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- Team division (how do you create/divide the teams)
There needs to be a distinctive way to discern teams. I dont thik Green vs tan is bad.

- Communication (Radio protocols and requirements)
Having a radio is not mandated by most Armies but it is a good safety concern in Airsoft.

- Referee & field officials
I think small groups could be tasked with this per scenario, even Open Events could benefit from having OCs. 6mm Militia has used OCs at all our events to great success.

Its fine where it is!

I hear all these guys say they use the Lipos for snappy trigger responce. Well then SEMI ONLY for Rifleman.

- team SOPs and Structures
Over half the openplays are individuals with no team affiliations. Assign them to a team?

- Magazines limitations/BB limitations
Very hard to enforce but works well when implemented.

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