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AAR Op: Zandia 2, May 15-16 2010

Thank you to everyone who came out to Stone House Park last weekend for the second in the (hopefully) long series of Zandia events. The participants brought their A-game and made the event a classic milsim success story, with as high a level of sportsmanship and integrity as you could expect to see anywhere. We strive our best to make the players the focus of the event through the use of scripted objectives and a dedicated OPFOR- the goal being to make you all feel like you’re the stars of your very own war movie. Hopefully we were successful.

I would like to thank a few people before I get to the actual After Action Report. Grateful acknowledgement must be paid to the many volunteer role-players who gave up their weekend to add color to our event: the Chicago area Nero group, team Wolf Recon out of Wisconsin, members of the River Rats and others did an amazing and selfless job. You guys are the main reason why this event works at all. Thanks also to Greg, Ryan and the rest of the Stone House staff for their hard work prepping the field before the event and adjusting the Park as we needed during the course of the game. These guys are amazing and are the number one reason why Stone House Park is such an amazing venue. Thanks to Steve and the lovely “Nancies” for the great food throughout the weekend. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that airsoft is at least twice as nice when there is a hot meal waiting for you three times a day. Thank you to David and Kevin from King David’s Airsoft for going way above and beyond as event sponsors. They provided fabulous prizes (including an aeg and gas blow back pistol), ran the chrono, and provided free chem lights for the participants to act as kill rags during the night game. Very classy, guys.

I’m sure I forgot to single some people out, but please know we sincerely appreciated your efforts.

Without further ado, here’s a recap of the event (btw, for those of you following the action, this op was a direct continuation of the events in the first Op:Zandia):

OFFICIAL AAR: Op Zandia 2 – The Katongan Crisis

May 15-16, 2010

Scenario 1


"For the past several months, insurgent activity has been on the rise throughout the province of Katongo. Three brigades from Zandia’s 1st African Rifles were dispatched to pacify the Katongan capital city of Kuvai. Fighting became increasingly intense in Kuvai, until the insurgency mounted a counter-offensive two days ago resulting in the total annihilation of your brothers-in-arms in the 1st Rifles.
You are members of Zandia’s 5th African Rifles, recently ordered to garrison Ft. Elizabeth on the edge of the border with Uganda. This morning, one of your long range reconnaissance patrols came under surprise attack by insurgents fresh from their victory in Kuvai and returning to the nearby town of Mutare. Your patrol is outnumbered and taking casualties. If you cannot come to their aid soon, they will surely be wiped out.”
Half of the participants (under the leadership of XO Shrubber) began the scenario deep in the woods, surrounded by insurgents. At the start of the event, they took immediate fire from the enemy and did their best to hold the line. The fighting was fierce from the get-go.

Meanwhile, the main garrison under the command of Lt. Flash waited a required five minutes before moving out of Ft. Elizabeth. On the way to up the road they were accosted by a group of civilians with unknown intent, which ate up precious moments:

The lost patrol took withering fire but gave as well as they got and somehow managed to fight their way out of the ambush with a prisoner:

Eventually, both groups linked up and established a secure perimeter. An interrogation of the prisoner revealed the following FRAGO:

A convoy consisting of three trucks and a platoon of insurgents is scheduled to advance up the road from grid square F6 to I2. The convoy will arrive in approximately 15 minutes and will not be expecting you in the area.
The players immediately set up an ambush position on the roadway, waiting tensely as the anticipated convoy moved slowly down the road. Gunners atop the trucks were quick to spot riflemen at the edge of the tree line, and opened fire:

The resulting firefight was bloody and violent with heavy casualties on both sides. An expert shot by Shrubber with the RPG took out the lead vehicle and turned the tide. When the smoke cleared, 2 vehicles were destroyed, 1 technical captured, and thirty dead insurgents lined the roadway:

Scenario 2


"You forces have struck a significant blow to the FLP by taking control of the town of Mutare before the insurgents could consolidate their hold. But the truth is that while the town itself is in your control, the surrounding area is a powder keg of rebel activity which could explode at any moment. Your objective now must be to win hearts and minds in Mutare as well as pacify the area surrounding the town. Deploy your forces judiciously and increase your influence!
The participants began the scenario with three missions: 1) clear IEDs along the main road out of Mutare and deliver relief supplies to the mission at Shashem, 2) find and capture the FLP militia leader known as Arsalon Jafar, and 3) deploy a sniper team with anti-material rifle to disable a telecom relay.

Flash’s first order of business was to deploy the platoon to the center of town and seize the largest building in Mutare to use as a base-of-operations. The move caused immediate tension in the town and upset many of the locals, who loudly protested what they viewed as unjust treatment:

Simultaneously, the Nationals sent a convoy loaded with relief goods up the road to the Benedictine mission along with a group of combat engineers. The convoy came under sporadic fire and lost a vehicle to an IED early on, though they managed to completely sweep the rest of the road, fight back all insurgent attackers, and safely deliver the relief supplies:

(Victim of an IED, photo courtesy the one-and-only Shrubber).

(Disarming an IED, photo courtesy the one-and-only Shrubber).

(The Abbot receives the relief supplies, photo courtesy the one-and-only Shrubber).

Meanwhile, things were heating up in the town. The search for Jafar was generating leads, but the knowledge that some of their compatriots were being bribed by the Nationals led many of the locals to open civil disobedience:

(Go home! Go home! Go home!)

At this time, a two man sniper team made its way undiscovered through insurgent-controlled territory to locate a telecom relay being used by the FLP to transmit mobile phone signals. Avoiding the nearby minefield, they took their shots and partially destroyed the relay. On the way back to Mutare, they encountered a stranded UN convoy and swiftly eliminated a squad of insurgents before they could harm the UN observers, extracting them swiftly back to safety:

(A greatful UN official thanks his rescuer.)

Back in Mutare, the Nationals had managed to rescue an American doctor who was kidnapped by criminals while doing volunteer work. Despite this success, the situation with the locals was becoming tenser, with booby traps and arrests becoming frequent:

(Arresting a suspected insurgent.)

(Barricaded against the mob.)

Urged by Command to use “harsher methods” Lt. Flash approved the execution of suspected insurgents, carrying out the sentence himself in the town square. The scenario ended with most of the objectives completed, but relations with the locals sorely tested and the elusive Arsalan Jafar still at large:

(The FLP leader known as Jafar.)

Scenario 3


“Recent rains have flooded the Wezi River and swollen the banks, causing several of the bridges spanning the Zandia/Uganda border to wash out. Scouts were sent out this morning to evaluate the extent of the damage and were surprised to discover what appeared to be signs of FLP activity just over the border in Uganda. As the nearest combat-ready troops in the area, Command has decided to insert you over the border using a pair of Allouette III helicopters on loan from 3rd Batallion, Zandian Light Infantry. You are ordered to wipe out the FLP presence camp before the government of Uganda becomes aware of your presence.”
The Nationals were tasked with locating and destroying multiple FLP assets on the east bank of the river, including a bunker facility and training camp. Additionally, the players were ordered to eliminate all insurgents in the area before the Ugandan government became aware of their presence.

Players were ferried to the other side of the river via trucks simulating helicopters. The first load of Nationals fanned out to secure the LZ while their comrades arrived in the second wave.

The first wave of Nationals (Team MIR leads the way!!!)

Tail-gunner Flash watching for hostiles as the first wave leaves.

Almost immediately the players came under fire from an insurgent patrol deployed out of the bunker to the north. Fighting was continuous from the get-go, and the National strategy of a two-pronged attack was stalling.

Members of the River Rats guarding the bunker.

Fighting out of the LZ.

Meanwhile, insurgents at the bunker moved canoes into position and began smuggling munitions and other supplies out of their camp to safety. The operation started one hour into the scenario and lasted 45 minutes. With the exception of one casualty on the second trip, the boat crew was successful in secreting their supplies.

The smuggler’s camp.

Loading the supplies.

Evacuating the supplies under the watchful eyes of the Nationals.

With thirty minutes remaining in the scenario, the Nationals received assistance from nearby mortar crews who barraged the kill zone south of the bunker with smoke. CO Flash mustered his troops along the western approach and attacked in force. The fighting became frantic and violent with heavy casualties on both sides, but as the smoke barrage cleared, it was the Nationals who remained standing. The players set their satchel charge and defended it for 10 minutes until it detonated.

Close-in fighting under obfuscation.

Moving up on the bunker!

Detonation. The bunker is destroyed.

The Nationals regrouped north of the lake and swept in to finish of the insurgents, who were fighting from hidden positions in the woods. The mop up operation took only minutes as the superior numbers of the players overwhelmed the remaining FLP. The scenario ended with two of the Nationals moving in to overrun the FLP camp with only 15 seconds left on the clock.

FLP fighting to the bitter end.

The Nationals seizing the camp with only seconds left in the game!

Scenario 4 (Night Game)


“You have brought death and destruction to the enemy in the Mutare region. Many among you feel you have paid the FLP back in some measure for the cruel atrocities they perpetrated at Kuvai. Your recent successes may have roused a sleeping lion, however: reports of massive FLP troop movements descending out of Kuvai have caused many pro-Lumbe partisans in Mutare to take up arms against you openly. You have radioed for reinforcements, but it will be a long time before they can reach you. And now, night is falling. It will be up to you if the morning sun is to herald an FLP dawn, or a Zandian day. Hold the line, brave soldiers of Zandia: take back Mutare or die trying! “
The players returned from their victory on the east bank to find that the locals had taken up arms against them, emboldened by reports that FLP forces were moving down from Kuvai to confront the Nationals. Fires had been set up throughout the town and pockets of resistance were evidenced in almost every building. As the sun set over Mutare, the fighting began. Squad on squad moved under cover of darkness, fighting each other for control of the town. For two hours, it was unclear which team had the upper hand, until a head count at the end of the scenario showed that the Nationals had met their objective and controlled over 60% of the structures.

The sun, setting on Mutare.

The insurgents fan the flames of discontent.

National victory!!! Mutare belongs to Zandia once again.

Total points available for the various scenario objectives totaled 88 points. The players were able to accomplish an impressive 71 points. After subtracting 5 points for the death of unarmed civilians in scenario two, the final point tally was 66 out of 88 points. Well done, Nationals!

Looking forward to seeing all of you return to Stone House Park next year for Op: Zandia 3, Revenge at Kuvai! Thanks to everyone who participated and made OZ2 such a success.

Photos of the event are here:
(Rats gallery)
(Shrubber gallery)
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