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Help i really badly need ur help ? chemistry?

hey guys i hate chemistry but its my work so i have to do it work can u help me plz

my question is " name some of the elements have the same intial letter and write their symbols too "
2nd questions tell it wheater it is compound , element or a mixture

1 zinc
2 air
3 milk
4 lead nitrate
5 neon gas
6 gun powder
7 sulphur di-oxid
Force factor
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Do your own homework. This is Airsoftohio, not your personal homework helpline.
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1. element
2. mixture
3. mixture
4. compound
5. element
6. mixture
7. compound

I'm pretty sure these are right, but then again I might be wrong. Next time do your pay attention
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This is in the wrong section anyway. Try Off Topic
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You need more than help with Chemistry. You should try getting help with English, and cognitive thinking. Why on earth would you bother posting your homework here? And given that, how much sympathy do you think you are going to garner by typing your question like an idiot ten year old?
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Welcome to AO.

1. You placed this in the wrong section.
2. You can find all these answers on google
3. This is a really bad first post and not a good way to get started here

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Hedge your bets...they're all com-mixt-ments.
Honor First!

oderint dum metuant
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Hmmm interesting first post..
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