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Originally Posted by Yawger20 View Post
Great video.... I can't believe you climbed one of the ravines! I would have been exhausted from that!
i can't believe me and lord_of_war climbed it either. Then the run down the hill with the flag.. yea I was exhausted and my legs are dead today. All worth it though i had a great time and can't wait to do it again.
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Okay folks, as promised, I have the pics uploaded to photobucket and ready to view. There are a bunch of them for sure!

Still waiting to hear Yawgers AAR.....C'mon man...get on that! There are a bunch of others who played that still haven't chimed in as well..where are you guys? I didn't even play, and I've posted here several times already....gonna let this old man show you up?
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Great open play! Good scenarios, good rate of play, lots of action. Defending the new ammo dump was great, perfect location to defend. Ryger, I was hoping you got a pic of my bang bang kill at the end of the second warm up game, but instead I got a video of me (courtesy of Ninja) in the reverse role during capture the flag LOL (good work Raider). Over all it was a great day for airsoft, even with the rain, can't wait for the next event at Fallen Warriors!
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First off i would love to thanks the host's at fallen warrior's you guys were great! The atmosphere i thought was fantastic, I felt more apart of the family instead o f going to another dry open play airsoft event. Had some great talks with a few guys Rygar you were very nice, and I didn't get your name but green teams organizer/leader I loved your energy and enthusiasm. My name is Andrew i was the kid in the gray shirt i ran with team DaP or those Gahanna kids lol.

Anyways I had to leave somewhat early because i had to work, and was very disappointed about that because i really enjoyed the games. The first two elimination rounds were fantastic they were quick brutal and introduced you to the field very nicely. The first round i believe i was the last green guy alive in the bushes on the side of the creek trying to hold off tan team who moved on me fast. I took out a handfull of guys but eventually lost track of a tan guy and got suppressed down, good work tan. The second game i recall going down into the creek and getting taken out fairly early in the round. Then was the high point of the day for me the capture the flag match witch according to NinjaKillers video I am the one who leads the guy with the flag to green base, suppressing the tan team in the middle building. What isn't shown though is not even 2 minutes before he steals tan teams flag i was already there, my friend Nexus was supposed to be giving me cover fire while I stole tans flag which worked up until I got to the flag which he then ran out of bb's and I got on my run back to cover get shot in the A%$ lol oh well it happens, more mid caps nexus, either that or you can get the flags for now on. The last game of the day I brought out the SAW and opted to be the bomb carrier unfortunately i got to accomplish neither of the things i wanted to do, i got no kills (never got close enough) and couldn't get near the enemy's position. There was a lot of climbing and a lot of movement unfortunately not enough cover to properly move into a threatening position. My suggestions would be more cover to properly move up the hill towards the ammo depot, and green team we need to get more push, when moving onto a position specially one on a hill we have to keep going and let nothing get in our way.

Anyways Thanks a lot guys, you did a great job hosting, and i can't wait till the next event team DaP will definitely be doing everything we can to make an appearance.

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Alright, alright.... As requested.... It's now time for the famous, or infamous Yawger AAR...

First and foremost, I really want to thank everyone for showing and staying for as long as they could. Mother nature was not our friend throughout the day, but I will thank her for the occasion stoppage we got. You guys and especially GIRL, were all troupers!

OK now on to the good stuff.

Morning CQB was a nice little warm up in the bottom village. Still can't believe we lost one within the first few minutes of play. I will applaud the staff at FW for such quick response time, and all the players for aiding our wounded. Really great sportsmanship by all. Sorry Green for blowing the whistle why you guys still had 3 guys left... you were so sneaking nobody knew you were still out there.

Next time we'll need to move the CQB into the top town where there are more buildings for cover.

The capture the flag game was pretty epic especially when the last couple of minutes. Seeing Demon Dave make a mad dash to the building Tan had secured at Green's HQ was legendary. I didnt realize the guys flanked down the side during that time. I started radioing to Swamp about Green's accomplishment but there was a comm breakdown... only to get a call from Swamp 2-3 minutes later signalling a Tan victory... I unfortunately had to give them the bad news. That new build up in between towns make for some epic trigger time. I was shot in the face (SWAMPDOG) walking through death rag and talking on comms! I can't wait to get caught up in some of that in the future.

Lunch!!!! Man it rained and rained. We unfortunately lost a few, but only a very few and heck, I didnt blame anyone for leaving. I was soaked to the bone at this point

After lunch, we took a head count and the numbers were pretty much dead even again. So we deployed to the field for a little attack and defend. Tan started at the newly built ammo depot, which is tip top! 3 ammo trailers with crates for cover. Green started at the old staging area and had to ascend the hill to the ammo depot... This proved nearly impossible and we were met with fire almost immediately. So the RR guys and I decide to trek through the wilderness that is FW and Chillicothe for what seemed like hours. We marched all the way to the corn field and came through the back side of the ammo depot. We finally met some Tan resistance once we got to the new Jeep trail (that will make Milsims a whole lot of fun) only to find out that our bomb toting friends got all the way adjacent to the ammo depot, but on the wrong side of the ravine.... So I realized that carrying one 1 bomb for several squads was a bad idea and that most of Green was pretty warn out from their hikes around trying to be sneaky. So we switched up sides to allow Green a little bit or R&R. Green did a nice job defending the ammo depot and then the clouds started rolling in, and we could tell it was about to get nasty, and with 5 minutes on the clock Tan made a final push into the depot blew it sky high! Or atleast there was smoke.

We had to cut the day short because the lighting started and I think we were all pretty tired.

I again would like to thank everyone who came out. Rygar, even graced us with his presence which actually made me a little mad, because HE'S SUPPOSE TO BE RESTING AND GETTING BETTER SO HE CAN ACTUALLY PLAY AGAIN!!! But seriously, the sportsmanship was outstanding! There were no hit calling issues to my knowledge, no complaints about red rags and was probably one of the cleanest events I've been to in a long time.

Myself and the rest of Blizzard are very thankful to you all, and look forward to seeing you all in the very, very near future.

-Yawger Out!
"One bullet more in the head will go a long way to ensuring your survival. Just because the zombie is down is no reason not to shoot it in the head"

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