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Training / In over my head ><

For those of you that don't know, i'm getting together a team of about four or five guys for a PMC team called Ravenholm. One of these guys, my boss Greg, is rather n00bish, My buddy David has some experience and I seem to be the team vet. I've been tasked with training both of these guys and possibly more to come soon and i'm in over my head. I want to train these guys right and make them as hardcore on the feild as possible. What i'm looking for is detailed manuels and videos for any and everything, or possibly, someone from someone elses team we could meet one day here that might be able to put me and my boys into some propper drills.

Thanks in advance.
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Does any of your team have a military background? If not I think the first place to start is try to get your hands on military training manuals focusing on squad formations and movement and also hand and arm signals. Then practice together ALOT!
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NOTE: This is an excerpt from a reply I posted in another similar thread on team and training. It's a list of some of the things you should work on.

Communication - Determine how you want your team to communicate in given situations. Hand signals? Shouts? When should each be used?
Movement - Movement drills that get you from point A to point B safely. Advancing, retreating, flanking, etc. while always protecting your squad.
Reactionary - Reacting to surprise attack, knowing what to do depending on what you're up against. Devise ways to circumvent enemy movements and attacks.
Engagement - Taking the fight to the enemy. How you plan your attack. Could include ambushing the enemy, sneaking up on them or flat out assault. Be versatile.
Teamwork - There are times your team will have to split up to achieve results. Drill for effective communication and coordination whether you're together or separated.

If you can come up with drills practicing these you'll be on your way. The hard part is devising your own SOP (standing operating procedure). You'll have to come up with hand signals that are easy to learn and make sense. You'll need to have tactics that work (see field manuals). Get your team communicating and working well together. It takes practice and repetition.

Check out this field manual:

The whole manual has just about everything you need to start devising your own SOP.

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something that could be extremely important and what my team focuses on heavely is silent squad movements, staggering retreat formations, and hand signals. communicating with as little radio talk as possible is extremely valuable. i am really just reiterating what oscar said previously. also remember that sometimes unorthodox training could be beneficial, keeps people on their toes if they are expecting military movements or tactics and you do something outside of the box. just my 2 cents.
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Look at the list Oscar has posted. You can pretty much follow that list in the order it is stated.

Start with deciding on how comms are going to be handled. If by radio or if by hand signal. If by hand signals then start off training on those signals. Don't make it an all day thing just half an hour or so is long enough.

Then decide how your squad is going to move from point to point. Are you going to use a wedge formation or line formation?( there are several different formations, I just used these as an example) Are you going to travel using a standard overwatch or a bounding overwatch? Then put everyone in their positions in the formation and practice moving while maintaining spacing. Once again, don't over do it. These will be drills to be done at every practice so you don't have to drill it into their heads all at once. To change things up a little set targets out and let the formation advance on those targets. Have them communicate the contact and proceed as if were an actual enemy. You will have to decide how to attack the target, whether by frontal assault or by flanking manuevers. (Or whether to draw them to the main force. But that would come later.)

Throw in some target aquisition drills. Get some tin pie pans and number them 1-10 or whatever. Then have one guy step up to the line with his back to the targets. Call out 4-5 numbers for him to hit then have him turn around and fire 1 shot at each of the numbers you called. Record hits and misses to track improvement.

And, one that I think is very important, offhand firing drills. Most people are right handed and can hit what they can see when firing with their right hand. But if you have ever been engaged with someone who was to the left side, you either have to expose about 50% of your body to get that right handed shot, or learn to shoot with your left hand. This is easily enough accomplished just by drilling with left hand shooting. Or, have skirmishes using only your offhand. This will come in very useful on the field.

These are just some of the basics. Once you have a good working understanding of these you can get into things like draws, withdraws, and ambush formations and some of the more advanced tactics. But this will get you started for now.

Oh, one more thing; practice using cover fire. A team that can effectively use cover fire to their advantage is a hard force to overcome. Practice moving while another guy is firing. When you get in position then you lay down cover fire for him to move. If you have a full team practicing, then split the team into two fire squads and have one squad lay down fire while the other moves. This is an area that is best to decide on how to go about it in practice. Some like to "leap frog " moving a single man, others will leap frog the entire fire team. That is up to you and your team. Both ways achieve the same goal of keeping the enemies head down while allowing you freedom to move.
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And if i may inject a few words...

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Remember that. After you practice something a dozen times slowly, you will find you times are much much faster.

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. There is no such thing as a too simple of a tactic. Flanking will work 75% of the time, even against hardend vets. No need to get complicated manuvers.

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While Training manuals will give you some general ideas, its also best to take them with the understanding those tactics are mostly used while under the threat of actual death while using actual military weapons, which places a totally different angle on them.

While it is good to be prepared, until they actually get into the game, you quickly establish what kind of tactics will be needed to keep your team together.

Split into two man teams and practice skirmishing with and without actual firing. Develop the "team" mentality and try to emphasize working together.

Airsoft gives you a decent learning curve. Tactics do evolve.

I would discuss this with your team mates because I have seen text book "tactics" completely fail simply from the work of one determined individual. Field Manuals can give you some excellent basis for developing your own, but ultimately they are somewhat out of context in airsoft.

Before worrying about whether or not you will pwn ont he field, just focus on enjoying the game with your friends. When it comes time to coordinate, let it be done as a team decision. Remember it is a team, which occasionally requires the leader to simply guide while the others move in the direction you need them to go.
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