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Arrow Reviews, Questions, & Complaints

Welcome to the Retail Stores Section!

This thread should give you enough basic information to cover some of the basic information you would need to post a Review, Question, or Complaint. Now before you create your new thread, please take this information into consideration.

If you wish to post a review, please review items such as Customer Service, Product Availability, Shipping Packing, Website, etc. This gauges a businesses ability to process your order, ship the item to you, and resolve any issues that may arise with your business transaction.

All questions about products and services a given retailer may have should be directed to that retailer. Retailers may not visit this section regularly or may simply use the section to advertise products to drive interested parties to their website or business. Assume the retailer will not even view this section before posting and that contacting him via his posted available information would be the best course of action

Please keep your posting civil and polite. First off, all complaints should be directed to the actual business, rather than posting here. Please give fact over opinions, and please state your troubles with an eye to identifying the actual cause of the problem rather than you being upset.


How to Resolve Issues with Customer Service
When dealing with Customer Service, it is best to do the following:
  • Review your Order and Shipping Slip, Confirmation Email, etc.
    Never Assume that you are 100% right and take some responsibility for the order. Remember that the Customer Service person very likely did not pack your personal order, he may not know who did or be aware of any problem in the logistical system, and that his job is to help YOU resolve the matter.
  • Ascertain where the error was made and identify which steps will be required to correct it.
    Review your order process information and the delivery information and verify all items match up. Identify the correct item if necessary, obtain any additional information that you will need to correct the order.
  • Fully Review the business Return/Exchange Policy.
    Understand this policy applies to YOU to protect THEM. They don't often have the luxury of trusting every customer out there and assume that your issue will be resolved - to the letter of their standing policy.
  • Personal Demeanor
    Mistakes in Logistics can and will happen in any supply chain. Don't take it personally. Remain calm through out the process and be reasonable - unless the Customer Service guy personally packed your box, blaming him for this problem is completely unfair.
  • Customer Service
    Customer Service is not uniform or universal and may vary between individual orders and/or representatives. If you cannot resolve your issue, ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. But eventually, you will get the final word regarding your issue.
  • Complaining to the Better Business Bureau
    Consider this issue to largely be a waste of your time. Being a Member of BBB is completely optional and is no indication of service. Even if a business chooses to mediate a dispute, sticking to their policy can protect them. Matters regarding $100 or less will end up costing far more of your time than what you may have lost from the Returns Policy.


Other questions, comments can be posted in this section. Please remain civil while posting in this section.

Thank you.
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