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OP: Dead Man's Hand - DEC 8, 2007 - Ocala, FL

Operation: Dead Man's Hand
Mexico, 2013

Corruption breeds corruption. Once it has taken root it is almost impossible to remove. In Mexico it has not only taken root but has infested every part of its society. No longer does the government even pretend to rule but leaves the true power to the Cartels.

Now the Cartels have grown bold in their quest for power and their belief that they are truly immune to the consequences of their actions.

On a cold night in December 2013 the Gulf Cartel sent three teams of its best men, all members of the mysterious Los Zetas, across the border into Texas to flex their muscles. Their targets were the local law enforcement officers who had recently intercepted several large drug shipments as well as a Federal judge who lived in the area.

As the night began the teams split up. The first team went northwest and fire bombed the U.S. Border Patrol Station killing 6 officers and wounding 10 more. The second team entered the house of Webb County Sherriff Luis Salavador. There they executed Salvador and his wife Maria. The second team then went to the house of the Police Chief of El Rey Texas and fire bombed the house. All were killed inside including the Chief, Ronald Hastur, his wife Mimi, and their two children, Rusty 12, and Alice 9.

The third team went 5 miles outside of the sleepy Texas town of El Rey to the ranch of Federal Judge Harold R. Roysim. Here they commit their most heinous act of the night. Waking everyone up they tie the entire family up and make them watch as they rape and mutilate the youngest daughter, Heather 14. The rest of the family is herded into a van and taken. All the teams then rendezvous with the rest of the teams and head back to Mexico.

In the morning they release a statement to the media. A 16 minute video is sent to every network. The video shows masked figures raping and then murdering the Judges wife Candace in cold blood. A hooded figure then recites a manifesto that no longer will anyone interfere with the Cartelís business. This is just a first lesson and that many more will be taught. No one can touch them. No one can hurt them.

The Mexican President promises to bring these men to justice but refuses any assistance from the U.S. All know that any promise of justice is a hollow one. The Mexican President owes his power to the Cartels and their brutal enforcers.

America has one option one that no one knows exists...

Join Mindgame Productions for the last game of 2007, Operation Dead Manís Hand at Wayneís World of Paintball in Ocala.

Operation Dead Manís Hand is the opening chapter in a story that will conclude at Camp Blanding MOUT facility Memorial Day Weekend 2008 with Operation Blackjack.

Advance registration for Dead Man's Hand will begin on November 1st. Units for the event will be...

Blue Forces

75th Rangers - ACU
1st Marine Recon - MARPAT
5th SFG (Ghosts) - MultiCam

Red Forces

Los Zetas - Woodland & Tigerstripe
Rebel Militia- OD
Gulf Cartel - Civilian

There are a few minor modifications to the MGP rules which will be in place by Dead Man's Hand. Registered players will be receiving an E-packet of information for review and a summary of pertinent rules changes will be posted on the forums.

Admin Call

Interested in coming to Dead Man's Hand for free? We're accepting a limited number of admin volunteers who will be scheduled for a half-day of play and a half-day of admin duty, but will attend at no charge. We do reserve the right to hand-pick from among the admin volunteers. This is a great way to get in some good trigger time and watch all the action the rest of the day, and save a few bucks in the process. If interested, email Mac at .

Magazines for Dead Man's Hand

Hi-caps and drum magazines will be permitted at Dead Man's Hand... but be advised that we will be transitioning to low and mid-caps in 2008 starting with Washing of the Spears. Guidelines for magazines and support weapons will follow the model used at HammerStrike, which seemed to have been enjoyed by the players who participated. We wanted to give a final heads up on the transition to low and mid-caps for 2008, and one last 2007 event for players to use hi-caps if they haven't yet made the switch.

Visit us at:

Additional info:
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