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WE 1911 government single stack as reliable sidearm?

Hello, i am looking into getting a sidearm for my echo-1 P90 aeg. i am totally into 1911's (father has a kimber custom 2 .45acp) and i am highly considering getting the classic WE tech Government 1911 single stack GBB. before i go and make an important purchase, i would like personal thoughts, stories or experiances with this particular handgun. and if this is a wise decision for me to make. Thank you
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Really, it's personal preferance. If you really like how the gun looks, then it will probably be a good buy. Just to let you know, WE is a good brand, but Tokyo Marui also makes a 1911 and would probably be better overall.
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Research, get the gun YOU want to get, and read the forum rules.

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hey man there is no opinion posts aloud on AO pease read the rules

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The guy want some facts and history about that particular gun. He did not ask if it was a good gun for him, he said and I quote:
personal thoughts, stories or experiences with this particular handgun
such thoughts, stories or experience could include examples such as feeding issues, sturdiness, gas capacity, rounds capacity, battle experience, etc.

Clog, I got very limited experience with the WE 1911 but since I own the tactical model (single stack), I can say few things;
- The tactical 1911 will not fit in the SERPA holster due to the rail. I did not have enough time to analyze what is wrong and how to approach the problem.
- The magazine hold enough gas for about 1.5 mag (the single stack mag holds 15rds)
- I get twice the kick compared to my G&P Glock (both gun are full metal)

Sorry if I can't say more for now, I did not open up the gun since I got it (last week). Overall, it is a skirmishable gun for sure.
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I have used a WE 1911 in several matches. Mine is not a stock gun and has a different slide than standard but still looks nice. The only issue I have with it is that when I try to fire it quickly the gas will cool down Very fast and it may cause it to not shoot properly. That may be the same for all GBB so don't quote me on that.
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I use one of these and can't really complain about it. Here's the one thing that I tell everyone that considers getting a sidearm "How much are you really going to use it?"

As for how it works, all I can say is that the mags hold gas, 15rds and it shoots were I point it, but that is mostly depended on the shooter. So yes if that 100 and some odd bucks in your pocket is burning a hole, you'll get a pistol that works.
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I've used a WE M1911 as my main side-arm for almost 2 years now and am happy with it overall. My only complaints are the finish chips/wears off fairly easily, it's a total gas hog, is basically useless if the temperature gets below 60' F, and for a while I was having issues with the trigger not catching. Trigger issue seems to have worked itself out as I've had no problems the last few times I've taken it out.

Other than that, the gun is solid and accurate, has a nice recoil, and does what I need it to do - sit in a holster 99% of the time and shoot straight the other 1% of the time.
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My experience with the WE 1911 Tactical was also nice. I bought it second hand, and ran it as a my primary sidearm for roughly a year. Alot of the same issues Fat Tony mentioned I also had. Durability wise it is a great gun. At a CQB event in Pennsylvania, a pistol lanyard that I had attached to it failed, and somehow caused the gun to go end over end down a steel grate staircase. It seemed to hit every stair on the way down, yet when I found it at the bottom it was still 100% operational. The guy took a beating, and now is on it's 3rd owner. My only true problem with them were the mags. The follower that locks the slide back on the last round seemed to wear out rather fast on my mags, luckily they fed well and only cost $20.
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I have the one Lu use to have. Still works perfectly fine and looks very pretty from all of the abuse its taken.

Great side arm.

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