.
Ronin- Thanks for letting me tag along with you towards the end. I had a lot of fun and saw a lot of action, and felt pretty useful. I'd definatley group with you guys again.

Spear- the assault on the ridge was heart-wrenching. It seemed like you had a squad of 50 surrounding us up there, yet we could hardly see anyone. You had great covering fire and had us hunkered down for a good while. BBs were whizzing over my head for a while.
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Here is my honest assessment: One of the teams on AO worked hard to put on an event for us. They had great roleplayers and good props. It was their plan to have a good event and they deserve a lot of credit for what they did. We on AO need to take a hard look at what we did with their efforts. Instead of interacting with roleplayers and completing missions, our community of players turned it into a spawn camping event. To the spawn campers, was it fun for you staking out one little patch of a great field and not allowing the action to move about the field? If it was, you should consider staying at home and using cheats on your gameboy instead of playing airsoft. To all of the Springfield vets: did you take advantage of a new group trying to put on a game and play the boundaries of ethical play to get a few more more kills or to just plain make it miserable for someone else?

If you wish to criticize the U.S. team for packing up and leaving, you need to ask why so many drove so far, paid so much in gas and entry money only to leave so early. Again, my apologies to the hosting team.
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Thanks to the 91st for putting this on. I think that you came up with some twists that were really neat. The play-actors were hilarious throughout the day.

I hate to every cloud up a post-thread with ugliness, but I think it has to be said.
1. If you were one of the many who did not call their hits, you need to go back to paintball. Airsoft is not for you. Why are you so stinking important that you don't die with one shot? Can anyone else have a good day besides you?
2. I saw two seperate instances where players did horribly dangerous things, such as shooting another player point blank when asked to surrender, shooting another player point blank in the face with a pistol, etc. THIS ISN'T WAR. People are supposed to go home in one piece at the end of the day.

I can honestly say that I saw the worst sportsmanship in five years of playing today. I am seriously considering just going back to playing locally if the games do not improve. I think that teens need to be limited on the roster in the future, because they are the biggest offenders. And that is also a crappy solution because there are many good teen players out there as well, but I don't see a better solution.

I apologize to all in earshot of my tirade when I was lit up with a mouthfull of bbs while waving my red flag. The guilty party made good, so no hard feelings. I hope that the lessons of the day will stick where they need to.

Lastly, thank you to the organizers for putting on the event. And thank you to all of the players that play with integrity. You make the game fun.
The enemy advances, we retreat. The enemy camps, we harass. The enemy tires, we attack. The enemy retreats, we pursue.
-Mao Zedong

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Thank you 91st. Today was a great day for me. Yes, there were some moments, where people would still shoot at you when you were dead. I saw that a few times. But all in all, great day, wasn't to hot. I liked the role players idea. I would like to see that in the future. Again, 91st thanks for a great day.
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Insurgent forces drive back infidels

AL NAJAF, IRAQ (AP) -- After much fierce fighting in the village of Al Najaf off the forrested areas of Iraq (no such place). US forces were driven back by the fiercest and most dedicated group of insurgent forces to be encountered in this struggle.
The US forces were inserted into the area at a very disadvantageous point, but with time short for their Ranger brothers fighting for their lives in the field, there was no other choice. The US Seals fought bravely to capture the Village of Al Najaf. Where their food and supplies were greeted with much enthusiasm by the native villagers.
Unfortunately for the US Forces, the Insurgents showed up with much greater numbers today during the battle. Althugh highly trained, the US forces were outnumbered 3:2 by the elite Insurgent foes. Squads of the US Forces were killed and their numbers deteriorated during the battle, making it harder for the fierce and headstrong worriors that tried to hang on in the name of freedom.
After re-capturing the Village of Al Najaf, the insurgents disposed the US Forward HQ that had been established as a reinforcement. Their overwhelming numbers eventually brought them favor from the villagers who joined their cause.
Only three hours after the Insurgents were initially attacked by the US Forces, the group was able to beat the infidels back to the land where they came and defended Al Najaf from their imperial grip.
Much celebrating with beer, wine, and women followed at the village of Al Najaf, as the Insurgents shot their guns in the air and proclaimed the name of their great leaders. The insurgents live to fight another day...

Point scale to follow in a couple of days

About the event.

We had a great time hosting our second event. This time it was much bigger. We had our registry list grow to double its size in the last 2 weeks before the event. In the future we will cut-off the registry to allow for evening the sides. WE APOLOGIZE A MILLION TIMES for the bad luck of the US forces being completely overpowered and being held back to their spawn.
We had a lot of people show up that had not registered, and as you see, this has a major effect on the number of people on each side, so please register on future events if you didn't this time. We were the first team to use the new system. But Blade and others have put much effort into this system and we believe that it will improve greatly as well as help the airsoft community in Ohio.

We did catch a couple of cheating instances, which will be reflected in the score. But overall, not much needs to be said about this since it has already been posted.

The villagers had a lot of fun playing and we got to surrender plenty of people who didn't check us for guns... all the better for us.

ex member of 91st Ohio Wildcards
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Thanks to all that worked to make a good idea for a game. The feel of having the locals was killer. When the game started I was pumped, it made me feel like I was really over there. To all that fought us on that ridge, thanks for making a great battle. To all that had the honor to call out when hit, a big thanks. I was having a blast,....until I blead out and had to respawn in the half houses From then on my fun factor went down. Something to work on for the next game.

Sticks, Kong, Noel and anyone else I forgot, great job running with us. It was our first time out as a team and having the help was great. I was proud of how we work together today, like a band of brothers.
"you should of killed me when you had the chance!"
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I completly agree with Atomic and oddjob in any way shape or form, I do not need to cloud up these fourms with my own negative opinions of some of the gameplay

I loved the new medic system
inovative role playing ideas (loved it)
New interesting objectives

We from Team 3D still greatly appriciate the time and effort you put in
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I'd like to start by saying those 71 virgin's you all were promised, well we took good care of them for you all. So next time you insurgents take the feild and lose it will be more like getting 71 used cars.

Huge thanks to the 91st for once again putting alot of hard work for all of ohio airsofters. You keep hosting them and we'll keep playing them.

Finally popped my springfeild cherry, Blade your home feild is a MOTHER, but i like it. I always wounded what it would be like to play in old mans cave and now i think i know.

The only real disapontment was that on one wanted to mud wrestle me in the first village. Guess i go all wet for nothing. Next time i do that i'll just wear a white t-shirt.

Durka durka steamroller jihad!!!!!!!!!!
First come's smile's. Then lie's. The last is gunfire. Stephen King's the Gunslinger.

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Well, I guess I am the first Ranger to post. I must say, for my first Springfield op it was definitely an experience. Whoever decided to put us where we started is one sick puppy, but hey, it was a great ambush point. As far as the overall experience, I am still processing that. There were a lot of pros and at least an equal amount of cons. I would have loved to have been able to interact with the role players, but we were stuck at the spawn point much of the time. Better luck next time I guess. Thanks to the 91st for putting on this event.
To dilute the will to win is to destroy the purpose of the game. There is no substitute for victory. Douglas MacArthur

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Ranger here,

Thank you goes to the 91st for this event, it was an overall improvement from last years Crimson Dawn. Yes there where some good and bad but it comes with the territory. But thanks again for all your efforts.

"A good friend will come bail you out of jail.. But a true
friend will be sitting next to you saying "Damn... WE screwed up!"
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Wow, what can I say? This was my first airsoft event ever and it was great! I want to thank our hosts, everyone who gave me a great warm welcome, to Iron Maiden who invited me and loaned me a weapon, and also to the whole Strikers team who let me tag along! I am hooked.

Ummmm now I need to soak in the tub because I am sore!
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I send my gratatude to the 91st, Atomic & Oddjob, mobius, and my fire team for giving me a good day. Thanks guys. And for all you "paintsofters", go back to paintball!
S.A.S. the Special Airsoft Service.
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I want to see the pictures, I know at least 2 people were taking some through out the whole day.
...and the zoo keeper says "thats no kangaroo, that's my wife!"

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wow, that was a load of fun. that was me and Scorpion PMC's 1st event and i am very impressed. That ambush on the ridge by SPEAR was brutal. i hope to attend many more 91st events in the future!
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Wow. I didn't expect to see many positive posts on this event. I'm actually surprised.

71 Used cars...

All in all, today was a fun day. The 91st had a blast even with the troubles we had with reffing. The 91st whole heartedly apologizes for any problems we may have caused with the placing of the spawn. LESSON LEARNED on that one!

Camping out was one of the best experiences I've had in airsoft. Texas hold 'em at two AM with about 4 people who have never played before....Hilarious!

S.P.E.A.R., it was good to see you guys. Black Se7en, thanks for conversing with me while I was stuck at the Insurgent spawn. Sorry we didn't have any of the party "Items" . Evil head, great seeing you like always. It was also good meeting the other S.P.E.A.R. guys, as well as meeting all of the other new faces.

Output, Lu, special thanks to you guys for helping us role play and take some pictures. We had too many Borat's condensed into one small area. Sexytime?

Scorpion, thank you for all of the advice and help. Ronin, good seeing you guys again.

There's only one TRUE disappointment for me........WHY WEREN'T MORE INSURGENTS YELLING DIRKA DIRKA?

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Ok, I have to say I had fun for the most part. I was a Ranger and it was fun trying to hold out. I took out a few before we were ambushed. I completely thought it was friendlies behind me only to find out it wasn't. The role players did a great job and made me laugh. I did dislike when I was at the dirt mound and had two people try to rush us and I know I hit them. That is all I have to say about that. I would like to thank the 91st for putting on a great event. I was really glad when you guys told the insurgents to move away from our spawn. I think that I was rarely in the woods today but it was still fun. Can't wait for the next event.

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I have to say I had a great time...when i wasnt sitting guarding the IED factory. It was nice to be out front and one of the first medics into the open field to get our guys out. Ronin it was nice meeting you guys. Which ever DOC guy i lent my gun, your welcome. KILLED THE INFIDEL.

Lake Erie Airsoft Division Squad Leader
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Pics will be up in 1-3 days. I'll post the URL as soon as it's up.

Great event 91st, hope to see it again next year.
08th Expeditionary Unit
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