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RS SVD Dragunov Pics, Review, Accuracy Test results

The Snaperyskaya Vintovka Dragunova (Lit: Dragunov Sniper Rifle) replaced the Mosin Nagant In 1963 and turned out to be a deadly sniper platform capable of kill shots over 1500 yards. This has always been one of my favorite Real Steel Guns. it looks sexy, fires a behemoth 7.62x54r round and is based closely on the reliable design of the AK-47. There have been a few Airsoft SVD to-date. So far I hadn't found one I liked,

A&K:A Springer? Yeah 500ish fps is great but try pulling that bolt back. Not realistic to the real SVD's semi automatic

Classic Army: No wood? Smaller size that the real one? Cmon guys......

There were a few others, but none of them warranted a purchase until now. I had seen a Real Sword AK in person, Expensive, but the best looking Airsoft gun I'd ever seen. When I found out Real Sword also made an SVD Dragunov, I had to have one. After going through a couple of retailers, I finally found someone that had one left.

A Shout out to the owner of "The War Store" in NY who boxed up and shipped it to me WHILE I was on the phone with him ordering it. AWESOME customer service! Ordered it Wednesday, Got it Friday.


I picked up the box and carried it inside, Thought, man this thing's heavy.
The gun comes with a magazine, cleaning rod, safety barrel plug, an owner's manual written CLEARLY in English and in Japanese. There was also a test certificate that gave the velocity of the first 5 rounds fired from the weapon. All were between 130 and 132 meters per second. The gun smelled of gun oil and leather from the cheekrest. The magazine was even wrapped in that wax paper they wrap engine parts in so they don't tarnish or rust.


What can I say, It's absolutely gorgeous. I almost don't want to use it at a live event because I'm afraid of messing it up The Receiver, barrel, gas chamber, and everything else on the gun that should be metal is metal. It ain't cheap metal either. I have a real AK-47 and the receiver feels exactly the same. The finish is a flat black that seems to be pretty durable. They even went as far as to put what looks like a small pinhole gas relief valve that would be on the REAL gun on the gas tube. On to the Wood, It's hand made and hand polished. Theres enough polyurethane to make it look like the gun is almost under glass. This looks better than some REAL guns I have seen. There aren't and creaks or groans either except the front hand grip. Because it's in two pieces you can feel it shift just a tiny bit once in a while. Feels very solid, It should, the damn things' heavy as hell. Weighs 13.6 pounds. That's within an ounce or two of the real deal. The cheek rest is wrapped in leather and is very comfortable. It should be noted however that the cheek rest should only be used with a scope. The iron sights cannot be looked down unless the cheek rest is removed. It's very easy to remove, just a small tension clamp snaps it on or off. It is held firmly on though. The only plastic on this gun in the Motor plate on the bottom of the hand grip. Very unnoticeable really. The charging handle is metal and slides open to reveal the hop-up adjustment. It doesn't just come back an inch or two, More like 3.5 inches of travel. Almost like the real gun. There's an ample amount of tension on the charging handle and it makes a very satisfying metallic "Clack-Clang!" when pulled back. I had to bust out the ol' woodworking tools and make a stand for this masterpiece. When I took it to Airsoftsmith to get it chronoed and fit for a battery, Red made the comment that I should put it on the stand above a fireplace on a mantle

Battery Installation:

.....It sucks..... The only bad thing about this gun. You have to release the lever just forward on the front handgrip first. Theres a oval-shaped plate holding the halves of the front of the fore-grip together. Take a rag place it over the metal plate right where there is a rise in the metal. Then place a flathead screwdriver against the rise in the metal and gently tap it towards the front of the weapon and the plate will slide off. Once that slides off, remove one of the halves on the foregrip. A 9.6V Stick battery WILL fit, it's an exact fit but it will work. Re-assembly the same but backwards. (You may be able to push the oval plate back on without tapping it.)

Optics: I Installed a genuine red illuminated POSP Scope to this gun. It's a very, very tight fit. I had to "persuade" it quite a bit to get the scope to lock. It definitely ain't falling off. I have seen the airsoft replica of the POSP scope and quite frankly, it's junk compared to the real thing. Mine is a 4x24 and I got it from Kalinka Optics for $179.

Okay, I wanted to be sure that this sniper would be able to effectively outrange a good AEG. So I did a comparison between the SVD and my CA M16 SPR. Heres the FPS chrono results for both weapons.

RS SVD:445
CA SPR:370

Today was a bit windy but we managed to get some pretty conclusive results. This was after tuning the hop-up a bit on the SVD. It's very prcise, probably about 100 clicks on the wheel to dial it in. My SPR I know is a solid performer. I't used it in the field and always got a decent number of kills with it.

SVD, .3gram KSC perfect bb's
SPR .25gram KSC Perfect bb's

50 feet:
SVD:very consistent, hit target 100% of the time with an average grouping of 3 inches
SPR:Almost the same, grouping a bit bigger, around 4 inches.

100 feet
SVD: very consistent again. Hit man sized target 100 percent of the time 10/10 shots
SPR: Hit man sized target 8/10 shots

150 feet:
SVD: Hit man sized target 8/10 shots
SPR: Hit man sized target 3/10 shots

200 feet:
SVD: Hit man sized target 7/10 shots
SPR: out of range, could not hit target consistently at all

200+ feet with SVD: Perhaps with less wind than today, My friend walked out at 200 feet and let me take a shot at him, I hit him a couple times and he waved for me to stop. He said it stung a little even at that range! You would have to aim quite high though. I was using the SVD scope's lowest mark on the reticle to range it out that far.

Overall Pros and cons

Looks amazing
Great Out of the Box Performance
690mm inner barrel
Stainless steel cylinder and piston head
Custom gearbox with solid internals
Extreme realism when compared to the real deal

$$$$ 560 bucks plus scope
Battery is a pain in the a$$
Where the hell am i gonna find a gun case big enough

Overall, I'm happy with my investment. I'll hopefully have a chance to test out this baby in the field at Operation Flashover at the Roseville Prison. It's definitely a collection masterpiece!

If anyone has any specific questions about this gun post them here or PM me thanks AO!
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Some additional pics

needed some more pics of the Sexaynesscool:
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Good review! The only thing keeping me from buying one is the cost...
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Nice review! If only I could swing the price...
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You WILL like it on the field.

I love mine.

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