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Do not support Airsoft Retreat!

First off, thank you for visting my post. I am creating this post to educate and inform people of the ignorant impersonal ban-happy admin staff of Airsoft Retreat's website. The owner by the name of "Snicker" seems to be a very personal nice person. The admin who has screwed me over goes by the name of Atilla on the forums and I can predict that he has handed out more strikes to everyone on that website than any other admin.

Recently I was permantly banned from their website because I listed a wtb (Want to Buy) ad.

Below is an exact copy and paste of my WTB ad listed on 4 different sites, and the only one to "punish" me for using the word silencer instead of mock silencer was Atilla of ASR.

UPDATE &&&&&&&&&& 10

Metal AK47

P90 stuff
-flashlight (strobe prefered)
-Red laser

P226 stuff
-upgraded parts like spring...

listed in order of interest 1 being GIVE ME! 10 being I'm interetested

P226 Mags
USP GBB mags
MP40 mags

Marushin Garand Clips

Gemtech G5 silencer

ANY kind of upgrade parts for GBB guns especially SPRINGS!

Garand Sling

Molle Vest ( Digital ACU prefered)
Rilfe Case

Atilla, never once in the 3 times HE alone issued me strikes warned me first as to what my specific violation was. I have spent over $20 on listing ads and subscribing to their classifieds section. I do not appreciate being hunted by a power hungary admin who has nothing better to do but ban people without warning or a chance to adjust the post to the admins wishes. I know for a fact the average person(admin or not) has the common courtesy to address you with the issue, see if you comply and if you do not then punish but if you comply then thank them and end the issue.

If you noticed in my WTB ad on an AIRSOFT WEBSITE! I listed under the things I was looking for P90 stuff was silencers, everyone could knowledgeably assume that it was airsoft related as I am on a airsoft website and it is listed in a list of airsoft things I am looking for.

I was permanently banned from ASR for looking for silencers, not mock silencers, when in fact it was a one word misunderstanding and I was looking for a silencer for my airsoft gun. Who isn't to say that some of the airsoft silencers do infact silence the gun slightly and should be allowed to be called a silencer. The word silencer and looking for a silencer isnt some fishy black market quest. Its simply a word for a product that is used on real steel firearms as well as replica airsoft guns. I recieved no refund for the money I have spent there, and my ads that I had (5 active), were taken down. I have people asking me questions about the things I am selling and I cant even look at my own ad.

I created this post to urge people to NOT even visit AirsoftRetreat, until they gain more respect for their community and guests they do not deserve the support from generous, kind people like us. At least if you personally decide to visit their website, I furthermore beg you not to pay for anything they ask. I thought I would be nice and support their site for letting me post my ads and I subscribed $10 for the year. This was not a subscription this was theavory. I also had a few $1 ads that I posted removed for somthing as small as a word that I used or a picture that I borrowed WITH PERMISSION!

In conclusion, their methods of enforcing their rules are rediculous. Any person could have their own deffiniton of silencer and for someone to ban with out warning because it makes them feel powerful inside is absotely rude and immature. I would think our modern world, we would have learned by now that communication in all forms is key to the peace of life. Understanding each other and comprising to a greater goal.
If I was approached with the issue I would have gladly complied to his wishes and changed my wording adding ONE word. But because I was permanently banned without warning and my money was stolen I will never support their website again.

There are plenty of AWSOME airsoft websites that are free.
I recently discovered Airsoft Ohio and its amazing, the community has a warm feeling to it and it has all the right topics to organize your posts in.

To save you from ASR here are some links of alternate sites you could use to list items for sale:

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reply with support or opposition and if you would like to PM me you are more than welcome to do the same.

Thank you for your time,
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Wow what a waste of AO's posting space

that being said
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While it is unfortunate what happened, you shouldn't come on here asking for people to boycott Airsoftretreat because of your bad experience. Alot of the people on this site also have accounts on ASR and I'm sure most of them have not had a bad experience. This thread will most likely get locked. Don't make a new thread asking people not to support AO because of it.

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Yeah, don't look for sympathy here.

Thread locked and scheduled for deletion.

Infraction issued for useless thread.
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