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Question Opinion About These AEGs

Now I understand that the community can't make the final decision only I can but some opinions on this certain topic can better my self into finding the conclusion faster (If I should say).

I have been browsing the mighty inter-web it self far and wide searching for that one product aye!. This thread is kind of like a poll but in written text so rant as much as you like I do not mind.

The products I have today are not all entirely quality nor supreme products that master airsoft players would acquire in their possession while playing, but for the semi novice.

Number One is not all entirely a LPEG but for the $35 range it would be sought as one. (Ill let the community decide on this one)

Number Two is from one of the most respected manufactures of AK-47s.

Number Three is a M4 equipped with the necessary LRTC attachments to take down the people you need to.

Number Four is a CQB M4 with the versatile performance for tight corners and areas where you need high RPM in a closed environment.

Number Five is another CQB weapon this one is a SMG so might be better for the environment of CQB.

Number Six is a sexy looking M4 ^_^ with a very high FPS to take down anyone that gets in your way!

Well there ya have it. Please leave your comments saying what you think of these guns so I can get a better Idea of which one to get.
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Opinion posts are not allowed.

3) Isthisguncoolisthisguncoolisthisguncool? - A LOT of stuff has been covered previously in these forums(or elsewhere), and most of that more than once. The only time you should really ask a question is if it has not been answered before. If you're lazy and don't at least attempt to look, it makes it look like you are out for a quick fix of information, almost like a junkie would look for his fix. Whereas if you look up a bit of information yourself and ask informed questions, you look like someone who has put effort into a post, and wishes to further their knowledge about a topic. So who are you? A scholar or a junkie?
8) Opinion Posts - These were forbidden once, and they now are again. Why you may wonder? Because "What is a good X" is not a clear enough question. If you are interested in the data pertaining to a particular item, form your question and type it, such as "how does the velocity of x rifle compare to x rifle", etc etc etc.
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dear god. "most respected manufacturers of the ak47"
read the rules, figure out what style of plays suits you best, then go to your local airsoft store, hold different guns, see which one suits you best, and lastly you get what you pay for..
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Hmmm, almost everyone in your introduction thread asked you to read the rules.

The community is dissapoint.

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