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Rpk, M9, Magpul, SHS, etc...

Welcome to my sales thread!

Looking to sell most of my stuff, as I almost never play anymore.
Everything is OBO, so please offer up. Worst I will say is "no".

As for trades, I'm looking for:
VFC 416/17
VFC M4/variants
KSC glocks
RiotSC gearsets
iPad 2nd gen. or newer.

Unless you have more feedback than me, you ship first.
I have +43 on AirsoftSociety,(where I am a moderator) +14 on NCAirsoft, +26 on MIAirsoft, +1 On MAASF, +5 on AirsoftOhio, and +22 on AirsoftForum. 111+ total positive feedback ratings, and constantly growing. Also have 65+ positive eBay feedback ratings.
No negative or neutral feedback anywhere.

If you want insurance on something, you pay for it. Once items are shipped, they aren't my responsibility.
However if there are any issues (that are my fault), I will be sure to work them out fairly.

If you buy multiple items, I'll discount them.


Included will be about tons of random airsoft related parts. Guns/internals/externals/gear....just about anything! Not everything functions perfectly.
$150 shipped.
(hint hint, WA pistol inside)



ACM MBUS sets:
$17 shipped per set (That's cheap!)



ICS V2 upper gearbox shell:
$15 shipped.

Misc. V2 gearbox shell:
$15 shipped.

SRC V3 GB shell with AK motor cage:
$15 shipped.

M14 gearbox with motor:
Non-functioning. $20 shipped. SOLD

M14 gearbox without motor:
$15 shipped. SOLD

SRC V2 gearbox:
Complete, but non-functioning. I believe the piston is stripped. $25 shipped.

KWA High Torque: $12 shipped
TM EG 700 $10 shipped
G&G high Torque $15 shipped
4 unknown (still researching) motors- $25 shipped for all of them
SHS High Speed (Blue)-$15 shipped (broken)
ICS Infinite-$8 shipped (broken)

These have no pinion except the Chaoli.
TM Hyper 1000- $10 shipped
Chaoli (short) $12 shipped

SHS 13:1 Gearset:
[s]$22 shipped.[/s]Sold
These are the gen 3s. With 9 teeth on the bevel instead of 10.
Never been out of the packaging.

Madbull 6.01 455mm barrel:
Lightly used. $25 shipped.

Combat action 6.03 363mm TBB with plastic M4 hopup:
$25 shipped. SOLD

Stripped M4 hopup chamber:
metal. $6 shipped.

Misc. cylinder head:
$3 shipped.SOLD

G3 selector plate:
$3 shipped.

Full cylinders:
$6 shipped each. SOLD

Metal spring guides:
$7 shipped each. 1 sold.

V2/V3 gearset:
$9 shipped.

Deepfire titanium piston:
$12 shipped. SOLD

Guarder type-96 trigger part:
$10 shipped.

Random steel bushings:
I believe they're 7mm. $5 shipped.



Chest rig thing(Shoulder Holster?) :
I have no clue... $20 shipped.

Double M4 mag pouch:
$10 shipped. I think it's condor.

Random comm. stuff. (I think):
$15 shipped for all that I can find.

Atacs helmet:
No clue on the brand. $40 shipped.
Pads are nice, has chin strap.

Random green pouch:
$10 shipped.


Metal AK receiver+front end:
$40 shipped.

Plastic AK Tac front end:
$30 shipped.

Plastic AK stock:
$12 shipped.

KWA SR10 Rail system+3 rail covers:
$40 shipped.

Plastic Thompson lower receiver:
From a cybergun AEG. $10 shipped.

ICS Mp5 lower:
$15 shipped.

Matrix Metal M4 body+outerbarrel:
$40 shipped.

CA M4 externals:
Metal, needs some work... $50 shipped.

E90 upper:
In pretty rough shape... $25 shipped.

Cyma M14 stock:
Was originally black. Repainted OD green.
$30 shipped.


Random things!:

Madbull V1 chrono:
No clue if it works or not. I'm guessing it just needs a battery. (9v) $40 shipped.

2/3 full jar of madbull .40s:
$13 shipped. SOLD

Magpul ladder rail covers:
[s]$15 shipped for all of them.[/s]Sold

RS magpul butt pad for CTR/MOE stock:
$8 shipped.

(legit) 120 rounder. Works great. [s]$15 shipped.[/s]Sold

Pressure pad:
$6 shipped.

Rail mounted swivel sling adapter:
$8 shipped. SOLD

3x AK highcaps:
$12 shipped each, or $30 for all three.

M4 mag style speedloaders:
Feeding nozzle is chipped on both, but they still work.
$10 shipped for both.

Hi-capa rail for 1911:
MBUS sight is included. $25 shipped.

Tanaka m700 bolt:
I was told it was tanaka...although it could be a KJW...I don't know.
$40 shipped.

9.6v stick battery. $15 shipped.

8.4v stick battery. $12 shipped.

8.4v standard battery:
$10 shipped.

OD foregrip:
$10 shipped.

Metal M4 FH:
CCW threads. $6 shipped SOLD

M4 LE stock:
From a JG M4. $10 shipped.

A&K M4 box mag.
You have to wind it manually. $25 shipped.

CM carrying handle (polymer) $8 shipped.

ICS carrying handle:
$10 shipped (metal)


USP 45:
C02 one from Wally World...I got it in a trade and have no use for it. Works fine. $30 shipped.

Western Arms M9 Heavyweight:

Non functioning as of now. It needs cleaned and lubed, and the mag is leaky. (That's what the previous owner told me) I'd like to get $75 shipped OBO for it. Some of the trades were removed to get through customs.

Has quite a few problems.. dust cover doesn't like to stay closed/on, hopup is finicky, stuff like that. Once it's worked on a bit, it will be an amazing replica. Weathered wood looks beautiful.
Has a JG gearbox and motor. $100 shipped.

If you need m14 externals, I've probably got you covered. Send me a list of what you need.
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