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AAR: Operation Midnight Viper 4/14/2012

SWORD and I would like to thank everyone that came out. Despite the incredibly nasty weather you proved your warrior spirit by coming out and slinging plastic.

Because of the smaller numbers and beautiful weather it was changed to an open play. During the night time the rain let up and the stars came out.

The teams were pretty even and I witnessed some pretty intense firefights.

Thank you.

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Thank you for hosting this great event! I had a blast! The morning scenarios were nice. My MP9 got alot of kills. I did have one problem, but it wasn't that big so I put that aside. I then proceded to take a long burst of Full Auto from a 240 Bavo, yea, it hurt. After dinner scenarios were pretty cool. Before Cowboy showed up we weren't doing so good. After he got there, we won. The night scenario was ok. There wasn't much shooting. I wished we had more security though..... The games in the town I loved! The secound game I just ran and didn't stop. Anyways, I had a great time!
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I had a blast I ran both tan and green collecting friend and foe dog tags. Again sorry Lenahan for hitting you in the face with the 240 that many times. Other than that highlight of the night for me was the bang bang on Cowboy and being one of the last 2 survivors of the zombie scenario. This was only my second night game and for my first I really didnt stay for the night portion I now know how easy it was to lose yourself even in a small area of play but I had a blast and learned a few things so great time see you guys at Valley next week hopefully.
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You can see that wonderful video here:

Please be sure to like it, and subscribe as it helps my channel I like taking vids, so more to come of this and upcoming events.

More to come later.

Here's another one that I shot:

I didn't get much footage this game, but I plan to post the pics later.
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all i can say is to all of those who showed up and Team SWORD.................well i guess we know who doesn't let weather bother us and have some warrior the rest who let the weather stop you from having a blast slinging plastic well we're gonna be needing those (MAN CARDS)..........................really............ . it was rain better known as liquid sunshine................. weather broke and the event actually turned into a good a great time to be slinging

Legion great job...............
SWORD great job and thanks for hosting and not cancelling due to a little rain..........hats off to ya and great seeing everyone again

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What bad weather? That was awesome weather. Thanks to everyone that came! I had a great time seeing some bros, and it was an honor running with the dudes on Legion as well as my Sword teammates. Nice job to Stonewall for rallying tan up and getting everyone working together.

Sorry about hitting the top of your head Cowboy, that was my bad. Despite that, us sneaking behind green and getting 4- 5 bang-bangs each was awesome.
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