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Originally Posted by India View Post
I really like the idea of limited ammo. It's difficult to enforce, but the theory is sound.

I also strongly believe that the consequences of being shot should be higher, both to inculcate more realistic behavior, and to reward firefight winners. I'd love to see an event that allows respawning ONLY at the top and bottom of each hour, which has the added benefit of simulating reinforcement or reserve units. Quick respawns (FOBs, walking 100 yards then reinserting, etc.) are unrealistic, unfair, and greatly discourage discipline and unit cohesion.
I disagree, this usually ends up incubating camping and hinders movement. I think one aspect that we need reward in a game is movement. It keeps the game interesting and encourages teamwork. Most people's logic will be to camp since they don't wanna sit out for 45 minutes for an event they paid $40 for resulting in stagnant games.

I think maybe one of the goals for these restrictions would be to enact rules that reward behavior that encourages Mil-Sim type game play.

Also as a side note, I know this intended for serious Mil-Sim games and is not all encompassing but I think it is also important not to go too far, where there's too many rules and regulations to worry about and making the games more stressful and less enjoyable.
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