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Fusion Engine

So I posted awhile back about a KWA dmr project and I just remembered about polar star's fusion engine drop in kit. I have a friend that has a Tokyo Marui M16 with full metal body that he completely destroyed the gearbox in. He is willing to sell me all of the parts for $20. Would I be better off (reliability and overall money spent) on just buying that from him and dropping a fusion engine in? Of course I need a tank and air line etc.
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Yes they are pretty sweet most of my team has P* Fusion Engines in their guns. One is set at a DMR with a wide bore barrel and it shoots amazing. The other good thing about them is if you want to run cqb you can just get a different upper(or not) and adjust your settings and bam you got a cqb gun.
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They are the best option for a DMR. Its not cheap, but neither is building up an AEG DMR. You will be able to run a very consistent high FPS and will have the option to quickly change the FPS by swapping nozzles if you go to a field that allows 600fps and then the next game is 550fps or 500fps. I ran DMR for a while and that was the biggest pain in the butt. Every game I practically had to change springs in my AEG. The p* takes a couple minutes and you are shooting whatever velocity you want. Its also VERY easy to make semi auto only.
Reliability... they are 10x more reliable than an AEG. Probably 50x more reliable than an AEG setup for 500+fps.
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If you have any question we are a authorized dealer and a certified repair center for PolarStar. Feel free pm me any questions you might have.
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I have a lot of experience with the system, and honestly, no real complaints. They can be a little finicky if your settings aren't set up correctly for certain magazines/bb weights, but once you have everything setup correctly, awesomeness is unleashed Reliability wise, it is recommended that you lubricate a few o-rings located inside of the main cylinder portion of the fusion engine (nozzle o-ring and poppet valve o-ring, both of which are extremely easy to get to) every 50k shots. And that is what is recommended. I know guys that have hundreds of thousands of cycles through their engine without a single hiccup haha

Overall, worth the cash in my opinion. AEGs are still the more cost effective way to go obviously, but the reliability and performance is unmatched when compared to the Fusion Engine. Highly recommended product.

As far as dropping it into the TM, keep in mind that modifications may have to be made. The Fusion Engines are designed to function best when combined with VFC hardware, and odd as it is, for once, TM can actually be "out of spec" haha. Modifications may include aligning the nozzle properly, and modifying a piece on the selector assembly to activate full auto. We offer these services at Amped (not trying to push business, just a suggestion haha) but honestly, if you're a little tech savvy, you could probably do these mods yourself. I'd be happy to elaborate and link you to some guides if need be

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