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FS KWA M4, upgraded CA P90 and more to come! Pics are UP!

So after having a quick backyard game(2 vs 2) I realized that since the temperature in NJ was warming up, I wanted to get a WE M4 or a TM M4 SOPMOD. So in order to fund my hopes and dreams of owning one of the two I decided on selling my two prized weapons.

First up is my KWA M4. About a month ago the trigger post broke and I sent it into KWA to get it fixed up, and they gave me a new Version 2 Gearbox shell and parts(i cant remember all of them) along with fixing the trigger post. Also I bought KWAs 2G's improved bucking which is currently installed at the moment. I have never fired this gun with a lipoly and have only used an 8.4 1400 Intellect battery(included) with the gun. After being serviced by KWA i have only shot 800-1000 rounds(i only use 30 rounders) so the gearbox is still almost brand new. The handguards and stock have been painted some sort of green(not OD) and on the right side of the lower receiver I have a USMC sticker on it. The gun also has a B2 Sniper trigger guard as well. Also I found that the mock bolt that KWA originally included was flimsy and light so I replaced it with a metal one which creates a satisfying "chink" sound and is less toy like when pulling back the charging handle. The only issue with this gun is that one of the hop up wheel(the middle one to be exact) broke off somehow. No need to worry if you have nails or a small screw driver you will be able to adjust the hop up without taking the barrel out. In this package I will include the KWA M4, ONE 8.4 1400 mah Intellect(the best) NIMH battery(which has only been charged on my smart charger), ONE PMAG(sorry I sold the hicap, addition are for sale as well) and a standard wall charger. Seeing as a brand new gun would cost(without the battery and charger) would cost you 290 and for the package deal with the battery and charger it would be 315(all on GI) I am looking to sell this bad boy for 240 dollars. Now for 50 dollars more you could buy yourself a brand new one, but remember GI's doesnt have the upgraded internals that I got from KWA nor the 2Gs Improved bucking.

The green looks a lot better in person, stupid lighting.

Please note because the bolt has been replaced with a metal one, the bolt can be "locked" back like that making it easier for you to adjust the hop up

Next up is my CA P90. Now to be honest I my opinions on Classic Army has negative because of their cruddy internals but when the sportline first came out and I heard positive things I wanted to see for myself. But after the upgrades this was my baby especially for CQB operations. The gun shot 335 fps right out of the box(great for CQB) and had a slightly above average ROF. Well me being me I went ahead and had the gun upgraded at Hot Spot Airsoft with Metal 6mm bushings, reinforced gears, metal spring guide with bearings. Reason for upgrading all of those is because I wanted my gun to have metal bushings for obvious reasons, reinforced gears because I had them from my upgraded TM M733 that I disassembled and I had heard that the stock sector gear was really weak so I decided why not change them all out, and the plastic spring guide to the metal one because I didnt want to break anytime soon. On top of all that I bought a JBU tightbore barrel for the P90 and a H nub. The red dot has been on for maybe about an hour and half all together. The hicap has been lubed so there is very little misfeeding. I have spent over 280 without labor or shipping on this bad boy and I would like to sell this for 180. For 5 dollars more then a brand new CA P90 you can get an upgraded one that has about 2 hicaps through it!

lowest setting

highest setting

9 Pmags black 30 rounders all have been lubed= 55

JBU 363 Tightbore barrel-25
8.4 1200 Chinese NIMH battery- 10
9.6 nunchuck 2400 mah- 20
JG plastic M4 carrying handle-5
OD double stack m4 mag pouch- 10
OD hydration carrier- 10
Hydration Carrier with bladder- 25

Hydration bladder and carrier on the right.
KWA G19 magazine(missing base plate)- 20

All prices do not include shipping. Thanks if you would like to contact me feel free to PM me or email for a faster response at and eleeschalow on AIM. I have multiple positive feedback on ASR and here. If you have any questions please feel free to ask

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Tan Double stack mag is SPF
Nunchuck is SPF

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Will take plate carrier if not sold.
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ca p90, cheap, custom, kwa, upgraded

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