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Originally Posted by Texx View Post
I don't see the point of getting so pissy about something so trivial. They are common misnomers and in the grand scheme of things, don't amount to jack squat.
I don't think anyone is getting particularly "pissy". The fact of the matter is that while many think this is trivial, and it is terminology that most people accept, it's still completely wrong. A magazine is NOT in any way a clip. They are two separate things. A misnomer is a misapplied or inappropriate name or designation. While you may not think it's a big deal, the misuse of the word clip is still incorrect. It would be something akin to calling the President a Prime Minister all the time. Wouldn't you expect to get your butt kicked for doing that all the time??

Originally Posted by FerretFace View Post
But now I realize it doesn't matter because when it comes down to it, you are still roughly referring to the same thing.
Even though they are referring to the same thing, they are making an incorrect reference, and therefore are wrong. If someone told you something that was wrong, wouldn't you try to correct them by educating them about what is fact and what isn't?

Originally Posted by silentassault77 View Post
Here's a question that I thought of after watching the video, In airsoft could you call the mag a clip? I would say yes and here's my explanation:

As the video said; the ammo is held by the clip, the clip is held by the mag, and the mag is held by the gun. In airsoft there are just three things, the mag, the bb's, and the gun. So since the mag holds the ammo, but it is also held by the gun, could you call it either, because it is doing the job of both the mag and the clip.
I think you misunderstood. First, the clip isn't held by the magazine. A "clip" which is actually short for "stripper clip" or "charger" is actually speedloader for real guns (that have a magazine). A clip is a rail that holds the ammunition cartridges, typically in a line. A clip "clips" onto the top of a magazine and allows you to easily feed ammo into the magazine. Gunny specifically says in the video clip, "The clips feeds the magazine and the magazine feeds the rifle. Got it?" Clips make it a lot easier to load magazines, and aside from the loading process, are not associated with a magazine in any other way.

There are other types of clips as well. The En Bloc clip was used on the M1 Garand and did fit inside the magazine. These clips are loaded into the magazine with the ammo and are ejected after all ammo is fired. Moon and Half Moon clips are used to load ammo into revolvers.

Originally Posted by Thatfatmacdude View Post
Last time I checked, airsoft bb's don't come on stripper clips.
LoL, but wouldn't it be cool if they did??? (Just kidding)

Originally Posted by kibbeyj_45135 View Post
Actually wouldnt the spring inside the mag be considered the clip?
No, the spring would be called "the spring". Magazines are comprised of three main parts: the casing, spring and follower. The follower is the part that is between the spring and the ammo that keeps the ammo from getting tangled up in the spring. The spring pushed up on the follower, and therefore pushes up on the ammo to push it up into the gun as cartridges are fired. And the casing holds it all together. There is NO clip in a magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can find more info on Wikipedia, by doing a Google search, or by going here:

I hope this helps everyone and we can all start using the proper terminology!!

Darkstar out.
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