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VFC HK416 CQB Trigger Lock Ups

Hey everyone,

I've recently acquired a brand new VFC HK416. It worked fine the few first nights I had it, and after keeping it in the case for a few days without firing it, the trigger likes to just not be responsive at all. I've disassembled the gun multiple times and cleaned/sanded the trigger contacts, checked the wiring, and tried different batteries. The problem occurs when:

Pulling the trigger in either semi or full-auto will shoot fine. However, upon letting go of the trigger and pulling it back again, it is unresponsive. A swift tap to the side of the receiver or the bottom of the motor grip worked sometimes, but that has ceased.

Any ideas?


Edit: Just a few days ago, I rewired the whole gun with some silver plated wiring. Worked a little bit and then I'd get no response again when pulling the trigger. I'm thinking it could be one of the electrical connections on the motor.
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Try pulling your trigger forward a bit and shooting again. VFC's in my experience have trigger springs that are prone to fail.
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That was my thoughts as well - perhaps the trigger spring is not strong enough or is worn out. You might also have points that are rubbing - metal on metal where they should not be. Try using an emory board to smooth out area in the trigger well. You don't want to put too much pressure on it because it may be slightly out of spec and cause damage to your gun.
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It's possible that where the trigger meets the switch there is no contact, I'd try squeezing the 2 prongs together a bit to assure better contact. The switch itself my be fried as well it put a meter to it and test continuity.
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Got it. Apparently it was the AMP high torque motor and a bum connection on it. Soldered the wires right on. Hard to disassemble but it works.
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