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I agree on the USA point, that is great. It probably means they have good customer service and some sort of warranty as well. I just think that introducing HPA tanks to airsoft is not a great idea because it is one of the distinct advantages airsoft guns have over paintball guns. I mean, the AEG was only really invented in the first place because at the time airsoft guns all ran on external C02 tanks and that sucked. As for performance, my gun doesn't get anything like that. But I can't shoot over 400FPS anyway because of field rules, and sure 70RPS would be cool but 15-20 is more than enough.

Not to mention, I can fix airsoft guns. If something on my gun breaks, its fine. I can just fix it. But I certainly could not fix one of those little computer thingys that sets the FPS on polarstar guns. Its all wiring in there and I would be unable to really do any gearbox repairs. I just think that aside from the extremely high price, the upkeep on this thing will be insane. And it has an HPA tank which IMO makes it worse than an AEG in the first place. I'd much rather buy a PTW.

Have to remember as well that whatever the cost of a polarstar gun is, you have to add about $200 for the tank, tether, and pack or belt to carry it in.
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Apologies for coming into this one so late guys, I only heard about this TODAY. Here are a couple of queries you probably haven't been asked ShortyUSA:

1. Why not put a reservoir in the solid stock of a weapon and eliminate carrying the tank?

2. Will this system work with classic Airsoft guns? (i.e., can a guy use the whiz-bang motor system you have to power his oldy but goody?)

Does it work? Obviously. But as someone else said, we're going backward in realism.
It's S P O O K...the other guy is the logical one, I am the crazy motherf**ker. In a tight space, my KaBar beats your automatic weapon hands down.
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