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Hey, typical new guy here. Name's Nick, I'm 18. Just started getting into airsoft these past few months. I've had guns for a while (a CYMA AK and a DBoys Scar), but I never really did anything beyond plinking in my back yard. More recently, I graduated high school and used the money to get myself a better kit: a GM-16 and an Echo 1 Timberwolf.

I started heading up to Devil's Playground early last month for the open plays with a couple of my buddies. Now, we're all hooked. We all love it, we all obsess over it, and we have some great times. At this point, I'm looking for ways we can improve our game and just any pointers possible. We acknowledge we aren't the greatest, but we still have a damned good time.

I've been asked several times why I got into airsoft in the first place. Well, for most of my life, I've been fascinated with guns, and the military, and every aspect thereof. I even wanted to be in the military (I didn't favor one branch over another). Unfortunately, I've been permanently disqualified from that dream. So, I felt airsoft was the next best thing to get that military feel, whilst not being able to do the real thing.

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Welcome to AO!

That's how it starts you go play and bam your hooked. I was 44 when it happened so don't feel bad. It happens!
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The way I improved my game took a very long time, but over that time I learned all the ways NOT to do things

I would say watch how other teams/groups perform or ask to tag along. Most will say yes and will demonstrate it. I got into it around 4 1/2 years ago when I was 17 and my buddy (203) had been in the sport for a few years already, so I learned the basics from him. Then we took our group, looked at tactics online (seems funny, but fun to try), then we started playing with some awesome guys that really helped us out.

I was similar to you, fascinated in the military, but I only wanted Air Force and now I'm too tall to fly, so thats out the window.

But back to the point, the longer the play, the faster you figure things out. Also, my friend Jonah puts on some epic training MilSims that help teach the newer players aspects to improve their game. Check out or message him and he will put you and other newer players against seasoned players (the old guys ) and he tests your might in a few popular types of action or play.
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Be aggressive and try to constantly move up, and make sure you keep good spacing.
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Welcome to AO!! I'm sorry to hear you got outed on your military aspirations, but it's nothing to get too down about. Something like 90% of the country is ineligible for military service. Regardless, the airsoft community accepts all regardless of medical or physical condition. If you're planning on going to Devil's Playground, you'll probably see me there. I'm an awesome guy to talk military with so feel free to chat anytime. I'll be at the Night Op this weekend as staff and possibly player.
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