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AAR: OP Dead Reckoning.

Great seeing all of my MilSim bros today, I'll post more when I'm less exhausted.
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Honestly had a blast today! It was good to finally get out and play again.

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I got massacred after lunch but man was it fun.
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Did anyone take pictures at this event?
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Awesome day. Had a great time rolling with and against some bros out there from Sword, Spear, Legion, Stacc and Reaper. I'll try to make it to Springfield next weekend for my last AO event. No promises.

Saw some sportsman issues and hot tempers. Same crap, different day; none of it takes away from the fun.

Some safety reminders:

If you are running a hot gun, avoid going into buildings unless you have an appropriate side-arm. Semi-only.

"Bang-Bang" kills are only upheld when one person has full control of the situation. Coming around a corner with guns pointed at each other is not an appropriate time to use "bang-bang".

Before rounding the corner, you can offer a "Parlay", but your opponent does not technically have to agree to it.

There were some issues with using the bridge: while you cannot shoot at someone crossing the bridge, the person crossing the bridge can neither loiter or shoot while on the bridge. You must go from A to B immediately while on the bridge. This is for your safety.
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well know that i have a free moment im gonna post my two cents AAR

first off thank you to Team SWORD for hosting the event and to Gary for use of his field
the numbers were small but that really didn't matter based on the hats off to ya and a hardy Huzzah...........

Now then.......... to some it was warm and tempers although flared a little bit didn't seem to get outta hand ,....with that being said i did encounter some players who didn't have enough water with them........Guys you have to realize that a body in motion uses calories, and water.......... safety first/ the last thing anybody wants or needs is having to help you when your body is in distress............ with that being said it was a good time for ME/ i don't let anybody ruin my FUN and yes i have fun even in the pouring rain

D-Boy and Spear great seeing you guys in the parking lot didn't see ya much on the field except towards the end but i know you guys were working.........Maglips thanks for the Snuff i spilled my on the field and picked up what i could off the ground .....Thanks Again

SWORD great seeing all you guys again even when some of it was at the outgoing end of my 14.............GUNNER man between laughing at you charging with that pistol and shooting it's a wonder i even got ya

Rowdy........great seeing you good luck on your endevors in Utah stay in touch when you can and it's been great slinging with you and against brother

Carbon and your group great seeing you guys........ heads up and keep running the more you train the better you will get..........

Legion/Stacc........guys you rocked and rolled out there keep up the good work....HUZZAH!

Well if i have forgotten anybody I apologize but great seeing you out there and hope to do it again soon well thats all for now..................Stonewall Out

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