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I had a fun time. No complaints I just wish I got more sleep the night before so I wasn't physically drained by 3 and had to take a nap (for my own safety of course for the drive back)

And whoever the group of "Comrades" were you guys were awesome (especially the guy in the Gorka E and balaclava that I did hit and run attacks with for an hour behind tan lines and returned to the airfield with....alive ). I know I talked to one of you but I didn't get any names so hit me up and we can defend the Motherland together! Btw, I was the guy with the gorka, Zsh1, black armor and AK74M
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If anyone found a Thunder B shell and Core used that had green and yellow tape on the shell, core, and spoon, please let me know I lost it during the night game. I went back the following day and couldn't find it, it wasn't at lost and found and it wasnt at the concessions. I feel like someone just walked away with my new thunder b and I would REALLY like it back.
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This wasn't milsim enough. I only saw two people with PT belts. TWO! What if someone got attacked by a shark? There wasn't even a 2 hour PowerPoint safety briefing. I didn't even see a 1st Sergeant yelling at everyone for being out of uniform.

HOWEVER, aside from all of that, I had a lot of fun. Honestly, there was nothing major that I hated or disliked from this event. I managed to capture some decent footage.
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Originally Posted by MiaoMeow View Post
This wasn't milsim enough. I only saw two people with PT belts. TWO! What if someone got attacked by a shark? There wasn't even a 2 hour PowerPoint safety briefing. I didn't even see a 1st Sergeant yelling at everyone for being out of uniform.

HOWEVER, aside from all of that, I had a lot of fun. Honestly, there was nothing major that I hated or disliked from this event. I managed to capture some decent footage.
Wuuuuuuuuuuut? No one got yelled at for not having their headgear on? please tell me people at least showed up 10 minutes early to the pointless formations!

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If you guys want Milsim then you have to do the SUCK, case in point, green gets to the Airfield on Friday night and every squad wants to run into the field. All we had to do was hold the airfield, So I volunteered my squad to stay back and help out for the first hour. And Tan made us pay for having to many guys out in the field and not at the base.
Now about the game in general, this was my 5th BF and looking back on it, it was one of the best. Was there parts that just made me mad as hell, yes, and to the 2 guys that I yelled at, I'm not sorry, You can say anything you want about my play, but I will always try to call a hit, and that is what's counts, so please do me the same courtesy.
Tan was really kickng our *** late Friday and early Sat morning (took goldcity with a great push on all sides) but you boys left your back door wide open at the airfield, and we just went over and took that. after that we all got on the same page, with some good comms work, a good CO, and some serious humping out in the field.
I hear players talk about 1 or a few parts where players was not playing fair, or bad sportsmanship, but in a game of this size, that is going to happen. Airsoft is like golf sometimes, things can suck for most of the day, but then you have some really great moments and it just makes you smiley like there is no tomorrow.
Thanks to all the great Indiana players along side of me, and thanks to Blade and Strikers for all the hard work, and thanks to most of the kick *** ohio players, looking forward to seeing you boys and gals out in the field again soon.
SL 2-1 BigAltes out.
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Originally Posted by Flenner View Post
Anyways, around 1300, a few of my squad members were transported into Gold City to meet up with 4th plt by 79stang. We met up, received and shared our intel, and ultimately started to make our way to the airfield to re-take it. Long story short: an entire platoon and two vehicles were held up for 20-30 minutes by 4 Manibian forces in a treelins (to where I can not attest for, but state that many members said hit them, and didn't call) There was more unsportsmanlike conduct coming out of my team, than I had previously expected. A few players tanked for a bit until we had to call them out ourselves.

The Manibian force in the treeline was actually 10 players and you guys did hit at least 5 but with a medic in the squad they were back in action pretty quickly.
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Originally Posted by MiaoMeow View Post
This wasn't milsim enough. I only saw two people with PT belts. TWO! What if someone got attacked by a shark? There wasn't even a 2 hour PowerPoint safety briefing. I didn't even see a 1st Sergeant yelling at everyone for being out of uniform.

HOWEVER, aside from all of that, I had a lot of fun. Honestly, there was nothing major that I hated or disliked from this event. I managed to capture some decent footage.
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I had fun. saw lots of cheating.... not calling hits, medic tying a knot and just walking away.... both sides of course. but for all the bad and all the bull****, there was lots of good action and good teamwork. I love Springfield but boy does it kick your ***.

ps: keep in mind the player pack (I think) says be ready to be hit again and again after you've taken your red rag out. its going to happen.
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Originally Posted by PC590 View Post
The Manibian force in the treeline was actually 10 players and you guys did hit at least 5 but with a medic in the squad they were back in action pretty quickly.
Thank you.

Intel was incorrect, and I remember running very fast past that open road, too. You guys made half of our team stop. Anyways, thanks for more clarification. It's definitely needed.
Originally Posted by Red View Post
**** you I'm Reed.
Originally Posted by Loki View Post
Thus marketh the only time anyone hath used the search feature on AO
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I had an absolute blast. Had some confusion with respawns during the night game but still enjoyed every minute. There were some people in my squad who were playing airsoft for the first time and they likewise had a lot of fun. Learned two very important lessons this time around. 1. If you drop your pistol on the other side of a corner, don't bend over to pick it up with out first waving a dead rag...You might get shot in the face 2nd If you are in a CQB battle and you hear the guy around the corner run out of ammo, don't assume he's alone and pop around the corner to shoot him....You might get shot in the face It was a great time already looking forward to next year. Thank you Blade and staff for your hard work in organizing this event.
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I was on tan side driving the Gatonator. Several times I had green players telling me we were shooting players well after they called hit, and after I would always try to get my gunner to adjust, and lighten up a little. Sorry if any of you got shot to much.
I can't count how many times I took rocket hits! Good job green. The only time I didn't call my hit was about mid day, I came by the tower and did a circle with my guns on safety just to stir things up. A heavy set green player shot me twice. Props to his shooting. I did tell him good job, but had I been there to fight, he may have been shot. I drove off.
The rest of the event I was on objective, and had a lot of fun. I called all my hits. I personally never had issue with green team players. A few got mad at me for above stated shooting issues, and I always listened and try to do better.
Loved my platoon!!! They worked hard all day.

On a side note, I heard many good things about the green team CO. My hats off to you for a great victory!
Blade, your the MAN!!! You impressed me throughout. Good meeting you. I will be back!
Thank you to all that tried to keep it real. I travelled six hours with my team, and enjoyed the day. Hope you liked the Gatonator. There will be a second technical to join it on the trails very soon.
From the tan side
Dirk out
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First off, Thank you to all that attended. Its the players that make the game.

Friday was my sons 13th Birthday. So BF10 was his first official airsoft event. He was thrilled to death to be there and you all made his day. For that, I thank you again. He didnt play, but rode with me and was my helper for the weekend. He is already trying to save money to get a NooB-Tube off of Lurch.

Check in at the gate was the smoothest yet. I never had more then 7 or 8 cars backed up. For you BF vets you know it was always backed up to the road, two cars wide.

A few things attributed to this.
1. over 350 people showed up on Friday. Thats a record.
since over 3/4 of the players showed up on Friday that alleviated the long line on Saturday morning.
2. we didnt do t-shirts at the gate
3. The vast majority of folks showed up with completed waivers in hand.

We had a few minor issues with the list but nothing that we couldnt work out. Thanks for being patient with me at the gate.

I only got shot once this year too. Another Record!
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I'm going to start off by saying that this was my first large op, therefore I have no other ops to compare to so I'm going off of what knowledge I already have of the game taken from previous smaller ops I have attended in the past. That being said, I had a blast despite the bouts of bad sportsmanship, honesty issues, and other problems I had encountered.

Now for the pros and cons:

1) I wish we had been given more objectives. Although it was more of a leisure game, more structure would have been awesome. I really liked the objective of tan blowing up the Armory with the green team having a Nuke. That was fun and put a great twist to the day.

2) Like I said, this is my first large op. Even with that being taken into consideration, I was sadly appalled by all the unsportsmanlike conduct that was taking place. I mean I know not everyone will get along and it tends to be stressful since everyone is hot and cranky, but come on. Relax a little and lighten up. I can't tell you how many arguments I saw taking place on the fields and things like that. Along with honesty and people not calling hits.

3) People not calling hits when they were clearly shot was unbelievable. I could even hear them hit and they wouldn't even acknowledge it. But on the opposite end, people were getting mad because they claimed to have hit us when they were over a foot off, or not even looking down their sights and just blind firing. I mean it's not easy to shoot us when we are in the thick weeds so one shot won't do it. I had crawled down a path out of sight of the green team to medic in some teammates. As soon as they had got back in they were shot, and so the green team moved up into the weeds in front of me. I guess they thought they had killed everyone, but I was the only person left because I was flat on the ground. Well as soon as they saw me they started yelling at me like I was cheating and didn't call my hits. They then said "Are you going to call your hits or are we going to have to light you up?" I explained they hadn't hit my but pulled my red rag out to avoid an argument and as soon as I pulled out my rag they went full auto on me from just a few feet away. Needless to say I was not happy but got over it.

4) People not identifying a target. I had many instances, along with my significant other (flenner), of this taking place.They would only see movement and just shoot. They would not identify if the target was friendly or not. This took place both during the night and day games.And there were also times I would have my red rag clearly out and waving and they would still shoot at me if not go full auto despite me yelling "I'm dead!". Another teammate and I had a situation where we were trapped against a fence and couldn't move because we would have to walk through a fire fight. The green team was yelling at us that we were in their way but everytime we would move they would full auto shoot down the trail so of course we couldn't move. We even tried to explain to both tan and green squads that if they would stop shooting we would move but they were rude and would not listen to us. Thankfully my friend took the shots in the back for me since they were shooting at us in full auto.

All in all, the issues can be fixed. I would definitely attend next year because it was a great experience!I'd like to thank Blade and the STRIKERS team for putting on such a great op and being such fantastic people!
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Friday, August 23, 2013
Kreiger Forces

I arrived with my teammates around 1800 and set up camp next to RONIN and Ghost, Kreiger CO. After setting up camp, Ghost called all command staff to a briefing. As Red Actual was not on scene yet, I was promoted to take his place. Kreiger forces moved to formation on the airfield by 2030. After the command staffs fantastic job of properly separating and distributing the Kreiger platoons, we settled in and waited for Tropico forces.

The night time operations were a complete disaster in my opinion. There was no solid way to properly identify friend from foe as most people forgot the Kreigers challenge and response. I personally was engaged and hit by blue-on-blue fire, than healed by a Tropico medic, shot by Tropico forces, healed by a Kreiger medic, then walked in formation with a platoon of Tropico soldiers without them engaging. All of which occurred within a matter of 10 minutes. Soon after the above mentioned actions occurred, my weapon failed and I was left with only a radio. I proceeded back to the airfield at which point I was designated as Green CO's RTO. As such, I was able to observe most of the engagements happening around the ATC tower. I did witness some occurrences of both Kreiger and Tropicos forces not following the ROE, MED'S, or OPORDS set in the player packs. However, I also personally saw first hand the high levels of sportsmanship, brotherhood, and honor that the majority of players on both forces displayed.

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Kreiger Forces
" The day before the birth of Sparky "

After an intense night of combat and confusion with Tropicos forces, the Kreiger forces regrouped at Gold City and prepared to deploy. After taking fire from 2 platoons of Tropico soldiers, Kreiger forces were able to move to flank on the airfield. After hours of combat on all fronts, Kreiger forces were able to reclaim the airfield. At this time I had to travel back to the staging area as my weapon failed yet again. I proceeded to be out of commission for around 2 hours. After returning to the AO, I made my way back to the airfield. After regrouping with my squad as well as a detachment of the 86th, we proceeded to patrol the treeline to the S of the airfield. We were eventually engaged on our way to Gold City, at which point we linked up with other Kreiger elements. After an unsuccessful attempt to take Gold City, I withdrew to the airfield and proceeded to defend. Again I saw issues of unsportsmanlike conduct, but overall I was impressed by the professionalism and maturity of most players.

I do feel like this Blind Fury was more of an open play than a MilSim event. With that said, however, I do feel like it ran smoothly for what it was. I want to personally thank the following teams and people for everything they did to make Blind Fury X a memorable event for me:

Ghost ( I'll sprint across the airfield with you any day )
86th ( you guys are awesome )
" Hoot "
STAT ( Vito, you're the man )
My fellow Phoenix members ( I'm glad you could make it out )

I'm sure I forgot some names, but you all know I love you
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Team Phoenix Youtube Channel:
Team Phoenix:

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Thumbs up

After Action Report

Operation Blind Fury 10

August 23 - 24, 2013

Date of Operation: August 23, 2013 to August 24, 2013

Location: Hidden Springs Ranch, Springfield, OH

Mission Objective: Secure Tactical Nuke and sell to the highest bidder

1. Task Organization

- a.) North Korean Special Operation Forces
- Bravo 3-1 (S.E.T./ASL)
- Bravo 3-2 (SYOTOS) - myself

- b.) Supporting Forces
- Germany KSK (Black Watch)
- Various Krieger and Manibia forces
- Tropico Forces

- c.) Enemy Forces
- U.K. Special Air Service
- Canada JTF2 Special Forces

2. Intelligence

Command HQ, callsign "BLADE," has gathered intelligence that a nuke has been discovered in the Airfield. High level members of the Krieger forces are aware of the imminent threat but cannot afford to divert any of their forces from the defense of the Airfield to transport the nuke to a classified location.

3. Objectives

- a.) Meet with the Krieger XO, locate and secure the nuke, and transport it out of the airfield.

- b.) Find the remaining components needed to detonate the nuke, while maintaining a low profile.

- c.) Sell the nuke to the highest bidder or prevent detonation by 1700 hrs, August 24, 2013.

4. Rules of Engagement

- Unless directed by Command HQ or if an opposing force is in the way of completing objective, do not fire unless fired upon.

5. Report

Bravo 3-1 and 3-2 arrived at the area of operations around 1800 hrs, August 23, 2013, met with Command HQ, Blade, and Green XO around 2000 hrs. Orders were given to escort Green XO to the nuke, secure it, and transport it out of the airfield. While heading east towards Brown Town, due to inadequate identification practices, Krieger forces unknowingly fired upon us and the Green XO. 3-1 took a couple hits but we were on our feet after we cleared things up with the Kriegers and continued on to the objective. We hid the nuke in the forest north of Brown Town and Bravo 3-2 was split up from 3-1 to head back to infiltration point to rearm. At 2315 hrs, Bravo 3-1 was then informed that they were to transport the nuke to Check Point 5 and await further orders, but Krieger forces ended up extracting the nuke for us and saving us the trouble of a long hike. Bravo 3-1 regrouped with 3-2, rearmed and waited over the night for intel from Command HQ.

The next day, August 24th, 2013, at 0900 hrs, Bravo 3 was ordered to head back to CP5, and transport the nuke southeast about 200 meters to a mine. We avoided getting into the middle of various firefights between Krieger and Tropico forces and were able to manipulate a Krieger squad to escorting us to our objective. At around 1000 hrs, "BLADE" informed us we were to meet with German KSK Special Forces, unit callsign "Black Watch." Who were last seen in the airfield. Bravo 3-2 was ordered to make our way there, keeping a low profile and avoiding any firefights around Gold City. Once we arrived at the outskirts south of the airfield, a huge siege was underway once again and Tropico forces had infiltrated the city. We saved a Krieger squad leader, who in return, found us safe passage into the city, until we got caught in a firefight near the kill house. Took a couple casualties but after explaining that we are neutral and only defending ourselves, Tropico forces medic'd us before being overrun by a large two-platoon sized Krieger force.

At 1030 hrs, we were informed by Green XO that KSK had been inserted near the Comm Center, so we hiked it there, linked up with them and began a push with friendly Green forces into the area. We found a critical component to the nuke located inside of a black box which happened to be the detonator. Shortly after leaving the comm center, KSK raised their weapons on us, had us drop our rifles, and awaited for Command HQ to confirm that NKSF were to take the black box to the nuke. Luckily, Blade confirmed this before we drew our sidearms and took KSK out with us. After we secured the box, Bravo 3-1 Actual, callsign "CountryBoy," had his suspicions of the KSK after learning they nearly killed us back at the Comm Center and ordered myself "Bravo 3-2 Actual, callsign ARROW," to take half of their Tier 1 element so they could attempt to hide the black box and nuke. During this imaginary goose chase of false orders, the element of KSK I was leading ran into a firefight with a hostile element. This element wasn't directly identified as they gave orders to fire on us. We provided suppressing fire to pin them down, popped smoke, and allowed our escape. Bravo 3-1 Actual then gave orders to return to the mine.

At 1400 hrs, "Blade" informed us that since Bravo 3-1 acquired the connection wires while we (Bravo 3-2) acquired the blackbox, we had all the essentials to detonate the nuke. Our final objective was to sell the nuke to the highest bidder, which at the time, was TAN at a whopping 22 stacks. We negotiated with all forces and decided to meet with Canada for a trade in which we were going to take their money and run. Unknowing to us, UK's SAS and Canada's JTF2 forces happened to team up and surrounded our location. We ended up in a firefight that resulted in many casualties towards both forces, but Canada and UK secured the nuke.

At 1530 hrs, we regrouped at an aid station and went back to the mine to recon the area. It seemed that since UK and Canada got what they thought was all of the items required to detonate the nuke, they vacated the area. Luckily, they didn't know we had planted the detonator and connection wires in the area and got no intelligence from us after their pitiful interrogation (in which a majority of Bravo 3 didn't know the location of the items anyways.) At 1600 hrs, we intercepted a radio transmission that UK and Canada had learned of the remaining components of the nuke and in about 5 mikes, they were back on location, but this time, we engaged them first. We took out a couple of their guys, before retreating back towards I believe, Check Point 4 and set up an ambush at the intersection. At around 1620 hrs, I fired the first shot and a firefight lasting about 40 minutes occurred between NKSOF, and the JTF2/SAS forces. They finally overran our position and took out the majority of Bravo 3-1, minus myself and a Bravo 3-1 member in which we took out about 5 of their guys once they got into the open. Another firefight for about 2 minutes occurred until we were incapacitated.

UK and Canadian forces once again interrogated us and ended up buying one of the components of the bombs but didn't have enough to buy the intel for the location of the detonator before 1700 hrs.

6. Outcome

- NKSOF Bravo 3 element completed all objectives, but with nearly the entire unit KIA/WIA.

End Report.

Opinion on Blind Fury 10?

This was my first blind fury and I am so happy I was able to registered under one of the Tier 1 units. The experience was a blast although the trigger time was pretty minimal (minus that last fire fight.) PROPS to Canadian and UK Tier 1 teams. That battle was probably one of the best I've had playing airsoft since I started playing last year.

I appreciate the fact that Blade had the Tier 1 teams actually trying to complete objectives versus filling their kill card. The fact that the North Korean team were able to complete the objectives and actually manipulate teams to our advantage was so satisfying. The Special Forces outlook on this event to me was probably greater than any experience I would've had if I registered as a Krieger or Manibian member. (No offense to you guys, you godddang grunts did a lot of fighting and helped us with our objectives. Thanks to all who helped us black top/tan bottom operators!)

I witnessed many verbal confrontations between players during this event but I also did see a lot of people decide to turn away instead of creating even more of a mess, so I'm not gonna crack down on the unsportsmanlike conduct too much since it seemed pretty fair and there was more good sportsmanship than bad sportsmanship throughout the event.

The night game was ridiculous... honestly was my least favorite aspect of this event, particularly because of the consistent friendly fire and calling audible challenges to players, not getting a response, and then getting lit up, and finding out that it was a friendly player!

IE: Green player is behind bushes, sees dark shadowy figure with gun but cannot visually identify color. Yells the challenge "THUNDER!" Shadowy figure hears but doesn't say anything. Shadowy figure fires at Green player. Shadowy figure ends up being Green. "OH SORRY BRAH, SORRY MAN!! THOUGHT YOU WERE TAN!" "DUDE, I YELLED THE CHALLENGE."

But other than that, the event was pretty damn awesome and I am looking forward to attending next year.

On behalf of SYOTOS Airsoft Team, I'd like the give a big thanks to Blade, Team Strikers, the owners of Hidden Springs Ranch, any others who volunteered to ref, the vendors like Amped Airsoft, zShot, and Ares for helping sponser the vent, Widowmakers, Black Watch, carRAMROD, and of course, S.E.T. Team from Kentucky for being great teammates on the North Korean faction and everyone else who gave it their all and played with honor and great sportsmanship. You guys make our community what it is and I say Ohio has one of the best airsoft communities in the world.


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I will throw this out there for you blade and other players. Airsoft, like all games should evolve, so with that.....SEMI ONLY or 3 round burst all the time. Now hear me out, lots of players are looking for more milsim, but it takes more than missions from the EO's. It takes proper chain of command, good comms and for the past year myself and others have been promoting that all so caled Milsim games should be semi or burst only. It eliminates lots of the problems that you hear in not only this game but some Lion Claws game's also.
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I was expecting this to be epic. Not a big open play cluster f***. I was in the tan team and never once was we ever in contact with out supierior officers. Couldn't. Even reach them on comms. Ever
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Hello All,
The only way that communications will ever get fixed is switching to commercial FM UHF/VHF radios. My team uses them and have no issues contacting other members located anywhere on the field of play. On the other hand using Midland and Motorola's requires you to position yourself strategically if you want to stay in contact with your leadership.

Lack of communications and lack of understanding mission orders tends to lead to frustrated players and those lone squads roaming the battlefield looking for action.

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This was my first Blind Fury, and also the biggest game I've ever attended. I'm still coming down from the adrenaline rush.

I was officially in Platoon 2-2 on the Krieger side, but I flitted about 2-1 and 2-3 as needed and pretty much got to fight in a variety of styles. I also did the night game with 2-2, so I certainly got my money's worth!

There were a few hit calling issues, but I've found that that happens all the time, whether intentional or unintentional. Fortunately it was more of the latter for me. I only had one really bad experience, which was during last 30 minutes of the night game. A few of us had huddle in the killhouses and were in a position to shoot at anyone approaching the tower. We took out a couple of guys and they called for a medic, and when the medic came we lit the guy up. It was pretty stressful and three of us just shot at the guy on reflex, and I was sure not to aim at head level. Anyway he called his hits, and we stopped firing (but not before we sent about 5-10 rapid-fire semi shots his way) and his response was to cuss and threaten us ("I f*cking dare you to do that again") and then he stormed off instead of waiting for his bleedout/revival. That was bad enough sportsmanship on his part that I was sorely tempted to take him up on his dare. I knew that the CQB environment was going to be painful and I took pains to fire semi only, only after aiming, and apologizing at whoever I shot and I was disappointed at the response I got from this guy.

Other than that, I had my butt kicked and thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a couple of things and I'm starting to get the hang of figuring out long-term loadouts.

I'd would definitely be in support of semi-only rules for riflemen, because I've been lit up many times full auto at close range while I was red-ragged just because my rag couldn't be seen. Trigger discipline will probably always be an issue in a game like this.

After reading on the machine gunners about not being able to hear hits being called, perhaps a switch to firing in bursts? Even a 1 second pause in between 2-3 second bursts would help figure out if you got someone, and would save you ammo too.

I've heard other comments on trigger discipline, but I won't comment on them as I had not been on the receiving end or seen them myself but one: I know a lot of the guys in my squad got pegged by a vehicle gunner who would full auto into them even after it was obvious they were hit (weapons down, hands working on taking out red rags). That's just being a jerk and could get people hurt.

There was some criticism on the Tier 1 teams ("too many different factions , I know, fog-of-war and all that but it was a mess") that to me was not much of an issue I thought those competing factions definitely made a mess of things when trying to decide what was going on. I never saw the NK guys, we accidentally went after the SAS too many times and I think some of the Russians shot me in the butt after I helped them assault Browntown! I think it would have helped if information was brought top down to let everyone know that they were doing their own thing and to expect to be helped or double-crossed at any time. It made the experience more chaotic for me so I have no complaints.

The experience was SURREAL. I had a Black Hawk Down moment. Remember that scene in BHD when Danny McKnight (Tom Sizemore's character) sauntered between vehicles with rounds impacting around him? After my respawn at the airbase, I ran across to the north buildings where the was fighting in the treeline. To my right was this gigantic fire, with people silhouetted against the light, tracers flying over, and someone (probably a platoon leader), just WALKED across while tracers were whizzing past him over to the group I was with, and this guy just came up to me and said, "SITREP!" I had a few seconds of blinking at him confusedly and asking myself what I had gotten myself into before I realized he was expecting me to update him so I told him what I knew before a couple of us I decided to run into the grass to try to revive some of the green guys who were needing medics. I lost a magazine somewhere in that tall grass, by the way (black KWA120, black Magpul ranger plate attached to it with red tape and initials TP - much appreciate if you find it!). That little bit of action there pretty much confirmed the hype surrounding the Blind Fury games. If you guys can get this experience to a bunch of people you will have a lot of happy players.

We all drank way more water than usual due to the heat, and I really appreciated the water the admins drove out to us. Some of us had our water stuck in enemy territory so I wonder if there is a way to do an optional "monitored water run" where the player could be escorted to a neutral zone to retrieve water (without going to the occupied base itself to retrieve water and intelligence. Just a thought. Getting the water the hard way by sneaking back into the base would be more dramatic and more in line with a milsim of course, but since hydration is also a safety/life or death issue perhaps some sort of backup plan would be helpful.

Blade, thanks to you and your guys for putting up such a cool event. This is the highlight of all the airsoft I've played and had so many positives that it overrides the negative experiences. I totally look forward to the next round, whether it's a Blind Fury XI as is rumored or if it's a reboot of the series (Blade, if you have people asking if it's been rebooted and renamed "Blind Furry", well, that was me pulling some legs). You guys have a fan for life.
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Just as a quick question:

Did you guys have vehicles running during the night portion? or was it only during the day?

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Originally Posted by V_Dub View Post
Just as a quick question:

Did you guys have vehicles running during the night portion? or was it only during the day?
Vehicles were more or less stationary during the night mission. The only time they could move was when a ref was right there directing them where to move for safety reasons. I really liked the way that was run.

Also pictar:

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I'll just do the quick and dirty.

Running with my team and the rest of Airsoft Indiana aka "those crazy a$$ Indiana Guys"
Attending another Blind Fury (I didn't do too well last year)
Comms to 2-1 and 2-2 were usually clear. I'd say about 80% of the time, I could raise someone with no problems.
Holding the airfield for as long as we did.
Showing off the custom A.I. patch, The 40lb Box of Rape (yes, it's real)

Running out of water
Getting a headache around 3:00
Not being able to use my M4. Chrono'ed at 466fps.
The trek back to our cars after endex.

I had a good time. I got hit a couple of times and someone called my hit, but 1. I didn't hear him and 2. I didn't feel it, but he hit me again and I called it. Other than that situation, I had a good time. Maybe I'm just really easy to please.

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I'd just like to say that the vehicles this year were absolutely frickin awesome. The effort and money put into all of them would probably blow my mind if I had any clue what the numbers were. Absolutely all were an impressive sight to be seen.

I thought the technicals and pryotechnics were a nice touch. I really enjoyed seeing the glowing green nuke during the night game. I hope someone got a pic of that beast! For the Star Trek fans out there, was it just me or did all of the flashing and solid red lights during the night game look like a Borg invasion?

I think this was my 4th BF event, and based on previous years, this one was one of the best. The event staff had a lot of wrinkles smoothed out from previous years, as Chief mentioned in his post, and the operation seemed to just run efficiently. Kudos to Blade and the rest of the event staff!

For everyone who thinks this event turned into an open play, I think a lot of that has to do with the individual players' mindset. I think the adversities and challenges faced at Hidden Springs Ranch adds to the realism of a milsim event. Sure, comms suck, the terrain is not easy by any means, COC breaks apart, and stuff happens. What you do when you're faced with those challenges helps make or break your day. All of those things add to the realism and "fog of war".

Hit calling is going to be an issue in a game where the only methods of detection are sensory based (sight, sound, and pain ). This isn't a video game where the screen turns red or where someone's health meter drops as you shoot at them. My advice when dealing with issues of hit calling: send a few more rounds down range (key word is FEW) and see if the player calls their hits. If not, you can continue to send a FEW more rounds OR you can put your red rag on and politely talk to the player. Most players will honor the parlay and be done with it. I think some players tend to forget that if you're moving or if it hits a bulky vest or random pouch you may not feel a hit. Sound can't be relied on all the time either because anyone who's ever been in a firefight where there's a couple saws unleashing "plastic fury" (Blade, I think I just coined the new title for your eleventh event ) knows just how loud it is. Point of the paragraph: Just because you SAW your bb's hit someone, doesn't always mean they KNOW you hit them. Remain calm. It's just a game.

For those times when blatant douchebaggery occurs, keep your cool, report it to a ref, and let them deal with it. Why let some little doucher ruin your day of fun?

All in all I thought the day was a success. I saw a lot of good sportsmanship by all sides and almost everyone I talked with seemed to be enjoying their day. Looking forward to next year's Plastic Fury 1! (<-- Trademarked! )
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