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Tips / Suggestions for First War?

Hey everyone, this will be my first actual airsoft war. I will be playing at i70airsoft in Dayton.

I feel kind of...intimidated I guess

Any tips?
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?dont drop the soap? there is really no reason to be scared, everyones just out to have some fun.
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Semi only bunker to bunker is pretty important.
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Hex keys
Phillips/flathead screws
Pocket knife (for utility) speed loaders

All stuff to bring for a first game! enjoy!
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Ummmm we don't refer to games/events as war or battles. They are games or events
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Just go have fun and listen to the veterans. If they want you to move up, move up. Don't be afraid to get hit, you will be allowed to respawn anyways. Make sure your batteries are charged prior to the event and have plenty of BBs, if I had a dollar for evertime I was asked for those items during a game I would own an amazing field.
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Good to see you can always be relied on for sound advice Mac. Seabass pretty much hit it on the head. Listening goes a long way in helping you stand out during play. The only other thing that I would say is remember why you are there in the first place......HAVE FUN .
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If your going to the night game this weekend I'm one of the Opfor members and also one of the event.organizers/helpers, and as they said no need to be intimidated yes some.of run expensive gear and guns, but that's just because were gear and gun whores..... So bring water, ammo, him and battery and goggles and flashlight you'll be good we don't judge

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As mac said don't call it a war. Airsoft is a game. Have fun and keep your goggles on your face until told otherwise.
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If you can, try to get your hands on a backup gun. Can't tell you how many games I've had my main go down and had to borrow a gun from someone else.
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have fun and don't be scared to get hit. More confidence on the field makes you a better player and makes the game more fun.
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Make sure your gear is squared away BEFORE the event. Don't be one of those guy's fumbling around still not ready 5 minutes before the safety breif. Don't be afraid of constructive criticism. Generally you can tell who is experienced and who isn't. Take advice from veterans, but on the other side of the coin don't take any ****. It's supposed to be fun, but unfortynately some people let their ego's get in the way. You will probably meet some of those people as well along your way. Just stick with it, buy good quality gear and don't blind fire.

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Don't be intimidated. Before Mud Balls, I was scared as heck looking at all the good guns, gear, loadouts, etc. Especially all the teams working together. Once I started playing, I figured out how much fun it is and decided to not worry about it anymore. My advice: Go into it expecting fun, and you'll get fun. Good luck
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Introduce yourself and shake hands with others, be respectful, do as you are told to the best of your abilities, call your hits and play with honor and sportsmanship, keep your goggles on at all times, bring an extra red death rag, dont be afraid to ask questions, and most importantly HAVE FUN.


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The people that yell at you to "MOVE UP!!!" and "PUUUSSHHH!!!!!!" only do so because they care about you and don't want you to pay 20 bucks to hide behind a rock for 5 hours.

Not much else can be said, check EVERYTHING before going (the 3 main ones I forget are bb's, eye protection, and boots), call your hits, and don't be afraid: it's just a game. Take constructive criticism, it'll improve your playing style. Lastly, get to know people. Airsoft is so much more fun when you have connections. Other than that, get out there and have fun.
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