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Jonezy's Services

This thread has been replaced by a newer one. It can be accessed through my signature. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Oregon, ohio lol
Originally Posted by jonahm740 View Post
Good to see you can always be relied on for sound advice Mac.
Originally Posted by Carnival
All we need now is an animated gif of a dead horse going down hill fast whilst being beaten by a guy saying "You Mad BRO".

And googling now.
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sticky this
Originally Posted by Red View Post
**** you I'm Reed.
Originally Posted by Loki View Post
Thus marketh the only time anyone hath used the search feature on AO
in 2Tall's basement doing things
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+1 for sticky.

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Originally Posted by Winter View Post
Have you ever noticed in commercials how there's like a white guy and his Asian friend and the black guy so it's not racist? That's pandas job
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What about the Ver 2 ( black) Madbull barrels, can u cut those?

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Originally Posted by Jonezy View Post
I'm now offering R-Hop and IR-Hop installations for $55.

My man! What are you doin'? Don't let the cat out of the bag!
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You have any photos of your handywork? I just extended the window in one of my barrels and want to see how my craftsmanship stacks up. I might be interested in CNC work for a precision barrel down the line.

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Man Jonezy, you've been busy.
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just wanted to drop this in here and Jonezy can have it split off if he wants to...

Jonezy does some great work and is very reasonable.

will be using him again for stuff i just dont want to do or cant do!

when he wants a product review will post that for him too.


"Builders helping Builders"
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Just got my KWA SR16 back from Jonezy's customs and all I can say is WOW. This gun rips! He installed a MOSFET, R hop and wired it to deans. The trigger response is crisp and quick, full auto is straight nasty. 20+ rounds per second easy with a 9.6. The R hop improved my range by at least 10-15 ft and the hop up is a lot more consistent.

Jonezy's customs was very professional and courteous, all of my questions were answered quickly and politely. I will absolutely have more work done through Jonezy's customs!
"good were surrounded, now we can shoot in any direction "
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