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Red face I'm new and have one question...

Hey every one and thanks for takin' a look at this thread here! Recently I ordered a Crosman 764SB and I thunk me a bit and I came up with a question, can I use the Crosman 764SB in a airsoft game? It shoots up to about 625 fps and uses metal pellets AND bb's... Would I be allowed to use this gun? also is anyone willing to give up an old airsoft gun they never use?
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If by some act of God you ARE NOT trolling, the answer is no. 625 is too high of an fps to use. Anywhere. And I am going out on a limb to guess you are young, which would also effect your ability to use high fps weapons on most fields. But me 'thunks' you are trollin'.
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If you're looking to kill someone, sure. Other than that, you can have someone teach you how to mod it to shoot 6mm bbs at under 400 fps (i highly double fields will let you use a pistol shooting anything over 400 since that's the semi-auto aeg limit)
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Metal Pellets and BBs are a definite no. If you want to play, you'll need an actual airsoft gun.
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I came up with a question, can I use the Crosman 764SB in a airsoft game?
If you want to kill someone sure,but other than that BIG NO.As Texx said,you need an actual "airsoft gun" not an "air gun"<--See the difference there? Best of luck to you....
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Didn't I already lock this and tell you no?
Closed Thread

625, airsoft, high fps, rifle, sniper

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