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KWA SR-10, Thompson, M9, ACR, 416

So I have kinda decided to clear out most of my collection so I can fund other hobbies. I am going to be really picky on trades, really only wanting G&G Blowback M4s in good condition, I am also interested in Glocks and Sigs not much else. Now onto the sale...

- Shipping is not included in the price unless otherwise stated
- You must purchase Insurance and Tracking, if you dont' I cannot be held responsible for any damages or lost packages
- Dont crap in my thread
- PM me about any questions
- If it doesnt say its included, its not!
- Only serious Buyers please!!!
- I do accept trades, however I am pretty picky at the moment (trade list above)
- Prices are somewhat firm but feel free to offer up
- No returns

First up is my beautiful KWA SR-10. This gun is great! The metal body and rails are well made, no creaks are loose parts at all. This gun is a tank! It has never been skrimished with, less then 1,000 rounds through it. In amazing condition, has been shimmed, lubed, AOE corrected, and has an M110 spring installed for longativity. It chronos at 370 fps with .2s, has a sick rate of fire with a 9.6. Also has a 6.03 Tightbore and Madbull Blue bucking installed. Great gun! I am asking $285 for it with just the original highcap, foregrip, and slim rail covers. Or $370 with the gun, original highcap, 3x PTS PMag midcaps, G&P Aimpoint and QD Magnifier, Foegrip, and slim rail covers.

Next up is my A&K Masada. This gun has been a suprisingly lightweight and beasty gun. The body is solid, and in almost new condition. NOnce again, never fielded, maybe 2,000 rounds through it. Has been shimmed and lubed, I am not sure on the FPS atm but I can chrono it at request. I have also replaced the bucking and modded the nub to give better hop (stock range sucks) now it has a great ROF with a 9.6 battery and very nice range for a stock barrel. Also installed a bottom rail on the front handguard. Asking $250 for the gun, original PMag highcap, and battery.

Next is my custom Highspeed 416. This gun is one of my best custom builds, the body is an AGM 416, the gearbox is an Echo Custom Built highspeed gearbox that has been shimmed and lubed. This gun rips with a 9.6, should chrono in at 320-330 fps, has a TM hopup and Madbull Blue bucking. Has fantastic accuracy, range, and ROF for such a little gun. RPS should be somewhere inbetween 19-24. Great gun for any CQB or even field event. Asking $200 for just the gun and highcap $230 for the gun, rail covers, and highcap, PEQ box, rail covers, and 9.6 battery.

Next up is my Cyma Thompson, not much to say about this one. It is completely stock, has been skirmished with once as a loaner. In very good condition, comes with the gun, mag, and battery. Asking $100

Lastly is a KJW M9, this gun is in great condition. Never really used much, has minor holster wear, works perfectly. Comes with 2 mags (1 needs new fill valve $6 part), asking $80

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PM'ed about the SR-10
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