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Tokyo marui mp7 upgrades and battery change

After doing some extensive research I am having a little problem. Everything on airsoft Canada, society, and forum sucks to be honest. I know that the nine ball stuff is basically the only upgrades you can get. I am wondering how in the world you convert it to use an external battery source. I don't want to take the gun apart because everything is super tiny and I would loose something. So if you guys have any tips on how to do the wiring or instal the upgrades let me know. I would gladly hire someone to do all the stuff and install them.
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SHS makes a full line-up of Marui Mp7 AEP parts including gears, pistons, etc etc. Its a tiny gun, and I've never worked on one internally, so that is the territory you may have to face yourself. I do know that the battery kit is nothing more than a plug and play option. You only need to remove the receiver front plate to install, which you do every time you install a fresh original battery anyway. The battery itself can then be stored in a PEQ battery box which mounts to an accessory rail.

Nine-Ball adapter at eHobby Asia:
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I bought a bad TM MP7 battery and cut the adapter off and attached it to a small lipo. Nineball kits are ok. If SHS makes a new line of MP7 parts, I'd go that route.
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About 4 years ago, I bought a brand new TM MP7. Then proceeded to dump another $300 into pimping it out with every possible upgrade you can get, all the Nine Ball and Laylax parts: piston, piston head, cylinder head, spring guide, upgraded spring, extended tightbore inner barrel, etc. Their parts are all very high quality.

As Spectre mentioned, I also installed the ext battery adapter kit, and bought the Laylax Battery box that looks like an EOTech 551. I put a small 7.4 lipo in there. At 310 FPS, I must have been getting something like 30+ bps ROF. Trigger response was like a PTW, lol.

The motor is the main thing you have to stay aware of, it is very small, proprietary, and can't take a lot of stress (won't cycle with a very stiff spring). Replacement motors cannot easily be found on the interwebs. I've read on some airsoft sites where some guys had modded RC Car motors to fit, because they are basically the same size/shape.
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In addition note that the Anti-reversal latch on these things is pretty fiddly. In the 2 yrs I had mine (which I was tricking out like Torque was) I broke 3 of these damn thing, and 2 were the "reinforced" types. Maybe it was just my bad luck...

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