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most likely rsvp

hey administrators, you guys should totally make a most likely rsvp bubble along with maybe and yes.cause then when youre waiting on a tiny bit of information or money that decides if you go or not, you dont have to put yes if you dont end up going.
\but to me, maybe always seems kind of like a 'no'. if anyone agrees, tell me.
if you think this is completely stupid, please dont slay me with negative rep or anything, im not a noob, but i've been fortunate enough to have not ever been super multi-negative posted against lol.

and i know a few people may say "if you think your idea may be completely stupid, then dont post it" but i should get over my fear of really good airsoft vets who i really look up to arguing in multi posts about how im wrong, lol.
but thats not the point.
a most likely rsvp would be cool
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Your idea is not necessarily bad but I don't think it would help the event organizers. The issue is like this: what is the point of RSVPing if what you say can't be trusted?

As an organizer, a "maybe" or a "most likely" doesn't tell me much...
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They can already set the thread to notify them via email when the thread has been updated. How else are you going to notify?

I've got a good idea. How 'bout if all of the new members who want the site to be improved with additional feature first contribute something of value to the community aside from ideas of someone else doing work to benefit them?

Or maybe, what if new members focus on getting threads put in the right section?

Nah... it would never go.
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I agree with Blade. I've organized quite a few events. IMO, the only type of reply committing to an event that counts are when people actually pre-pay for an event. Other than that, it's just too easy to back out and it doesn't give the organizer a true idea on the number of people attending.

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