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Links Section Moderation Requests

Welcome to the Airsoft Ohio Links Section Information Thread.

The Links Section was ceated by Admin as a resource for Airsoft Ohio Members. The section contains information relevant to the airsoft hobby - guns, gear, and accessories in addition to team websites, other online resources, and retailers.

This section is maintained by Texx on a monthly basis. Links are checked and verified for activity, editted and/or removed when necessary.

Categories in the Links Section:
Links are separated per category in order to clarify items.

Airsoft (Ohio) Retailers - this section was done as a courtesy to Ohio Airsoft Retailers and Players. It is designed to encourage the support of local Ohio Airsoft Retailers. This section is reserved only for Ohio Airsoft Retailers. Please provide the city in which you are located. If you have a storefront, please gie the physical location along with store hours, if possible.

Airsoft Fields - this section is dedicated to established fields which host and support airsoft events. Please give your location (city, state) followed by the type of facility you have available.

Airsoft Information & News - this section is designed for the hobbyist sites which host members which may not be associated with a specific state, region, or country.

Airsoft Organizations - this section is for state, area, regional, and national websites. PLease include information about the area, state, etc. you cater to.

Airsoft Retailers - This section is dedicated soley to Airsoft Retailers - retailers must sell a reasonably substantial amount of airsoft products to be included in this section. Please include your location and a breif description of your services. One Link only, please.

Airsoft Teams - This section is dedicated to the individual airsoft team sites out there. Please provide your location along with a description of your team. Please keep the descriptions civil.

Gear Retailers - This section is dedicated to the Gear Retailers - retailers who specialize in tactical gear or clothing for airsofting and shooting accessories.

Manufacturers - This section is dedicated to the actual manufacturer's sites for airsoft, airsoft gear, and accessories.

Technical Documents & How To's - this section is dedicate soley to help guides and articles for airsoft gun maintenance. Please provide the host for this site as well and the name of the article.

zz Links Moderation - this section is only to be used for the links to the help documentation for the LInks Section (this article).

In this thread, you may post requests to:
  • Have your Link Added
  • Have your Link Removed
  • Have your Link Editted

Please provide that information in your request so the correct information is posted. You may do so privately, but this thread will also be used to document changes and requests to insure all information is correct.

Rules for the Links Section
  • Please post only one (1) Link to your site.
  • Please Provide a clear description of the features of this site, including your location, if applicable.
  • Please Post this link in the correct section.
  • Please contact the Links Admin (Texx) with any problems or corrections needed.
  • Please ensure that your link is relavent to airsoft.
    Duplicate Links
  • Please don't SPAM the Section - there are already enough garbage sites to have to sift through on the internet. SPAMMING will result in having the duplicate links removed.
  • Repeat Offenders will have duplicate links removed and be issued an administrative punishment.
  • If you create a duplicate Link accidentally, please post the corrections here. Accidents do happen.
  • If your link isn't relavent to airsoft it will be removed.

Repeat Offenders
Posters whose links have incurred an administrative warning or punishment may request a review in this thread. A review will require the following information:
  • Current address (url) of your site
  • Location of the Site -- city, state, country
  • It's relevancy to Airsoft
  • Your Intention to follow policy by not spamming the Links Section.

Your word will be kept or the link will be removed.

Thank you.
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