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Improving Communication

Iím seeing everybody post on Facebook about how communication can make or break an event. I completely agree. Not having players fed objectives and tasks to do will frustrate them and bring the event as a whole down if there is too much idle time. But how do we improve communication? We are seeing the growing trend of players not reading rules and player packs. If they canít wear the right uniforms to events I donít see them going out and acquiring decent radio equipment or learning the proper way to use it.

I think as event organizers we have the tools to fix the issue. The simplest way I can see is assigning every squad a cadre role to advise them before, and during the game. Before they can attempt to make contact with their 5-15 players and help mentor them on gear to bring to the event, what to expect, clear up rule confusion, and make any announcements that need to be made. In theory this can clear up most of the lack of preparation if you have direct contact with an individual who is a staff position at the event and can advise players.

During gameplay these cadre members will move with the squad, keep command up to date on their progress and location , pass new objectives to the squad, and act as a ďrefereeĒ if rule confusion comes up during gameplay or a safety concern presents itself. This way there should not be communication issues because their sole purpose is to keep command up to date, keep squads on task, and keep players safe.

Would love to hear your opinions on this type of a role at events in the future or other ideas you have to improve communication at events.

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The cadre system has be tried and modified since about 2003 as far as I know. We wanted to make it more "official" at Blind Fury 2 but the problem we ultimately noticed is that we were removing the fog of war, the spontaneity, the unknown from the event. So what I decided to do instead is using Combat adviser, such as Glitch on Tan team this year. They are there to keep in touch with me when needed. His role ultimately helped Tan team to stay up and fighting even though Lindeman has a back pain.

So back on topic, not a bad concept on paper but we risk to become too "scripted" if we involve too many cadres. I would rather leave it to the team to get better at it and provide better equipment on the long run.
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