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Post Grenadier Role

Hello all,

I am writing this to try to answer some questions I was asked regarding the practicality, usefulness, and "tacticool" factor. Let me with begin what the grenadier role is and what it entails.

A grenadier (derived from the word grenade) was originally a specialized soldier, first established as a distinct role in the mid-to-late 17th century, for the throwing of grenades and sometimes assault operations.~ Wikipedia

In the modern sense a grenadier will be tasked with using the M203 40mm (or equivalent) grenade launcher system. This is not to say that the M203 is the only weapon system to fulfill the role, however, it is the most common. The other systems include, but are not limited too, M79, LAW, RPG7, etc. The idea is that the grenadier fulfills a special role and has more firepower than a standard rifleman.

Here is an example of an M203 on a M4, a very common sight in Airsoft.

There are a few things you should remember when choosing your grenade launcher.

1) How do you want to mount you launcher? I suggest a RIS mount as it allows for quick attachment/detachment, however a barrel mount system is the sturdiest.
2) For an M203, should I get a short or long type? This is up to you, however the military usually puts long types on M16s and short types on M4s.
3) Since you are adding a lot of weight to the front of your weapon, where is my battery located? You will need a battery regardless (unless you are using a GBBR) so placement becomes a factor. I highly suggest a butt stock or crane stock battery placement as it allows for better weight distribution.
4)If you are going to use a stand alone launcher (M79), how are you going to holster it?

Now, your saying to yourself, that looks cool or at least I dont want to be on the wrong end of that. This is the shock and awe affect or the "tacticool" aspect of any specialty role brings out, especially to newer players. You just need to remember that while they look cool their effectiveness is dependent on the experience of the player and the amount of grenades they have.

This brings me to the next part of the grenadier role that is often over looked. GRENADES!!!

I am not going to tell you which grenades to buy, that is your choice, but there are a few points that you need to know when selecting you grenades.

1) The lower the grenade capacity they tighter the grouping at distance.
2) The higher the BB count, the greater the dispersion.
3)Make sure you fully understand how to fix your grenades, because you will need to maintain them.
4)Grenades use lots of gas, a propane or CO2 adapter is must.
5) If you use CO2, make sure your grenades can handle it.
6)You will need more than one grenade to be effective.

Now, the question you have all been asking yourself, Are grenadiers effective?

If the role is done correctly, grenades can be very effective and if the user is in the correct mindset. To be an effective grenadier you must have more than one grenade, otherwise you will either be too worried to use it in a critical situation or you will waste it. If you have more than one it allows you to use them more often, however you are still not going to have a large number so you can not simply "nade" everything in sight. It is important to remember what grenades are good at doing in their real steel counter part; one, taking out larger numbers of troops in the open; two, using indirect fire to take out enemy personnel; three, clear rooms or buildings before a team goes in.

The Grenadier is an important role in the military and airsoft. The grenade launcher is a force multiplier that allows one person to take on greater forces or deal with dangerous situations. If you do chose to be a grenadier, I would suggest mounting it to a RIS that way you can easily detach if you do not want to carry the extra weight. Also, you will need more than one grenade, I personally carry five. This amount seems to work well for short games, for bigger OPs I would suggest more. Finally, remember the launcher is a tool, it will not solve every problem, but it is an intimidating, it can be effective and it does not need to be an extra 3lbs that you simply stick on the end of you weapon just to look "tacticool".
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Good Review. It defiantly added to the intimidation factor.

I've Got a barrel mount M203 on my M4. Assuming you have the QD latch it only takes a few seconds to detach.

I also have no problems fitting an 1600mah 8 cell Mini pack under the top hand guard. It fits pretty snugly. Keep in mind that I've got a CA. The Barrel profiles of other AEGs might not permit this.

Pics in my gallery
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Great post - I've been wondering about this as well. I'd like to add another possibility: taking down building or bunker if using S-Thunder 40-mm grenade (see picture below) to launch foam projectile. This is more like the role of the real steel counter part, which is launching grenade at a distance between hand grenade and mortar range. I've heard the S-Thunder grenade, when charged with CO2, could launch a foam projectile close to 70 feet, which makes taking down the enemy on the 2nd floor of a building possible.

Also, I'm not sure you could really clear a room with an Airsoft 40-mm grenade, which is more like a shot gun as a directional weapon, unless the field rules count ricochet as kills.
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"Kyle, why do you have those Grenade Shells...?"

"I'm the Grenadier, our sixty gunner couldn't make it!"

"But why?"


Haha. Good times.

Regardless, a great informative guide written by a great grenadier. If there were GLs for the TAR, I'd be able to take this to use. Either way, great guide.
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Good start 79stagg. I hope you won't mind if I add some info?

I would like to start by saying there is nothing cool being a grenadier. If you want to be grenadier just for the "cool" factor, you will quickly ***** about how much money and how heavy the kit is. If you want to be grenadier, it is because you want to fulfill that specific cost, regardless of the cost, energy or time involved. You want to be useful and have a role within your team? then grenadier might be for you.

First of all, being a grenadier requires preparation. You can't only show up expecting to blow things up left and right. The most important thing to do is to find out what will be the grenadier's limitation at the event you are planning to attend; Are grenadiers allowed? what kind of launchers are permitted? what kind of gas, shells or rockets are allowed? Do I have a max number of shells or rocket allowed? Will I have to shoot fixed (buildings) or moving targets (players, vehicles)?

At that point, you know your technical limitations. Time to look at the ROE (rule of engagement); Can I use grenades indoor or/and outdoor? Can I use rockets indoor/outdoor? Will I be attached to my squad? Will I be able to reload/re-gas in the AO ? Will the missions be fast or slow pace?

Now that you know the event rules and your role ROE, you check with your squad; Will I be too heavy for my squad? Will I need to load light just to keep up? How many roles are not fulfilled so far?

If you haven't realize yet, everything above is part of the mission preparation. All players must know what to expect but also prepare consequently. Showing up with 12 40mm grenades and an M79 in the back with your backpack loaded with 24 rockets might not be useful if your mission is to go into the tunnels.

If after all your preparation you figured out a grenadier would definitely be a great asset for the mission success, you can start working on your loadout. As 79stagg said, we can't figure out what is best for you but from my own experience, here are few things to know.

- The more grenades you carry, the heavier and cumbersome it gets.
- I good launcher is usually about 5lbs. My M4 with M203 is at about 14lbs if not more.
- A grenade launcher is not a shotgun, a battery holder or a sniper weapon.
- You can shoot bbs (scare tactic), rockets (for medium to long distance) and war heads (room clearing at short range).
- If you plan using your rockets, don't need to waste time loading bbs in your shells.
- If you want to be truly effective, have a bit of everything (some for your rockets, some for your warheads, some to scare the players.
- If you don't want the shells to blow in your face, always use pouches that allow you to store the grenade head down)
- Try to use "closed" lid pouches if you don't want to have to find your grenades all over the place later.
- Shells and rockets should be easily accessible. Having them in a backpack might not help quickly enough.
- Place your grenade pouches where they won't restrict your movements. For example, the king grenades are generally too long to be on a combat belt or at the bottom of your vest while using a combat belt or pouches on your belt.
- 24 grenades is way too many to haul around.

That is about everything I can think so far. I am sure I forgot few things so you guys are more than welcome to comment and suggest.

Personally, my setup is now as follow;
Heavy loadout (50lbs)
CIRAS vest
4 warheads (milsim lab)
2 rockets.
bag of cheap bbs.
Combat belt with 12 shells (6x 204rds, 4x 128rds, 2x PB4 shells)
1 propane tank

Light loadout (20lbs)
CIRAS vest
2 warheads (milsim lab)
4x 204rds

I am sure it will change again this year knowing that my team need or the events props are changing constantly.
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Awesome review. I am getting a M203 for my KWA SR10 down the road.
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Barrel mount is the way to go. I've tried RIS mounts and they either break quickly or at best are wobbly. Plus they look goofy. Barrel mounts tuck that tube up nice and tight with the gun barrel.

Plus also don't for get the EGLM (MK13) for the SCAR.

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In my opinion, the 203 is a limited weapon in airsoft. It has some applications for taking down hard targets, but its limited range requires an almost definite suicide run for the user.

In CQB, its room clearing ability can also be a safety issue - introducing large numbers of BBs can easily become a fall hazard. Within confined quarters, ricochets off the walls can hit players indiscriminately. Accidental blindfiring can mean a player bears the brunt of the shot.

Overall, it increases the amount of weight a player carries when what might be more useful is carrying an additional magazine or sidearm that gives you more than one shot.

The Standalone Launcher, gives you a little better option in that you can stow it when not needed and it can be handed to a different teammate without having to partially dismantle your weapon.

If you do decide to invest in a 203 platform, I would suggest an RIS variant that give you the option of attaching it to the stand-alone launcher. And limit the use to just engaging hard targets via Warhead or Nerf Rocket. BTW, hacky sacks make excellent warheads for engaging vehicles and bunkers. People - not so much.
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Great review and very informative.

I have been thinking of adding a M203 to my KWA SR10 and I think I'm going to now...
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Thanks for the great review. Heck, you could make this a paper for most high school and colleges. :-) Anyway, I didn't even know the grenadier was a important position in air-soft. I really want to look into this more, because I love the intimidation factor here.
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