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Doctor here

Hello everyone you can call me doctor or beegee. I am not new to Ohio but I am now living in sandusky Ohio and going to school in Fremont.
I've been playing since 2008, not really a ton of play experience but I would like to start going to events. I usually play at recreational events but I want to get into scenario and possibly mil-sim games.
I can never seem to find a rifle I truly enjoy but I'm still looking. At the moment I have a Tokyo Marui px4 that I absolutely love! I have used an mp5, m4, p90 in the past but was never really comfortable using them. I will continue to search for something I enjoy using.
I'm 23 as of this post in April 2015 and enjoy drinking craft beers, (stouts and porters mainly). I don't really know if I've said enough or too much but I'm pretty open and look forward to playing with you all soon.
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