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I liked what Maverick said because I dont want to be a Idiot just running around with my rifle just shooting at people. You basically said what I wanted to say in shorter terms. When I show up to events whatever team I am placed with, I just want to help out my team the best I can and retain as much info as I can from the players.Even in play I can watch the players like yourself so I can learn and be a value to whatever team Im placed on.

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So, just a thought, but how much trouble would it be to have one team show up say an hour before the other team at milsim games? This would give the team first to arrive time to get set up, set watch stations, set roaming gaurds or whatever. When the second team gets there and are briefed then they would proceed to try to achieve objectives without the first team realizing the game was starting. It would have to be strictly enforced that goggles stay on while on the field, but the Strikers have been doing that for awhile so it can be done. The first team would not know when the second team took to the field or what their objectives were. They would have to rely on patrols and gaurds. In my mind this would allow for recon missions, and would give an element of surprise. Though things don't always work out as well as they do in my mind.
I'm sure some of the vets would know if this was something that could be done to add to the experience or if it would just add to confusion.
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I've always thought this was a great idea, and I would be more than happy to take part in a game like this, even if it meant I was just patrolling all day and never got in a firefight. The challenge would shift from simply winning a firefight to conquering creature comforts.
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Wraith brought up some great points. I agree with TheBanker--I'd be willing to patrol all day as well. The less one team knows about the other the better. I'd like to see more emphasis on reconnaissance and patrolling. We need to get away from forcing combat in event design and let the CO's dictate more (i.e. objectives, priorities, etc.). Let milsim breathe a bit. It's being stifled.

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One thing that newer players need to do a better job of for milsim events is communicating with the chain of command BEFORE the event.

I can't tell how many times I have sent out e-mails to all of the players under my command and have gotten no reply whatsoever from new and/or unattached players. Just about any issue can be dealt with in advance. Many cannot be 15 minutes before the game starts.

When I am CO I try to distribute less experienced players with the most experienced players. Often squads or even larger units schedule practices before events. The new players will get a lot out of these practices, but rarely show up. Usually the folks that need the practices the least are the ones that show up.

Most milsim games set up message boards to discuss the upcoming event, schedule practices, discuss tactics and overall strategy, and to organize the team into a chain of command, squads, and depending on the size of the event, platoons and/or companies. Participating in these forums is essential.

If you tell your squad leader or CO that you need a better understanding of how a milsim event works they can attempt to help you ahead of time and ID that you may need help at the event.

Communicating ahead of time will help you much, much more than any list of things anybody can make.

You will get as much out of a milsim experience as you are willing to put into it. Don't wait until game time. Speak up. Participate. And things will go much more smoothly.

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