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Trying to get back in the game

Honestly i really have never played airsoft at an actual field, years ago i would set up small games in my backyard and friends' woods; of course we all had spring powered low cost guns as we were all about 13 years old. after i moved to east side cincinnati, i noticed that nobody around here really is into airsoft so i bought my first AEG and would show it to my friends trying to convince them to buy one. Didnt work. I just used the gun to shoot in the backyard and was playing paintball heavily at the time. still nobody was into airsoft so i just got more and more involved in paintball. was on a scenario/woodsball team and played all over cincinnati, had a blast and i loved every minute of it. I then sold my first aeg to buy more paintball stuff, and soon after i found myself buying an echo-1 p90 AEG. still nobody would buy a decent gun and/or try airsoft so i sold the p90 and bought more paintball stuff.

Then i turned 18

Got a gas guzzling car and soon found that i no longer could afford to play paintball, had to sell off all my tournament gear to pay for car insurance and support my 10mpg beast, i was still in highschool, and didnt have a job.

Present day, i am out of high-school, work at least 4 days week and really want to get back into airsoft
i will be joining the military in the near future and want to get a feel for what i may go through

the fact is, Airsoft is less expensive than Paintball

A DECENT tournament grade paintball marker is going to run you AT LEAST $450, i know you can get a serviceable AEG for as low as $150

a 2000rd case of decent paintballs (that is, wont jam inside your hopper/chamber and screw everything up) costs around $60 and can be as much as $100

i know you can get premium 6mm bb's for around $20 a bag of 4000

I decided i want to get into airsoft not only to save money over paintball, but its just so much fun!

I literally have no airsoft gear other than stuff that can be transferred over from paintball (boots, BDU's, gloves, etc..)

I decided my first airsoft related purchase is going to be a decent AEG, however, my main concern is reliability and dependability as i most likely will not be purchasing a side arm. I will spend no more than $280 on the gun, as i feel that 280 is too much anyways. i have (for more or less) narrowed my selection down to 3 different AEG's

-G&G M14 socom 16
-S&T PPSH-41 (favorite smg of all time)

Can any of you speak for any of these guns? any other brand recommendations?

my only 2 AEG's ive owned have been ECHO-1, and both of them had wiring problems, resulting in 1 going back to where i got it for repair and the other was ghetto rigged by myself.

I have heard only positive things about the new ICS MP5's, and mostly good things of the G&G socom 16, couldnt find much on the PPSH by either Hexagon or S&T.

i also have some questions for ya'll

what is usually the limit on fps at designated fields? there is a place 45min from me that i usually went to play my paintball tournaments and they also have airsoft. but i dont know the limit on bb speed (paintballs are 280fps or under) is, i would hate to arrive to play my first "real" game and not be able to play because my gun is over powered.

Also what are usually required extras when playing all day?

i know it would be a good idea to buy an extra decent quality battery and bring it fully charged whenever playing

i know you should have at least 2 high capacity magazines

other than that im sure i would need a smart charger so i dont kill any batteries and i know you need high quality polished bb's for reliable action in any electric or gas powered airsoft gun

Any tips, info, or advice is appreciated, saving for AEG as we speak, should be about 2-4 weeks before i can order it.
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Wut gun am bestest? Sorry, that one is on you.

What are FPS limits? Most fields require AEGs to be at or under 400 FPS.

"Required" extras? The only required items are 1.Water 2.ANSI Rated goggles 3.Gun and ammo, but a good pair of boots will make the day of and the following days much more enjoyable.

Extra battery? Yes, an extra would be beneficial. Two if you use a low mAh battery.

Extra mags? Yes, extra mags also will be beneficial. Just be careful though, as some events only allow mid and low cap magazines.

Just something to consider, airsoft may be cheaper than paintball when comparing ammunition however you can dump thousands of dollars into gear and kit.
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I would highly suggest going to open plays first (less rules, more laid back, require less gear). See what you need and don't need. Then get it when your able. Once you meet the requirements for milsim games, go to one. Then see what you need. Repeat.
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My tip to you would be check around ao before buying from a store. A lot of guys sell amazing guns with a lot more upgrades for cheaper than $250. I have purchased and traded with many people on here and gotten excellent looking and performing guns. I also recommend that you get a nice pair of non mesh ANSI full seal goggles. Eye protection is THE most important things in airsoft and you want a good paint of goggles. You probably have a nice paintball mask, but they fog up a lot easier and everyone hates fog. Fog can ruin an airsoft experience. For most games you will need to bring your own BBs. You can get a good bag of high quality BBs 5000 for as little as $10. you will need a red rag usually too so people know when your standing around not to light you up like a Christmas tree. On airsoft Ohio we are not aloud to post option threads about what gun we think is best because it starts flame wars. Hope you find a great starter gun! If you have any other question feel free to personal message me and I will try to answer to the best of my abilities. If not some of the veterans on here will be able to.
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My suggestion:

Get a job that will allow you to support your hobby. That is really the only sure fire way to guarantee you can participate at a level to support yourself. You can try to make on the birthday, christmas, charity like the other kiddies, but that leaves your participation in the hands of others.

The startup cost is not the only one for you to worry about. You have maintenance of your gun and gear, BBs, gas to get to and from games, food and drinks, and of course tips for the stripper after the game.

Research the guns you're planning to buy - you may end up spending way more money on a crappy design than you would have spent in paintball.

G&G M14 = money pit
Are/S&T Anything = proprietary parts, not beginner-friendly guns
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The norm for starter guns is a G&G combat machine or any G&G gun, I've known many people who have owned it without any major problems (just use good bbs *cough* panda *cough*)
Ak-47/74, G36 models, and other guns with v3 gearboxes are good choices being a more stable platform.
G&P is a little pricier, but their gearboxes are high-performing and still have some good reliability. Nice rof and stuff.
Thats my 2 cents.
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The G&G M14 is a money pit. The only semi-good version is the "veteran".
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Like Texx said get a decent job not that you dont have a good one. Anyways my job allowed enough room for me to cover gas and insurance and general stuff and enough left over to purchase a KWA Sr-10 best and last gun i will own for a very long time. If you can afford it take that extra step to KWA, Magpul and or G&P or a high end G&G you would be happy with the step up. Just a thought to consider. Weezer
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