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Operation: Ultra Violet (7-11-15 Splatterpark)


Ohios first night op to be played under UV lights Presented by Airsoft Alpha and Splatterpark

July – 11 – 2015 Splatterpark 5560 CR 109 Mount Gilead, OH. 43338
Event Schedule:
Gates Open 1430 (2:30pm)
Check in/chrono/dinner 1430-1630
Safety/objective briefing 1630 (4:30)
Insertion 1645
Game on 1700-2300 (5:00pm-11:00pm)

Payment: Pay the day of the event on site at Splatterpark registration building. $30 Admission + dinner, $40 Admission + dinner + 5000 .20g or .25g bbs. (add $3 for .30 or .32 add $5 for .36)

All players will receive a free dinner with their paid admission (2 hot dogs, chips, and bottled water) Concession items are available. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks. Unlike previous night Ops, we will not break for dinner. Participants are encouraged to show up early and eat before briefing begins.

Free Wifi, running water, restrooms, and electricity on site.

No camping on site. Camping is available from Mount Gilead State Park (less than 3 miles from Splatterpark) 4119 OH-95, Mt Gilead, OH 43338 (419) 946-1961

Waiver: All participants must fill out a waiver. Waivers can be filled out on site or online at

Story: The tropical vacation destination Imaya hangs on the brink of civil war. Thirty years of non-violent debate have passed as tribal traditions and lands have slowly faded and given way to a society that reflects both the ideals and issues of its modern contemporaries. In recent years the discoveries of dense Rare Earth Metal deposits on sacred land have created a gold rush atmosphere furthering the cultural divide. Imayan Tribal Council (ITC) leaders threaten that continued efforts to desecrate these sacred lands will be met with violent resistance. The International Excavation Group (IEG) is the firm that is deeply invested in the harvesting and processing of ore in Imaya. IEG C.E.O. Rabeye Gem, responded to the threats by calling in IEG’s Internal Security Forces to enter the region and protect IEG employees, facilities, and interests

The vast majority of Imayan coastline falls under Western Imayan control providing a tremendous source of income through its successful tourism industry. In addition this provides Western Imaya control over the ports where domestic products are exported and vital international aide, food and luxuries are imported. In an effort to continue economic growth politicians in the west are in support of the rapidly growing mining and ore processing industries. Imayan media based in the west has accused the ITC of harboring terrorists and demands that they are dealt with immediately.

Life for Eastern Imayans is much different than that of their Western counterparts. Almost land locked by two other violent countries, the ITC has fought to hold on to their culture, their traditions and their land. For the people of the tribes of the ITC survival has become ever increasingly difficult. The ITC claims that IEG and their practices of clear cutting and strip mining have taken away their lands to farm on, their forests to hunt in, and polluted their rivers and streams. Mikah Mirrah, the lead figure for the ITC claims “ Only a full and swift evacuation of the sacred grounds will prevent bloodshed”.

Basic Objectives: In depth objectives will be given to individual teams at safety/mission briefing.

(Tan Team) IEG Security Forces Mission – Radio reports indicate that large forces of armed militants have gathered and are planning an assault on the mining compound dubbed “Sandbox”. The Sandbox Compound is home to many civilians and has mining equipment including explosives that can be turned into deadly IEDs. Infiltrate the Sandbox Compound, set up a defensive perimeter, locate and secure High Value Target, escort HVT to a safe landing zone for evacuation.

Secondary Missions- Locate and evacuate as many civilians as possible. Locate and secure all explosives.

(Green Team) ITC Guerillas Mission- Take control of Compound Sandbox , locate High Value Target, locate explosives, convince HVT to weaponize explosives, escape to safety with HVT, destroy Compound Sandbox.

Secondary Missions- Locate and detain civilian hostages, locate and secure blasting materials.

Players that show up and are not wearing a green or tan based camo pattern may be used to balance forces. DO NOT MIX GREEN AND TAN CLOTHING.

SAFETY: Minimum age to participate is 14 years old. Full seal ANSI z87.1 rated or better eye protection is mandatory. Players 18 and older must use mouth, nose, and ear protection (shemagh, mesh lowers, plastic lowers etc are allowed provided it protects your mouth nose and ears. Players under the age of 18 must use a mask that provides full face protection. Barrel covers must be used when in the staging neutral or parking areas. Do not fire in staging neutral or parking areas. Dead rags must be carried by all participants during daytime hours and a red chem light or strobe must be used as a dead rag for nighttime operations. The play area will be somewhat illuminated with UV lights but this will not include the entire play area. All participants must have a tactical light or flashlight on their person for safety during the nighttime portion of the evening. Participants are encouraged to bring hydration onto the field with them as leaving play will reduce the combat effectiveness of your team.

FPS: Outdoor 500 FPS (semi auto only and 18 years or older only above 400 FPS)
CQB: 400 FPS MAX semi auto only
Nighttime Ops: Semi auto only for all weapons
Minimum Engagement Distances (MEDS)
400 and below: 25 feet
401-450: 50 feet
451-500: 75 feet

Bang Bang, and parlay rules will be in effect.

Mag Restrictions: There are no limits on mid/low caps. High caps are allowed with a maximum of one per person. Box mags will be restricted to support class weapons only.

Medic/Bleed Out Rules: Teams will be assigned medics during the safety/mission briefing. Medics will be provided with a limited amount of supplies to limit the amount of heals they can perform. A medic will need to have both hands on a player for 20 seconds to perform a heal. Medic supplies and heals will be further explained at the safety/mission briefing. Bleed out time for a wounded player is 3 minutes. Wounded players are expected to produce a red rag and crouch/lay in place and call for a medic until their bleed out time has expired.

"mortuus miles militis es silens." Dead soldiers are silent

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Looking forward to this!
"This is my gun. There are many like it, but this one is mine. ...My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit..."
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For the most up to date info concerning rules, storyline and objectives join the facebook event page here

"mortuus miles militis es silens." Dead soldiers are silent
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Looking forward, OMG will be there!

Ohio Milsim Group
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TSF will be in attendance! Excited!

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