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new gun idea based off of the mk18

so i got bored with my mk18 so i decided to heck with it i ordered a new stock a new receiver and other goodies my cameras dead though so i had to use pimp my gun it died at the field yesterday and my battery wont hold a charge
but here it is
base gun: vfc mk18
rails Daniel defense omega 9.0 real steel
stock: magpul ubr
pistol grip: moe pistol grip
vertical grip: sure fire m900 real steel
mag: pmag
peq: tokyo mauri peq
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Riveting tale chap.
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Indeed indeed, quite an astonishing story brother.
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So you Magpul'd your gun? Indeed a magnificent chronicle, brethren.
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Have you ever noticed in commercials how there's like a white guy and his Asian friend and the black guy so it's not racist? That's pandas job
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Tis a grand tale indeed.

"Mess with the bull and you get the horn, and by horn I mean my benchmade."
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Hazah! I love it! Quite an exhilarating story!
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Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time

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I don't get it.....
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This could go in a blog. Or on facebook, or something. Seems pretty pointless.


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