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Austin's Guide To Stealth Movement

Stealth can be used in all sorts of senarios. From large battles to CQB, stealth is very useful. You can practice stealth by doing many things, it is hard to master.

1) Walk softly, wear gear that blends into your surroundings.
2) Every couple of steps stop and listen to the noises around you.
3) Never travel in a large group.
4) Be aware of everything around you at all times
5) Always have a plan, whether its an escape or an advancement you should always know where you're headed.
6) Never say a word unless you are absolutly 100% clear of any enemy contact
7) Always be one step ahead of your enemy
8 ) If you need to draw your firearm make sure you absolutly need to, "knife" kills are more useful, but they are harder to master. In the event that you need to draw your weapon make sure its silenced and you have a place that you can fall back and lay low till alert decreases.
9) Never leave a trail, if the enemy knows that you've been there than you've got yourself a bit of a problem
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To go along with number one, watch where you're stepping. Nothing worse than tip toeing through the woods, get to your objective and giving yourself away by stepping on a twig
Stryker, out

Team S.W.O.R.D.
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